12 thoughts on “Web Server on a FPGA, without CPU, only VHDL (French)

  • Amir Mohamed Post author

    need more info
    did you use picoblaze or not?

  • Gawen Arab Post author

    Hi fescare,

    I did myself the webserver. The project's purpose was to make a webserver without any processor. The webserver logic is directly wired in the FPGA. I think you won't think any webserver usable out-of-the-box. You should probably use a picoblaze to make run it.

    I insert the webpages in the memory flash of the FPGA evaluation card : it reads it each time a request is done.

  • fpgabe Post author

    gawgle.net is down can you bring it online back?

  • Gawen Arab Post author

    @fpgabe Unfortunately my home server crashed with all my data … However a new version is coming with more information about this project. If you want specific information about it, feel free to ask.

  • Peteruk2009 Post author

    Hi! Could you please send more info about the project? Thanks

  • Gawen Arab Post author


  • mennogamer559 Post author

    my cpu in my server is a bottelneck as well its to its an amd athlon 64 x2 7750 be

  • MrHuangfeihong Post author

    Je trouve cela impressionnant…As tu une idée du stress que peut endurer un FPGA sur des requêtes qui sont faites au serveur? Quelles sont les facteurs limitants sur cette application (tu parle du cable UART, il est régis par un protocole USB?) Merci

  • mistermine2 Post author

    mais le chargement est trop lent ! pourquoi?

  • Gawen Arab Post author

    The communication is done through the Serial cable (it's IP-over-Serial). I didn't have the time to integrate the Ethernet IP. So this was the main (& huge) bottleneck.

  • Isaac Miranda Post author

    Hi, could you share your code please?

  • WebPHY DATABUS Post author

    Take a look at WebPHY DATABUS – a web server IP core for FPGAs!

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