Why is EVERYONE Buying this Monitor??

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This right here is a $560 GAMING monitor It got a 240hz refresh rate, G-Sync and 1ms response times. I mean, gaming on this thing is WAYYY better than on… this cheapo HP What is it 6 times better? Now take this one this This Five… THOUSAND dollar 8K workstation monitor for creators. It is way better to look at than this peasant trash But is it? 55.55 repeating, times better? Well Your mental math is correct. This monitor is only $90 dollars. And welcome back to another episode of why the Actual holy ***Advertiser Friendly Content III*** Are you guys all buying this? The best-selling monitor on Amazon.com and What could be more sponsor friendly, advertiser-friendly? Everyone friendly then today’s sponsor LTX for hosting the LTX 2018 live event on July 14th It’s an interactive meetup Tech out and PC gaming… Extravaganza(?) get your ticket today at the link below (Intro Music) The Pavillion 22 CWA The best-selling monitor on Amazon.com has over 3600 reviews and an average rating of 4.4 stars And admittedly, it does look a little out of place next to the kinds of products that we typically cover on this channel, but… don’t let its diminutive 21 and a half inch size and Super-light eight and a half pound weight fool you this monitor is a hundred percent Pretty not bad Just check out those colors. So what’s the deal here? Well, it’s not just that HP is selling a cheap monitor. In fact, the number three bestseller is only sixty-five bucks It’s that they’re selling a cheap monitor that’s equipped with an IPS panel while these other cheapies are sporting your run-of-the-mill TN panels, but HP doesn’t make LCD panels They source them from other manufacturers so if I take a spudger like this and… *grunts* Work it around the edge I might be able to see who actually made this thing So the sticker says “LM215WF3” Which according to the internet is an LG panel with a full 1920 by 1080 resolution typical brightness of 250 nits and 8-bit color, but what’s really interesting is that if I type that model number into Amazon I get a A page full of replacement 2012 to 2014 IMAX screens and for over two hundred dollars? So either, these prices have a heavy ‘Apple’ tax supplied to them Or HP secured an awesome deal with LG because 90 bucks for an IMAX screen ain’t half bad Plus you aren’t just getting the panel HP is providing you with the casing, stand, IO and their one-year limited warranty which is of course required by law And the casing itself isn’t too bad either It’s made of not terrible quality plastic That doesn’t easily get covered in fingerprints and it is slim all the way around though Of course, they did have to cut some corners Somewhere to get the price down and the stand is the worst offender it offers no swivel, no pivot or height adjust whatsoever Thought it does include a little bit of tilt that you’ll probably need because the stand is so short and that isn’t even the worst part it’s that should you take the crappy stand off and opt to use a third party monitor arm instead perhaps in a Multi-monitor setup which these are awesome for thanks to the thin bezels It’s not VESA™ compatible. So unless you get an adapter for an extra twenty dollars. You’re gonna have to get pretty creative Bringing us to the IO It’s pretty spartan, you get one HDMI port and one VGA port that’s it. I mean you probably have low expectations for such a budget product But just make sure that they’re low enough to also not be surprised when there is no HDMI cable included in the box So who should buy this monitor then? Well if you want a secondary or tertiary or quaternary screen For that matter to supplement your main display or displays the wide viewing angles here mean that you can put it way off to the side without much color Distortion. As for using it for your main display Could you use it for gaming? Sure, while IPS displays aren’t known to have the highest refresh rates or the fastest pixel response times This one’s input lag is better than most TVs and while you will see some smearing and fast-moving scenes It’s a far cry better than value monitors from 10 years ago. So do we recommend it? Actually, yeah, it’s a great value And if you’re hung up on the crappy stand don’t worry an additional 40 bucks will get you the number two best-selling monitor which is also from HP And Basically the same but an inch bigger and with a VESA™ compatible pivoting stand Thermaltake View 37 Mid-Tower case features an enlarged transparent gull wing window panel design with remarkable expansion including support for motherboards of up to E-ATX dimensions with multiple drive bays. It’s fully modular and supports vertical and horizontal radiator placement and comes with two pre-installed ring 14 LED blue fans Or you can get the RGB variant Check it out today at the link below to learn more So thanks for watching guys If this video sucked, you know what to do But If it was awesome Get subscribed Hit that like button Or check out the links to where to buy the stuffs we featured in the video description Also linked down there is our merch store Which have cool shirts like this one And our community fourms which you should totally join.

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