Turn Windows 10 Laptop into WiFi Hotspot Easily

Turn Windows 10 Laptop into WiFi Hotspot Easily

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So as many of you guys probably know when
you can use 3rd party softwares to create a Hotspot on your laptop or desktop but if you are running
on Windows 10 operating system then you do not need any kind of third party softwares
you can do it with your device alone so if you doing what we’re going into first we need
to check if the device is capable of enabling this feature, with this method.
so to do that what we need to do is go to search and type cmd and on the command prompt
run as administrator after that what we need to do is Type “netsh wlan show drivers” in
in here if you are lucky then the hosted network supported will show yes that means your device
or your laptop is capable of following this method now we need to do three simple things
setting the network, starting the network and sharing it so to set the network we need to
type “netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=key=here the ssid means name. you want to broadcast
Like the name that people will see when they are trying to connect to the hosted network
so I am just can’t even take Savage and he means as you can see if password so I am also
gonna give the password Aztec Savage that you will see this 3 simple messages that my
sister now if you want to like check out the status of your voter network you can also
know that you need to just I get a stage show hosted network as you can see we have to do
now Kittu is starting the network so we will meet shw land start
hosted network has been away because we still have that it work Open run in here ncpa.cpl
ncpa.cpl 10 ok now that you understand I am using Wi-Fi right now so my network is WiFi
using the cable or Ethernet and your network will be eaten so from there whatever connection
using depending on what are the connection you using you again as select your connection
practical and two properties and from there to sharing and click on alarm and see late
local area connection not Local area connection means the network is just created a right
now so you will just create a local area connection 12 and after that Akon ok now everything is
done we can just go to our cell phone right now and see if we can connect to the network
we just created as you can see it services head unit and password was it connect connecting
and its been connected She really really it’s in connected get CST if its work in yes its
working need and smoke so this was it for today hope you guys cock you learn something
new and I will leave everything I have just talked about in the description below if you
guys like the video then please give a thumbs up and if you need to use channel subscribe
thank you and has always be safe me savage

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