Which Mario Game is the Worst Mario Game? – Mario’s FUNdamentals

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In february 1995 a really interesting mario
game got released. Mario’s game gallery, which later got re
released under the promising title Mario’s FUNdamentals. The game looks like the standard 90s mario
cash grab game at first. It’s just a collection of five board games,
namely checkers, backgammon, yacht, domino and go fish, featuring mario. But actually there are several things setting
this weird little game collection apart from other obscure mario games. First the game features official voice acting
(“come here fishy fishy”), second the game wasn’t published by a weird no name
publisher, but got actually published by “interplay”. Interplay should go on to publish a couple
of legendary games, including the very first fallout, planescape torment and baldur’s gate. But the third, and most important difference
to other odd mario games: The game doesn’t try to teach us anything! So MArio’s FUNdamentals is a really weird
game, among the weirdest games mario ever did. But is the game any good? Well, let’s take a deep look into this almost
forgotten part of marios career, and let’s find out! So are you ready? Let’s do this! Alright, so let’s take a look at the five
different games. Let’s start with checkers! So first we have to decide whether we want
to play as yoshi’s or as koopas, which .. uhm. Puh .. uhm, that’s kind of a hard question. But .. uhm .. to be honest with you. … I’m team koopa. Then we enter our name and, hooray! We are playing checkers. So for anyone not familiar with checkers,
the rules are actually surprisingly simple. Every player has twelve small figures in front
of them called man. Each man is only allowed to move diagonally
and is only allowed to move forward. If there is an enemy yoshi in a diagonal field
that we are able to move to, while the place behind it is empty then we are able to … uhm
… to bubble ? the enemy yoshi, which defeats the figure. If a figure reaches the end of the game board
it becomes a king, in our case a bowser, in marios case a bigger yoshi. Kings are allowed to move into all four directions,
and the winner is the first person to defeat all the enemies man. Surprisingly simple right? So I actually played a ton of checkers as
a kid, and am quite decent at the game. So I was really looking forward to play a
round against mario. Checkers is kind of a tactical game, a good
player usually is able to easily beat a bad player, so I was really looking forward to
finally find out whether I or Mario are better at checkers. And the answer is. Well the answer is Mario plays like he is
drunk. Like Mario is so bad at checkers it’s unreal. The second time I played against our plumber
I literally defeated him with only losing a single man, he plays so bad that I challenged
myself to try to beat him without losing a single one of my precious koopas (is it possible
to beat mario in checkers without losing a single man). It’s absurd, mario truly plays checkers
as if he was totally wasted, which uhm, judging by the things he says during the game he may
very well be. (pizza pizza)
Though jokes aside, the checkers AI is really a joke. Mario often simply makes the worst possible
move. Checker is always fun, but if mario played
a bit smarter the game would be far more enjoyable. Let’s take a look at go fish. So go fish is a far less tactical game then
checkers, in fact, it’s uhm, not a really good game to be honest. So the idea is that each player has to form
pairs of four cards. A pair is formed as soon as a player has four
cards in their hand, cards can either be gained by asking the enemy player, in our case mario,
for a specific card or by drawing them. If mario has the card we are asking for he
has to hand them to us, otherwise we have to, “go fish”, which means we have to
draw a card. The game ends as soon as all cards are nicely
paired up, which usually takes five to ten minutes. Which brings us to the biggest problem of
playing go fish against mario. It does not take five to ten minutes, a game
takes significantly longer. Mainly because all the animations are unbearably
slow, and because mario just isn’t able to shut up. “come here fishy fishy”. This might be a good moment to talk about
the voice acting in this game. So uhm, the stuff that mario says in this
game are a bit more on the weird side, but actually, this game is the first time mario
ever spoke as mario. You know, like with the actual mario mario
voice. The gentleman voicing mario is charles martinet,
and mario’s fundamentals was the first time he lend mario hsi voice. Before that mario sounded, well, uhm a bit
different then he does today. “old mario line” So mario’s fundamentals is actually the
first ever game where mario sounds like mario, which leaves us with an eternal question which
I sadly can’t answer definitely. What were mario’s first words. What was the very first mario voice line ever
recorded in his voice? Was it “come here fishy fishy”, was it
“Knock knock. whos there, jamaica the who, … or, or were
mario’s first words . So we will probably never know for sure, but if I had to guess,
I’d say mario’s first ever words definitely were. Anyway so back to go fish. So go fish is a game that relies heavily on
randomness, and isn’t very complicated to begin with, There really isn’t much strategy
in go fish to, but there are at least a couple of things to keep in mind when playing the
game. Like if mario asks me for bowsers. Wait a second. That’s not bowsers, it’s bowzers, uhm,
alright. So if he asks me for bowsers and I drew bowsers
the next turn then, well, then it would be kind of logical to, well ask for bowzers since
I know that mario definitely owns bowzers. As far as I can tell the AI doesn’t even
take this into consideration, which makes playing this game a bit weird. So nothing against the game go fish, but playing
go fish against a really mediocre AI, with a really slow interface isn’t a lot of fun
to be honest. Actually, it’s incredibly boring. This might be a good point to talk about the
music in the game. … … there is none … So next let’s
talk about the dominos game. Ugh, the dominos game. The dominos game is the worst minigame in
this obscure little game collection. So it’s hard to judge the game for dominos
not being fun, but it just isn’t. We put down dominos when we are able to, and
if we are not we draw new ones till we are. That’s the whole game, and that’s not
exactly my definition of good times. The game, it just, well it just plays itself. There really isn’t much more to say about
it. It’s dominos and it’s boring. To make matters worse the interface here is
horrible, so first, placing the first domino just doesn’t work like 19 out of 20 times. Second the stones just sometimes connect to
the wrong row for no reason at all. At least the AI is decent here, which might
is probably because domino, well, which may be because there really isn’t any thinking
involved when playing dominoes. We just place down our little stones when
possible, and so does mario. What a boring game. For a far less boring and much more interesting
game, let’s take a look at backgammon. So backgammon is a really really cool game. First the game is among the oldest games that
are still played today, actually it’s origins date back almost 5000 years, second backgammon
is a game with a really high skill ceiling. While the outcome of a single game of backgammon
may be decided by the dice rolls, which are random, over the course of several games the
better player will win more games. Think about it as some sort of board game
poker. The game is by far the most complex in this
amazing little game collection, and I was really really looking forward to find out
how good they programmed mario to play. And the answer to this question is unsurprisingly,
well they didn’t do that good of a job. Mario plays backgammon even worse than he
plays checkers, and that means something, because, uhm, because he really sucked at
checkers before. The AI just does strange random moves without
much strategy behind them. Ugh, to make matters even worse the little
figures take ages to move from a to b. Like. They. Are. So. So. Slooooow. Ugh. Don’t get me wrong, playing backgammon is
always fun, even if your opponent plays like a drunk italian plumber, and moves it’s
pieces in slow mo but it’s just not as much fun as it could potentially be. So far all of the games have been a bit disappointing. Go fish and dominos are just not much fun
to begin with, and checkers and backgammon really suffer from a stupid AI coupled with
extreme slow execution. There are no difficulty settings, and beating
mario at the only difficulty available is way way to easy in all the games. At this point, I honestly started to wonder
if mario is just horribly bad at board games. But. Things. Are. About. To. Change. Because there is one last game left to take
a look at in this silly little game collection. One last game to save this obscure little
title, and this game, is yacht. Holy fuzzy, yacht is amazing!! I didn’t know that game before doing research
for this video, but yacht is such a fun little game. So here’s how it works. Each player has five dices which we roll. After the first roll we can decide how many
of the dices we want to keep. The rest gets rerolled, then we can keep even
more and finally we reroll one last time. That’s the boring part, but here’s where
this gets interesting. There are twelve different rows where we can
now score with the rolls in front of us, and each row follows different rules and awards
a different amount of points. A yacht, which is five of a kind for example
is worth 50 points, a big street is worth 30 points, but we can also just count all
aces, or fives, or we use the choice category and gain points equal to the sum of all dice
rolls. Here’s the catch, the game ends as soon
as each player filled each category, and each category can only score points ones. This is where the game gets really strategic
and interesting. Do we score the three twos and the six and
the five as deuces, do we reroll and hope for a full-house, do we want to score those
in the choice category, are we unhappy with the roll and just give up the yacht category
and hope for a better roll next time? So many questions! The game is really strategic and offers tons
of interesting choices for a dice game. I honestly love it. Even mario does less dumb stuff this time. He may do a couple of, uhm, questionable moves
here or there, but it’s absolutely possible to lose this game against mario, which, uhm,
it isn’t in the other strategic games. Playing yacht against mario is honestly really
fun, actually it’s the only game in mario’s game gallery that is really really fun to
play, but it is, and it gives this obscure game collection finally a reason to exist. Hooray! So finally, let’s apply a total score onto
mario’s fundamentals. Let’s find out how good or bad this game
is in relation to the other really obscure mario games. Let’s find out if this game even has a chance
of winning the title as the worst mario game ever made. Let’s rate the game using our horrific scale
of horrible hammers! So dearest Mario’s FUNdamentals, that’s
a total score, of only, two horrific hammers for you! Congratulations! You are almost an okay game. There really isn’t much fundamentally wrong
with FUNdamentals. The AI is really bad, and all the games play
out way too slow, but other than that, well, it’s actually possible to have a bit of
fun with this game! Especially the yacht minigame is really really
cool. The game isn’t offensively bad! Great job! Even the voice acting is, while super weird,
kind of fun in retrospective! “Mario Go Fish”. Great job Mario’s FUNdamentals, you are
definitely not the worst game in the mario series! Alright so here we have it, a quick overview
over mario’s FUNdamentals! I hope you enjoyed this little video, if you
enjoyed it don’t forget to leave me a thumbs up, and maybe you feel especially “Mario
Go Fish!” today and want to hit the subscribe button as well. I hope that all of you have a wonderful day
and to see you soon. Goodbye!

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