Whit’s Scots Language?

Whit’s Scots Language?

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Scotland has three indigenous languages English, Gaelic an Scots Noo we aa ken whit English an Gaelic are,
but whit is Scots? Well fir centuries it wis the language o kings,
o makars, o court an cooncil documents It wis the national language o Scotland until
we wernae a state anymair It wis jettisoned by the upper classes after
the Acts o Union But its aye been used just by normal Scots
folk just tae blether thegither Fae Hawick tae Thurso, fae Brechin tae
Unst Weegies, Fifers, Borderers, Doric speakers and
Angus folk like masel, we aa grew up wi Scots voices roon aboot us But we were never encouraged tae speak it,
an we certainly didnae get tae study it like we did English or mibbie French at school How no? Cultural colonisation? Lack o confidence in wir ain culture? Mibbie Nae sure The Council o Europe, the UK an the Scottish
governments all accept that Scots is a minority language that needs protected Now ye can read John Steinbeck in Scots, Harry
Potter in Scots Even Outlander uses Scots wirds aa the time! Fae Spring, ye can study a Scots Open University
course in it and thousands of kids across Scotland are
studying for their SQA Scots Language Award 2019 is the United Nations year o indigenous languages.
So there’s gonnae be hunners o really cool Scots things happenin aa owre the country It’s a great time fir us tae reengage wi
oor Scots voices It’s a great time to start takkin tent o

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