Top 3 Cheap Laptops for Students!

Top 3 Cheap Laptops for Students!

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Hey, how’s it going Dave 2d here, and this is a video on some inexpensive laptops for students And I know you can get some very cheap laptops out there for like 200 bucks that have Windows 10 on them but those laptops I feel like they wouldn’t last for regular use for what a student does day in day out putting it out of your bag Using it everyday. Those are not good laptops I feel for students so what I have in front of me are three very well-built Well priced laptops that all do different things these aren’t competitors. There’s not going to be a comparison of them It’s just three individual laptops and depending on what you do as a student or what you want to do with your laptop You might be interested in one of these and I also have a couple other side picks as well But the three main ones are: the asus ux305 The acer aspire 5 And the lenovo 320s. So let’s start off with the Acer first I’ve done a full review of this thing before this is a great device for students who want to get a laptop for school But also want to do some light gaming basically It’s an inexpensive regular looking 15-inch laptop that can handle current gaming titles Reasonably well because of the video card. It has an MX 150 from Nvidia Which is kind of like the GT 1030 and most current titles are very playable on this machine. If you want a more detailed review I’ll link my video below. The configuration with the MX 150 cost $600 and it’s a great laptop for the money. Now there were two things like might be an issue for students First is the battery life I’m only getting around five hours of battery life for this so if you want to bring it to school and you have a full Day of class you’re gonna have to bring your charger with you. The second thing is that it’s not super thin or light It’s not like a really thick gaming laptop, but it has some size to it. Now if you are looking for something That’s a little thinner and lighter that is still a good price point It’s this thing Lenovo 320 s so this thing starts at I think $550 for the base model, it’s a full aluminum build but the chassis has some flex to it the bottom panel is easy to open up for upgrading the RAM and storage the Screen is a little dim and the base model isn’t a 1080p screen It’s not bad though videos and pictures still look really sharp at normal viewing distances the keyboard is comfortable to use but The keystrokes are little softer than I’d like and there’s no backlighting. The trackpad uses Windows precision drivers Which are really and the battery life is surprisingly good as well , I’m getting around seven hours But this thing comes in couple configurations starts at around $500 – $550 depending on sales, but great device for students Okay, next up we have the Asus UX330 Which is the successor to the UX306 which I’ve reviewed in the past and this thing is a surprisingly good laptop for the money. Now, it’s not super cheap It’s 700 bucks. This thing has great build quality and a pretty simple design It has two regular USB ports, a USB C and a micro HDMI. It has a good screen 1080p matte finish And it gets pretty bright. Also has a nice backlit keyboard and windows precision trackpad. Tracking is really good on the surface It’s just a nice texture, but the button clicks are a little shallow. They don’t feel bad though, Just really short travel. The speakers on this thing are really good. They’re located on the bottom, and I mean for this price It’s kind of crazy How good these speakers sound. They have Harman Kardon branding, but usually having branding like this for a laptop speaker doesn’t mean anything They usually sound very average, but these actually sound good It still doesn’t have strong bass, but it’s a very clean, audio, and you’ll be happy with these speakers It is a 13 inch screen. It’s a little bit smaller than the other two laptops I’ve mentioned so far So depending what you do or what you want to do with your laptop this might be too small But if you’re looking for a 13 inch device you’re on the money The one thing I don’t like about this device is actually the fan noise It comes on way more often than you’d like it to and when it does It’s pretty loud and actually comes on when you’re doing very un-intensive stuff like watching a YouTube video or browsing the web It’s kind of weird because this is something that software should be able to fix But it’s been out for several months and there hasn’t been a change, so we’ll see. Now for the price for $700 It’s not something that is for someone looking for the cheapest laptop right, there are going to be cheaper laptops on this But if you’re in the market for some of that’s kind of higher-end like an XPS 13 or an HP Envy Those are like 900 bucks or more. This thing is a lot less But still a really good laptop, now the other thing I want to mention This is not part of the three that I was originally going to talk about is kind of like an off pick so this is the Dell Inspiron 13 7000 now this is a two in one device. I’m not a big fan of two in one devices. I find that they’re a little bit kind of cumbersome for everyday use as a student But I know that a lot of my audience are crazy about two in one devices just because they’re so versatile this one’s $650 and I think it’s the best foldable two in one device at this price point now There’s a lot of inexpensive two in one devices and a lot of them suck. Just they’re not good as laptops They’re even worse as tablets But this one is very usable in both forms the keyboard in particular is surprisingly good for the price It feels like honestly it feels like they’re XPS keyboard. It’s really good trackpad is good It’s a Windows precision driver the whole thing has excellent build quality lots of metal, impressive speakers for the price It’s a great two and one the two things that I don’t love about it Though are the screen and the battery life The screen feels a little dim and I really wish it was brighter because this is such a good device for media consumption But because of the dimmer screen you can’t use it outdoors readily, and the battery life could be better I’m only getting about five hours of life on this thing, but for a cheap But well built two and one, this is my top pick so the last thing I want to talk about are some devices that are well. They’re not really on the table here It’s kind of like a theoretical device so right now the eighth generation CPUs from Intel have been launched Intel’s coffee Lake and those 8th gen CPUs are kind of trickling down into all these devices and everything Is getting refreshed so the seventh generation KB Lake CPUs those prices are coming down a little bit? But there are some sixth generation skylake CPU laptops that are significantly cheaper and they’re still available on Amazon and some of those devices are barely a year old so they’re actually quite new still it’s just a Matter of perception of whether or not you want the brand-new one that’s coming out or one That’s a year and a few months old ok I’ll link all this stuff below And I’ll link some Sixth generation skylake CPU laptops down below as well as some of those have amazing pricing like this 510 s that I have over here But yeah, hope you guys enjoyed this video thumbs. If you liked it subs if you loved it. See you guys next time

100 thoughts on “Top 3 Cheap Laptops for Students!

  • Dave Lee Post author

    Hope this video helps the people looking for some inexpensive laptops. If you need to get something even cheaper (like $300 or less) buy a chromebook, not a windows laptop. Thanks for watching my stuffs!

  • Jai Abraham Post author

    WORST laptop in the market.!!
    dell experion 15 3000 Windows 10
    I buy this laptop I waste my money.!!!

  • Mahdi Post author

    A 2019 version of this video PLZ

  • Mahdi Post author

    A 2019 version of this video PLZ

  • brunaso Post author

    I got the Lenovo 320S thanks to this video, performs amazingly well, it's super fast and great for everyday use, specially for the price, my only complain would be the monitor because it's a TN panel and isn't 1080p but so far so good, even for a TN panel it's still pretty good. The usb-C port is a blessing too, it's my first computer with this port so far and I love it.

  • Showbiz Chismis Post author

    Superb. Get it here:

    OK. Cool. Happy with it.

  • Shouvik Dutta Post author

    Is Asus x510u is better than nitro 5 or not?

  • The commentor Post author

    Meanwhile my budget is $390. Fml

  • Zoe T Bulle Post author

    Hi Dave. What laptop is best for editing( YouTube) that’s also reasonable. I’m starting out and don’t have a lot of capital

  • Nirzar Patel Post author

    I’d Recommend Lenovo Yoga 730 For Students

  • Tobi Ogundiran Post author

    This dude is the chillest ever

  • Joan Post author

    I'd love for him to check the hp pavilion 15 out. It's the laptop i have and it ticks almost all the boxes except only having a 41Wh battery but in general its a great machine

  • J M Post author

    If you cant afford these and cbf getting a job you gonna have to go onto the preowned market. I bought a lenovo t480 with an older i5, and upgraded the ram to 8gb myself for about $220. That was about two years ago for small business tasks like excel, and word. The computer still works like a charm to this day. If you can't afford at that time, have to innovate. 🙂

  • Andre Ribeiro Post author

    Does any know the brands name and model of the backpack at the video beginning.

  • ashlii popz Post author

    Waiting for the 200$ laptop

  • Nirzar Patel Post author

    Which Laptop Has These Features?

    • Windows 10 Pro
    • Convertible 2-in-1
    • Maximum Weight of 2.8 – 3.0 Pounds
    • 13-14 Inch 1440p And Higher With IPS Display (1080p Would Be Okay)
    • Intel i5 OR i7-8565U (Whiskey-lake)
    • 8GB RAM or Higher
    • 256GB PCIe NVMe SSD or Higher
    • Dedicated Graphics (Intel / Nvidia GTX / AMD RX / AMD VEGA)
    • At Least One Thunderbolt 3
    • Microsoft Precision Touchpad With Macbook Keyboard Layout
    • 8-10 Hours of Battery Life
    • Between $999 – $1099

    BTW I’d Recommend HP Spectre X360 13-T (@ $1049.99) And Dell XPS 13 9370 (2018) (@ $1079.99) As They Probably Meet All Of The Above Listed Specs.

    However, If You Got More Budget Around $1500 Then Dell XPS 13 9380 Touch Laptop (2019) (@ $1499.99) Would Be A Great Option.

  • Germiah Cunil Post author

    What do you mean the lenovo 320s doesnt have a backliting…simply press the function key and space and boom! A backlit keyboard

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    Protipp for students: Buy used. Look for shops specializing on reselling what companies stopped using. You can get a Thinkpad that fulfills all your needs for a couple hundred bucks.

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    i got an inspiron 2 in 1 in 2015 but it was relatively disappointing; it’s insanely slow now and i’ve lost a few important files in the past several months (including an assignment that was due!!) because of it crashing. it was decently specced too with 8gb ram and quad core i7 U processor.

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    Always remember Apollo was launched with a crappiest computer ever that didn't even have a gui..

    As long as you can type on it and the text is seen you should be good to go…

    For html css JS =< 4gb ram,HD screen 2core cpu

    python =< 4gb ram , 2 core cpu, HD screen ,32gb HDD or ssd and Linux

    This should be wayyyy more than enough considering you have a Google or Microsoft account for free cloud storage.. good luck

    Other unity/Cad/gui devs = 8gb, i5 8th gen, 1080p, ssd

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    – I had to buy more RAM to make it to 20 GB. The first RAM is soldered into the motherboard.

    I recommend an Acer Nitro 5, although I don't own it, but the specs and the price look really good.

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