Top 4 Dying Programming Languages of 2019 | by Clever Programmer

Top 4 Dying Programming Languages of 2019 | by Clever Programmer

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– What is up you beautiful person? This is Qazi here from, today bringing you the top four dying programming languages in 2019 and going on to 2020. So let’s talk about this. What the hell is happening? Now first, few things I just wanna address before we continue. The reason why you would
wanna know these things is so you can help decide what part, where you wanna head
with your career, okay? And obviously other things
like one programming language doesn’t ultimately matter, because when you’re working on a project sometimes you’re using
multiple programming languages. But I think that this is still
something really fascinating and interesting to talk about, so we’re gonna talk about it. In this video, we’re gonna focus on data, analytics and trends in Google, not my personal opinion, okay? Because my personal
opinion doesn’t matter, but let’s look at what the
behavior of the world is and use that, and that’s why we’re gonna
be using the PYPL index, the Popularity of a
Programming Language index, instead of the TIOBE index, which is the T-I-O-B-E index. And now I’m gonna talk about why you should be using it. PYPL is a leading indicator as opposed to a lagging indicator, okay. For example, it says
here on the PYPL platform which is pretty smart, and they say that you know how TIOBE actually use searches, and comes up with this index, is based on how many web pages there are for a given language. Well, if you take a language like C, it says, it ca… Objective-C programming has over 20,000,000 pages on the web. While C programming has only 11,000,000. This is explains why
Objective-C has a high T-I-O-B-E Tiobe ranking. But who is reading those
Objective-C webpages? Hardly anyone. According to Google Trends
data, an Objective-C programming is searched 30 times less than C programming. In fact, the use of programming
when you TIOBE index, is misleading. So, I agree with this, okay? It’s misleading, you wanna
look at what the trends are now, instead of a lagging
indicator like webpages. So for example, if we go to this, and I’m gonna be going
in an order, all right? So if we go to this, you can see the base on a popularity of a language worldwide, where languages rank. So right now, you have Python at the top, then you have Java,
then you got JavaScript and then goes on, so
on and so forth, okay? And where the trend is headed, so they’re using Google Trends. So now, if I actually type in Python and I select programming language, and then I type in JavaScript, and I select the programming language, you can see, and I choose the last five years. Notice what happens, right? Python is the blue, JavaScript is the red. So the JavaScript is winning in the start and Python is here, but as you keep going further and further, you see that Python ultimately dwarfs out JavaScript. Now you might be thinking,
wait this can’t be true? Here’s another way to look at it. You can go to YouTube and
you can actually type in Python and look at the
views on the tutorials in the last year, all right? This should prove it to you. You have 8,300,000 views for this Python course. You have 4,000,000 views
in the last six months for this Programming with Mosh course. You can see my beautiful face
here, in my tutorial here. I have a five hour long
tutorial that I put on this. Now, if you do the same
thing with JavaScript, you’ll notice that the
views are way lower. 1,800,000, 1,100,000, 547,000. So let me propose a question to you. Why would there be less
people searching for something if there was a higher demand for it? There wouldn’t, right? So, the demand is directly
correlated with the amount of people searching for something. So YouTube, Google Trends, these
are pretty good indicators. So now with the facts
established, let’s get into the top four dying programming languages, and how you can use that
data to make a better decision in your life. Top four, Ruby. So Ruby is a programming language that’s more on the decline. Will it completely die off? We don’t know. Are there still jobs available
for it, and developers getting paid for it? Absolutely, but it is certainly
not on a higher trend. The growth of it is actually on the more declining end, all right? So you can see here
based on the popularity, Ruby is ranking 12th,
and it’s on the decline and is losing its share,
and it has a downward trend. If we go here and we type in Ruby, so programming language, we
can actually search this up. And even though this is
not a good data to look at, but you can see, it’s either
staying stagnant or declining. It’s definitely not growing. There was a time where
people were searching it up, and there were some.. there was a little incline,
but that was back in 2006, and since then, it’s
been on a steady decline, and now it’s even more so. Okay? And we can, we can
confirm this by typing in Ruby and what you’ll see here
is, one year ago 207,000. Whereas on the Python, it
was 8,000,000 views, right? So that should just make
it very very dead simple. So that’s the top four
dying programming language. Now, let’s move on to number three. Objective-C. So this programming language certainly not on the incline and has a downward trend, and it’s a pretty big
programming language. So let’s type that in,
Objective-C, and here comes the programming language
which is different than just the search
term, and you can see that the popularity of the… it was at one since 2004, and it’s still at a one. Now let’s take a look on
YouTube, and type in Objective-C. So there was a tutorial by
Derek Banas four years ago and that 215,000 views but
unfortunately beyond that, there doesn’t seem to be much
of a demand for Objective-C at all, and it is one of
the programming languages that is dying. So if you’re using it, probably stop. Go on to something else. Obviously, unless you
have a job in Objective-C then you should stay there. That’s three. Number two dying programming
language is Perl. So let’s take a look at
what’s happening with Perl. Perl is right here. Certainly on a downward
trend, and if we type that in, so Perl was pretty popular around 2004 and then it had a very very sharp decline. This is a really stark
contrast that we see over here, because you go from that
popular, to that dying. I mean that’s insane, right? And then Python just whoosh. I mean this is flying, flying baby. Number one, staying
number one consistently. So that’s a situation
that’s happened with Perl unfortunately, and Perl you
definitely kind of wanna stay away from it. This article by Skywell
Software, this is a company that wrote it. And it says basically, “Is Perl Dead?”. “The story of Perl is a very
sad one. As is went through, from one of the top programming
languages, but as time went on, it became viewed as
a write only language, which triggered its demise. Early on, it was viewed as
very useful and pragmatic, but it came with a lot caveats. The creators of Perl
started to pile on features, but did not plan out how
all of them will be synced. The developer community noticed
this problem and created Perl 6, but it was not enough
to keep Perl in demand. In the end, it had a good
run, but it would be better to forget about this language
and focus on something that is more popular now.” Really harsh to read such
a thing about a programming language but, it is the
truth and these are facts, and this is data, and numbers don’t lie. So that is Perl. And in the number one
dying programming language, JavaScript. I’m kidding, I’m kidding . Visual Basic. Okay so, let’s take a look
at what’s happening with Visual Basic. We have a downward trend, the order that I have, by the way of saying these, is not in any particular order, but so you know it’s
not like this is the most dying out of all of them, but
Visual Basic which was pretty heavily used and has, I mean
it’s so much popularity. In 2004, it was at 100 out
of 100 people were using Visual Basic, but then
just look at what happened and look at the decline. I mean this is insane, and
now it’s a dying programming language. That’s why, what you
wanna do is you wanna pick a pro… See it’s not just about
programming language right, but then when you, but
whatever programming language that you actually choose,
will morph and will define what your career comes out to be. I mean if you’re a Python
guy, you’re gonna be learning frameworks like Django,
and it’s gonna be defining kind of what you do. You’re gonna be doing things
with data analysis more and more, because you’re
gonna be hearing about it. There are more libraries about it. So you’re gonna be doing
that more and more. If you’re a JavaScript guy,
you’re gonna be working on Node.js, and you’re gonna
be doing a lot of the front-end stuff and all. Like by default right, lots
of the projects and tutorials by default are gonna make
your behavior going that way. So why you have to be careful
about the language you keep close to your heart, is because
it can drive a lot of your future behavior. For example, my friend Tenzin. He’s really good at JavaScript,
he picked JavaScript, but he’s more of a front-end
and a full stack developer. Whereas with Python, I
primarily focus on most of the back-end, so I’m a really strong back-end developer, right? I… And my data-analysis
game is pretty strong, so all of those things for me
became stronger, and my friend end is weaker. So, the language will kind
of influence what you learn, how you learn it, how well you learn it. So, I think that’s why
it’s kind of important and even though this is more
of a fun video, I think it’s important that you be
looking at these metrics, and be careful about which
direction you’re heading in. Well, this is September 1st,
and it’s 10am right now. So I just wanted to make this
video in the morning for you. This is it, this is Qazi. I love your face. Please, to help out this channel, hit the like button button,
hit the subscribe button, put the bells on, and I’ll see you in the next video. (hip hop music) (hip hop music) (hip hop music) (hip hop music) (hip hop music)

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