Zabbix – Monitor Vmware ESXi

Zabbix – Monitor Vmware ESXi

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Zabbix, Monitor vmware ESXi This video will demonstrate how to monitor a Vmware ESXi and its virtual machines using zabbix. Step 01 – Prepare Zabbix, Step 02 – Configure Zabbix. Lets prepare the zabbix server to monitor Vmware ESXi devices. Edit the zabbix_server.conf file and insert the line below. Restart the zabbix server Add the Vmware ESXi to Zabbix as shown Associate the template for Vmware ESXi to your server as shown After a few minutes you can view some of the results. The total monitoring information of ESXi server and all its virtual machines takes approximately 1 hour to appear. Zabbix, Monitor vmware ESXi

10 thoughts on “Zabbix – Monitor Vmware ESXi

  • mrbbs Post author

    Thanks for sharing. I managed the discovery but now I would like to acquire more monitoring for the VM's itself, example by having the template Windows OS checks for each discovered VM.
    However that is not possible as each VM acquires the IP address of the ESXi host it is running.

    Should you then add separate guest VM's with that template Windows OS? Of course that's a bit dumb as you then have the VM's double.

  • zaicnupagadi Post author

    Hey FuckingIT, and how to do it when I do not have any supervisor like vCrnter Server and only have few ESXs? When I am reaching the ESX directly? I guess exactly like Sirugudi Rahul does, currently gives me black page.

  • Dariusz M Post author

    What is url?? I connect to ESXi via VMware vSphere Client… On www my server in first interface I have "VMware ESXi
    Welcome", on second interface Dell IDRAC… What is URL in my case?

  • Wagner Mendes Post author

    It is necessary INSTALLING agent in ESXi? Or not?

  • Nguyen Tan Vu Post author

    I can't find /usr/local/etc/zabbix_server.conf. I'm used zabbix appliance 3.0.

  • Free SoftwareServers Post author

    This locked me out of my ESXi host, something didn't work, thankfully I was able to ssh in and run "pam_tally2 –user root –reset", to get back in. ESXi 6 now locks out root user after failed login.

  • Bas van den Dikkenberg Post author

    Are full root rights needed ?

  • FKIT Post author


  • nasirhaider1514 Post author

    In my case, I have to add the URL into security exception for browser (one time). Do I have to take any further step to get it working in zabbix.

  • Petka Ivanov Post author

    Вообще не понимаю, зачем рут права давать, вы что ?! Создать пользователя РиД-онли и всё, этого достаточно

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