Which Restaurant Did They Work At? (GAME)

Which Restaurant Did They Work At? (GAME)

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(rooster crowing) (roaring) (clicking) – Welcome to Good Mythical More. – Superpower! – Oh. – Don’t tell anyone but
we’re actually superheros and our names are The Human
Antler and Wonder Skunk. And our powers are… – Well I can poke ya with my antler, which is my entire body, as you can see. I am a human antler. I’m a discarded, not a horn from a deer, don’t call me a horn or you’ll feel my… – Wrath?
– Poke. – And I’m the Wonder Skunk. I give out a smell that’s just enough where you say, I wonder if that’s a skunk. (laughing) – Not in this state. Let’s bring in the Mythical crew. Mythical team members. – Okay. So we’ve got some stories. – Come on in guys. I’ve also got a salad
with some hair in it. Which, yes… – Are you gonna make me eat that? I mean come on man. I actually said make love.
– I’m lost. Yeah you definitely… – Which is, you know, the gentleman’s way of saying, have sex. – Nicole, don’t be shy, come on up here. – Okay. – That is so much hair. – That’s so gross. – Is this your hair, Nicole? – No it’s not. – Is this your salad? – Yes. But it’s not my hair. – Okay, so you made this salad. – Yes.
– Where’d you get the hair? – I can’t tell you guys. Can’t disclose that information. – It looks really–
– But enjoy. – Now, by show of hands, if you’re really hungry and you go to a nice, well-rated on Yelp, restaurant. – I know where you’re going with this. – And let’s just say it is this salad. And the salad’s great, they’re
known for their salads. Like there’s pictures of
salads on the Yelp reviews. But your’s has one hair.
– One hair. – One hair.
– One hair. – By show of hands. I’m not just asking for
you to show your hand. – Oh. Look at it. – You just know you’re
gonna eat the salad. – I’ll eat the salad. I don’t think hair is that gross. – I’m on team hair, it’s not that gross. – Me too.
– Okay. – I wanna know about the hair, like what does it look like, how long? – Super short and crinkly. – I pick out my own hair
out of so much stuff. – That you assume that
they took your hair, put it in the salad, and served it to you? – Yeah, but long hair styles. So, super short and crinkly
I don’t know so much. – At least this is long hair. – If I know that it’s a head hair. – Yeah, that’s a lot of hair. I’d be mad at that. – If it’s just a hair,
I don’t take it back. In fact, we got into an
argument on our vacation because we ordered this
sandwich in England, and there was a hair in the wrapper. – In the wrapper of the sandwich? – In the wrapper of the sandwich. And Shepard, my youngest,
didn’t wanna eat it. And he’s pretty picky. And I got, like I turned into the dad that’s making his child
eat the hairy thing. – Oh. – Uh!
– Oh. – Link. – Now you just pull, any hair you can get you just pull it out. – Ew. It’s also floss. – There’s still some in there. – I do floss with my own hair though, so. – Oh! – Oh, it’s like a magician’s trick. A really disgusting magician. – Is it already going down your throat? – Oh god. – Is there any more? – I don’t know. – There’s still some wide up under there. – So apparently you don’t care either. (laughing) – Did you just wanna see if
you could taste the shampoo? – Fancy shampoo? – I didn’t taste the shampoo. – How’s the salad, otherwise? – I’m just wondering what’s– fine. What’s gonna happen with the
hairs that I am ingesting, like between the stomach
and the intestine. – They’re gonna come out in your poop. – Yeah. – Well they’re just like what? – Keratin.
– Keratin. Yeah. – And that’s the interesting thing, is Shepard used to just eat hair, eat Jessie’s hair when he was younger, when he was a baby. – That’s weird. – And it would… – Yeah and we’d find it in his poop. – Right but it could be, at his size, it could be coming out and it could still be all the way up into his stomach. – Right, ’cause he’s a little baby. – Let’s forget that this happened. Read the first confession. – So these are times when, all four of you worked at restaurants at some point. – Multiple. – And we’ve got stories and we’re gonna match you to the story. – We still work at
restaurants, a lot of us. – I know, right, a lot of, yup. I have a shift after this. – At my restaurant, the
celebrity who got approached the most was not who you’d expect. One day the dog whisperer, what? – Cesar Millan? – Was eating by himself
and people would come in and ask him for advice with their dogs. Like people who saw in the window would come in from the street, and he talked to every single person. And was one of the nicest people ever. Who worked at a restaurant where Cesar Millan was super nice? – This is not a confession,
this is a humble brag. – You can’t really take credit for that. – I think it was like
just interesting things at your restaurant job. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – Okay, so this must be you, right? (laughing) You’re taking up for this one. – I don’t think she, no, mm-mm. Unless she’s doing reverse
reverse psychology. I don’t think that. – Yeah, she wouldn’t have spoken up. – I’ve played this game. – She would’ve been very quiet! – Yeah, I think Nicole looks
like the kind of person who would work at a restaurant
where Cesar would go on a regular basis, and also be nice. – What could that possibly mean? – Thank you. – Do you have a pet? – I do. His name is Tommy. – What is Tommy? – Tommy is a bichon poodle. – Ooh. – See, she didn’t even say, he’s a dog. She just assumed that
you knew he was a dog because she works at a restaurant where Cesar enjoys himself. – What did the dog whisperer tell you because you also probably
ask him about Tommy. – Don’t answer, you can’t answer that. – I worked as a hostess, that’s a hint. (laughing) – One is eliminated. – At a local bar and grill when one day they installed a live
lobster claw machine. – Oh. – A live lobster claw machine. – I love those. Just kidding. – You know like the grabby claw toy game but with a live lobsters. And it was right next to my hostess stand. And I bonded with the
lobsters, and named them, and would tell everyone
their names and backstories if they went to use the machine. (laughing) – Okay. – It was removed pretty quickly. And so was I. – About to say, management
probably didn’t enjoy that. – Okay, so we got a hero in our midst. – Who seems like they have the most sympathy for crustaceans? – I don’t know. (laughing) – Yeah, that’s horrible. Like turn it into a game for the children. – Okay, this one’s easy. I mean this one’s short. I worked in a sushi restaurant and accidentally deep fried a dollar bill. (laughing) – Wonder how that happens. – I’m trying, what leads to this? – Deep frying a dollar bill. – Somebody just has a lot of ones. – Counting your tips.
– And it just popped out? – Making it rain. – Got seaweed confused with a dollar. – They do taste the same.
– That’s what I was gonna say. – Oh really, yeah. – I wonder… – Like a wrap. – Because the person who makes the sushi, the sous chef is what they’re called. – Absolutely.
– Sushi chef. – Okay.
– That’s pretty close. – Maybe someone else
does the tempura stuff. And like there’s dollars. – Definitely. The guys at the front of the sushi bar don’t get anywhere close to hot grease. – I’m gonna take a stab at Matt Leib. I just feel like, his
pockets are at fryer level. – That’s it, that’s it. I need no more convincing. – One time I was so tired that
I drank someone’s milkshake in front of them because
I forgot I was at work and making it for them. (laughing) I, this is… – This is great! – Yeah, I could see this happening. You know you just get in that zone where it’s like,
(slurping), why am I here? I’m here, a milkshakes here. – This is something that
like happens in a dream, not in real life though. It’s like, I had a dream where I drank somebody’s milkshake
right in front of ’em. Who would actually do that
kind of thing in real life? – We can do a switcheroo. Hold ’em up here. – I feel really good about these choices. (laughing) – Okay. Ellie, are we correct? – Yeah. I mean this is very hypocritical ’cause it’s not like I’m a vegan or anything like that. But like the lobsters swimming around in their sad tank, I was just like, I gotta stop this. But yeah, they didn’t like that. But I was leaving for
college soon after it, so. – Okay so, were you fired though? – I was not asked back, you know. It was like a summer job and the next summer I was not welcome. – Did you go back to see if they brought the lobsters back after you were gone? – Yeah, it’s like a popular
place in my hometown. – Did they? – For like kids to like go
out and stuff like that. No, it was gone. – The lobster spot was a popular hangout? – No it was like a burger,
it was like a bar and grill, and then they just brought
in a lobster claw machine. And they were like, if you
catch it we’ll cook it. Which is like gross to begin with. – Something tells me
there’s not many restaurants that are currently doing
the lobster claw machines. It’s kind of thing of the past. – Seems low-key cruel. – Was that common in the past? – You’re gonna go hunt for your dinner. – I saw, I mean I, not a
claw machine necessarily. But many restaurants when you go in and there’s like a tank of lobsters. – Right I’ve heard about that before. – But you don’t see that a lot. – Red Lobster has that going strong. Lobster tanks.
– The tanks? – Oh yeah, it’s still there. You can just go in, you can pick your guy. – The cheddar bay biscuits. – I know I eat meat but like
that just bums me out so much. It’s just like you see it, and it’s like oh, it has it’s own little life. Uh. And I know that’s true
for all animals, but. – You really wanna talk about this? (laughing) – Matt, let’s skip to you. Are we correct? – You are absolutely not correct. – Ooh!
– Oh. – I would never deep
fry a dollar, all right. I keep my dollars in my bank. That’s what I do. – So who deep fried the dollar? – Then that must’ve been… – Hell if I know. – Which one’s yours. – I am the one who drank the milkshake. – All right, switch. (laughing) I was so tired. I worked at McDonald’s. – Oh you worked at McDonald’s? – Yeah. And they, you know, you
have to wake up super early to do the breakfast shift, and I’d been working all day, until lunch. And then by the time that came around I just drank someone’s
milkshake right in front of ’em. And they looked at me,
and I was like, oh my god. (laughing) And then I was like, sorry
no, I made this for me. This is mine. Yours is coming right now. And then I just walked over
and made them another one. It was– – I made the one for me first. So I can make yours. – Yeah, yeah. – I just wanted to test the machine see if it’s still good. It’s a very good consistency. – Also, thinking about
drinking a milkshake like really early in the
morning is hilarious. – Well you said it was
after lunch by that point. – Yeah, I’d been working so many hours. – Missed that. – What about the dollar bill,
are we right now, Christine? – I wish I did though, that’d be cool. Oh so Nicole, you guys switch. – You deep fried a dollar bill. – It’s me. – We did not do well today. – You should’ve known when she
corrected you on sous chef. – So are you the tempura lady? – I was. – Or are you actually rolling sushi? – I was a tempura lady for about a month. – That is the official term. – Yeah official tempura lady. And then I used to keep my tips in my front pocket of my apron. – In your bra. – In my apron. – Okay. It looked like you were doing this. – No in my apron. And then there was a
little pocket in the front. And then I threw in some shrimp. And then a dollar bill fell out. And I freaked out, and I
didn’t know what to do. And then I ran and got
a pair of clean tongs and took it out. And it wasn’t like– – But is it like when
a kid poops in the pool and then you’ve gotta like start over? – No. – Drain the swamp.
– It’s hot oil. – No, we even had to stop using it. No, no, no. Had to totally stop using it. And then we had to get rid of the oil. – Well you didn’t have to. – Well I, well you know. – You wanted to because
you’re a good person. – You should. – I feel really good
about your work here now. – Oh thank you, thank you. – Because you have principles. – I do. – And someone in the kitchen needs those. – Yeah. That’s why I’m here. – That’s true. – And Christine, so you are hamming it up with Cesar Millan. – I worked at a restaurant
and it was like really bougie. And we had a lot of celebrities. And he was the nicest one. All the other ones were kind of, Jackie Chan was also very nice. Yeah.
– Oh. – But he was the nicest. – I saw him driving around in a Kia Soul in my neighborhood once. – Really?
– Yeah. – Are you sure it wasn’t just some random person in a Kia Soul? – No ’cause he had a
bunch of dogs in the back. And I was like, these two things together. – Everybody comes up to,
everybody wants to know something about their dog. – They wanted all the dog advice. The all, this man was trying
to eat his salad alone. – I just couldn’t do that to the man. – I think he probably, in terms of like the type of celebrity that
has to endure the most, it’s like, it’s gotta be him. – You know what you’re
gonna talk about with him. – Yeah, and people feel
empowered to go up to him. – I have a dog, or I had a dog. I knew a dog. (laughing) – Or I’ve got a problem
and only you can fix it. – I have a doglike problem.
– I trust you to fix it. – Well the worst thing about dog problems is that it’s like the
same five to six problems. So he’s answering the
same five to six questions pretty much every time. – He could probably have a pamphlet. – Yeah. Well he has a book, multiple. – And a show I’ve heard, too. – So every restaurant he goes to, he turns it into a book signing. – Just a stack of books. Sign then give it to them. (upbeat music) – Dog problems. – [Rhett] Don’t miss out
on our Mythical mugs. Collect all three at Mythical.com before they’re gone forever.

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