What’s inside the WORLD’S FIRST Personal Computer?

What’s inside the WORLD’S FIRST Personal Computer?

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– Oh my gosh… (computer crackles) – It was 1981, and this computer, the IBM 5150 came out. IBM found a way to mass produce a computer that many people could use. I remember my mom, she
had a data entry job, and she used to sit there at nights, in the same room that I would sleep in, at two in the morning,
and she would type away. But it was the first
ever personal computer that allowed that to happen. – Welcome back to Whats’ Inside. I’m Lincoln and this is Dan, and today we are going to see what’s
inside of two computers, that both have the claim, world’s first. – World’s first. This one is probably the
one that you’re thinking, this box looks so old, it looks like the world’s first ever computer. It is not, but this is the
world’s first personal computer. Have you ever heard of the term PC? – I didn’t even know that, that’s cool– – He didn’t know what
PC even meant, right? – No. – This video about the world’s
first personal computer, is actually sponsored
by our friends at Kano. They sent us this computer building kit. And why is this unique? – Because you get to build
and code it yourself. – That anyone can build
and code themselves. Lincoln is how old? – One, one, and a half. – One, one, and a half. This IBM 5150 was built in 1981, that was when I was on year old. Lincoln is 11 years old, and
this is the kind of computer that he has these days. We need to set up this IBM 5150. – Then I’m going to build
the Kano computer kit. – Perfect, let’s go. – Yeah, I did it! (angelic choir) There’s numbers and emojis. Whoa! Look at that, there’s a computer mouse! – Got your mouse and
your keyboard all in one. That is tiny. Lincoln pulled out his keyboard, and look at the size of this thing Super light, not even a pound heavy. Let’s look at the keyboard on the worlds first personal computer. This be it, right there. – And there’s might be
a slight difference. – This is probably four
or five pounds right here. It’s a mechanical keyboard,
which are super cool. Listen to the buttons. (keys clacking loudly) I’m not even pushing that hard. Let’s hear your buttons. (keys quietly clicking) (keys clacking loudly) Big difference. – Yeah. – Mechanical keyboards
are super interesting. I heard that there’s an entire subreddit, that’s all dedicated
to mechanical keyboards and how they work, so maybe
some day we’ll take that apart. I think they’re super interesting. We have two different guides here. – Look how thick this one is! – Look at this thing, this
guide is just a little tiny one. “How to make a computer” This is the keyboard,
since people don’t know what keyboards are back then. Push this button and then this button. But once it’s all set up, you should look as cool
as these guys right here. – [Lincoln] Yes! (Dan laughs) – Does Kano have as cool of
people in it’s guidebook? I don’t think so. Just due to this mustache
right here, IBM, you win. So it comes with a few different cables. There’s the HDMI that you
can connect to a TV screen. Here’s your computer. – [Lincoln] What! – [Dan] This is called
a Raspberry Pi 3 Model. Lincoln does like pie, and
so of course he likes this ’cause it’s raspberry pie. So right now, Lincoln
is building his own kit, he’s looking at all the instructions. – Oh yeah. – Alright. – Big, that’s what this is. – Are you seeing the
size difference in this? Plug in this in the back. Now it’s time for our monitors. Oh, it’s that a beaut right there? – A beaut? – What a beaut. – It’s what we used to say in 1991. – How neat is that? That’s pretty neat. – I need some power. – The power! – First I’m gonna turn on the monitor. (gasps) – Boom. – Nice work. Oh yeah, I hear something,
it’s doing something. (static crackles) Ouch! It shocks me. (computer buzzes) – [Lincoln] Whoa! – Microsoft-DOS, MS-DOS,
version 2.1, copyright 1981. Current date is Tuesday 1-01-1980. This is before I was born. Wow, that’s old. Echo off. Oh boy, it’s going. Print queue. (Dan sings) Look at that. Now, back in the day,
we didn’t have SD cards. We had these, these are the… (laughs) These are a little floppy disk. Floppy. And then close it. Boom. They have 160 kilobytes, at
least the first year did. This little computer right here, 128 gigabytes we could put in here. I just wanted to point that
out, because it’s amazing. – This Kano computer kit can connect to any monitor, computer. – [Dan] Follow the white rabbit. – [Lincoln] R-A-B-B-I-T. What? – [Dan] You just hit a rabbhole. – [Lincoln] Whoa, what’s going on! – [Dan] It’s the Matrix. Hello, what’s you’re username? LinkPie. Nice to meet you LinkPie. Together we can make
almost anything with code. – [Lincoln] Hi computer. – [Dan] Type, say hello. – [Computer] Hello. I’m gonna press enter. – ‘Kay, go ahead. – Whoa! – Hack Minecraft. – This is awesome. – Alright, so Lincoln basically
has his own little computer. (angelic music) – What? This is amazing. – [Dan] Why are you
building towers of bombs? – Why not? There we go. Yeah! – [Dan] (laughs) Blew up the world. – I can do much more than that though. – All I had on this was Oregon Trail. (game music) So right now we’re connecting
to the internet, awesome. This is a fully working
computer, you can play Minecraft, you can watch YouTube
videos, you can stream music, you can read emails, use
WhatsApp with this thing. 2017, this is what an 11 year
old can get for a computer. It’s not like you’re just
watching things on a computer, you’re actually building things,
and you’re coding things, and you’re learning things. So for kids, this is a pretty cool thing, that want to learn how to
code, or even for adults. As of filming this
video, the current price of the Kano kit is $149.99. You can look at the link in the
description to get your own, or to check it out and see
what the current pricing is. The computers back in my
day were kinda terrible. To all of you that love
history, just know, hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of these things were made. We bought this on Ebay,
I know it’s historical, they don’t make them anymore, but people also don’t use them, and that’s why we got it
for cheap on the internet. So, there you go haters on Reddit. – On Reddit. – That’s for you. – Purposely comment. (hammer clangs on screen) Whoa, that’s so strong! – [Dan] Oh my gosh,
that is loud and strong. (hammer clangs on screen) (hammer smashes screen) – [Lincoln] Hey, there we go! – The thickness of this
looks really similar to the video game monitor. And if there’s one thing
I learned from that, they did say there are gases
in it that could be dangerous. Hold your breath. (computer smashes and crackles) We’ve been gone for a few minutes, it is still making crackling noises. (computer crackles loudly) (hammer smashes screen) Look how thick the glass
is in this monitor, very similar to the Pac-Man
machine that we destroyed. And then you have the silver on the back, that stuff is actually something you don’t want to breathe in. (hammer smashes computer) IBM 5150 monitor. Check it out in there. Taking you in, guys. Look at everything inside of there. These coils right there,
those copper coils, sometimes those will maintain energy even after you’ve unplugged it, so you gotta be really
careful around that. Whoa! Are you kidding me? That is so cool looking. Are you seeing this? – Oh it’s dusty, it’s so old. – We’ve got a motherboard
here, a motherboard here. Do not remove this cover,
trainer service personnel only. There we go. It looks like these panels right here, are additional ones that you could add on, that add additional
memory, additional RAM. All the way in it’s these chipboards, and then all of this on the top. There’s a speaker right here on the side. This right here, is
Lincolns entire computer, it could fit inside of there. This computer is still alive, I am not going to damage these boards, and we’re gonna put it back
together with the screws. Yes, we killed the monitor, but that’s as far as we’re gonna go. – It’s crazy how technology now is so small compared to
this, and it can do so much. – Thanks to Kano for
sponsoring this video. If you’d like you get
your own computer kit, we have a link in the description below, and you can get free shipping on it. So start creating with technology, rather than just consuming it. Check out what other creators are doing. This is really cool, and
I love the inside of it, and it’s more than I expected. We out. So, when you play Minecraft
all you do is blow stuff up? – No, I actually really do
build some really cool things– – [Dan] Am I a bad example
on you in destroying things? – No.

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