Top 10 BEST Indie Game HIDDEN GEMS of 2019 You May Have Missed

Top 10 BEST Indie Game HIDDEN GEMS of 2019 You May Have Missed

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While the New Year is in full swing, we’d
wager there are plenty of indie games from last year which went under your radar. Welcome to get indie gaming and in this video,
we take a look at 10 of the best indie games you might have missed that came out in 2019
which you should take a further look at. At number 10, Pilgrims’ came out in early
October for iOS and Home PCs via Steam. It’s all unmistakingly Aminata Design – all
children’s colouring book with the quirky animations and overall presentation really
standing out. The puzzles in this point and click card based
adventure are essentially logic based and while not as taxing as some of those from
the studios back catalogue of games, they are fun to play and equally amusing throughout. With multiple branching storylines it’s
unlikely you’ll see everything Pilgrims has to offer in your first play though and
given the short run time of around an hour, it really is worth going back into the world
of pilgrims at least two or three times. Up next at number 9 Astrogolaster which came
out in May via Steam and iOS. Set in late 16th century London, you play
as a character loosely based on the case notes and studies of a chap called Simon Forman,
a serial ne’er do well of sorts who died in 1611. In this game, you offer help, give hints and
advise a magnificently diverse cast of characters who’ve arrived on Forman’s doorstep hoping
to find guidance and counsel. It’s caustic wit and delicious characteristics
had us thinking this would make our end of year hidden gems rundown within moments of
its beginning. Highlights of the interactions include a lady
of society who really isn’t very good at hosting the parties she so wants people to
enjoy, the discussions with the Archbishop of Whitgift and a lady called Alice whose
rather fond of her drink and lovers, although beneath such chaos you find a gentle soul
looking for closure and a peaceful life. With classy writing comes an equally faultless
soundtrack and stellar voice acting throughout, particularly with the choral sections which
are the finest we’ve heard in years outside of games with triple a budgets. If you’re after a laugh and a giggle that’s
just that bit different, and don’t mind a few subtle and not so subtle digs on the
role of the church and other historical grandees of the time, then go put Astrologaster on
your wishlist later today. At number 8 and something we expect to be
darn right polarizing simply because of how it it looks we have Stone Story. Stone story is a really an RPG mixed with
an auto running where you’re not in total command of the characters movements. That said, what you can do is shape how the
character is built up or put together and in doing so, optimise its build to create
what’s essentially a set of rules or lets call it simple AT to get you from point a
to b while not being killed off by the various enemies and bosses you come across Stone Story came out in early access in August
with the usual statements of the full game being bigger and better with more levels,
an expanded quest system more bosses and generally more of everything. Stony story has more than enough of the perculiary
oddness about it which we so love to see devs experiment with. Our number 7, Kind Words essentially boils
down to a super casual multiplayer with almost none of the traditional mechanics usually
associated with video games. It’s just you at home in a smallish room
with you writing and receiving letters from other people while accompanied by laid back
lo-fi beats and while odd on paper, it’s absolutely delightful. And was one of the revelations of the year. If you or your fellow anonymous writers are
suitably impressed with your your reply, they can gift you something in return, usually
a funny image such as a cute cartoon cat or a fish looking dapper in trousers – while
again that last image on paper certainly doesn’t work, Kind Words certainly does. At number 6, Spaceland came out in late September
onto home PCs, the Nintendo Switch and Apple Arcade. Putting us all here at Get Indie Gaming firmly
in mind of the board game Space Hulk from back in 1989. We suspect that’s very much by design as
much of what Spaceland has to offer is so very much tinged with old school design facets,
it’s probably one of the reasons we as a collective enjoyed playing it as much as we
did. Given the choice, Spaceland works perhaps
best on mobile and the Switch. The tun based nature of the combat means you
can dip in an out of it while say in a tedious meeting and work or as some folks have commented
we mention this perhaps too much, while on the bus ride home. The hand drawn map together with the characters
and aliens are supremely endearing as is the action overall which comes across more on
the casual side of things in comparison to others within this genre. All in Spaceland’s great fun and a true
hidden gem to get stuck into, even if this kind of thing normally isn’t your thing. Up next at number 5, Grindstone was one of
the standout launch games on the Apple Arcade early in Q3. While Grindstone is similar to below, the
developers previous game, as much as it features a plot with a warrier making their way through
a cave while fighting monsters, they are poles apart. While below is so dark, Grindstone is joyful,
colorful and like all really good puzzle games it’s deceptively simple while at the same
time giving a deliciously fun and addictive repetitive gameplay loop. At launch well worth the cost of the Arcade
service alone Grindstone is a delight and should in time become a classic of the platform. As much as we loathe to admit we know and
have experienced it first hand, Hypnospace Outlaw creates an almost flawless visual and
aural representation of the web from around the turn of the century with dial up modems,
AOL disks on the front of every computer magazine and when all things internet were just that
little bit slower. While it delivers a mountain of nostalgia,
it’s a fine piece of satire in a similar fashion of say Papers Please and Orwell. It’s also a testing puzzler that’s frankly
tough as nails in places. Your tasked with acting as a moderator or
enforcer on an online hub called the Hynospace. It’s your job to implement and make judgement
calls on content while also dealing with trolls, hackers, viruses and other dodgy things such
as copyright violation. While things begin at a gentle pace, the difficulty
ramps up soon enough and you’ll need to use deductive reasoning and every now and
again some guess work to figure out what’s all going on. While clearly a work of fiction, there’s
plenty going on here to savour, enjoy while also contemplating hard into its underlying
themes. At number 3 and one of the games alongside
Grindstone we had the most fun with on Apple Arcade launched. Bleak Sword is a retro-looking classical hack
and slash brawler does somehting no other mobile game has yet done. What it does so very, very well, is to offer
is a brutal mix of action with the most challenging and fun boss battles ever on mobile. The controls are perfect and so beautifully
simple – you attack, dodge and use your shield by way of swiping or tapping the screen. To dodge you swipe in the direction you want
to go. A short tap on the screen enables you to parry
attacks and a longer hold while then swiping towards an enemy means you’ll attack in
that direction. Sure it doesn’t look overly pretty and yet
that doesn’t matter. The nine levels where you can build your character’s
abilities as you progress all feel measured with a fine difficulty progression from start
to finish. We’re holding back from making the obvious
comparisons with other games although if you do go play this one, prepare to die oh so
many times and like similar games, once you recognise the enemy movement patterns and
strike signals, you can get working on taking care of business. For a game designed for mobiles. There’s nothing to rival it. Our runner up and yet another mobile centric
offering, Sky Children of the Light landed towards the middle of the year. If you didn’t know already, it’s the follow
up to that game company’s journey where it builds upon the multiplayer wordless communication
aspect, while adding far more complexity. Some will and have already suggested it really
is too much like Journey to get that excited about and for us it doesn’t reach the same
ethereal high points, there’s still something so very magical about going about the ingame
world either alone or with a few anonymous companions as you work together to solve the
environmental puzzles. Once you’re done with the main story, there’s
plenty of reasons to pop back and have another play whether to help and guide newbies to
the game, offer up gifts to others or simply sit back and watch the best of what people
can be while accompanied with some of the most divine and all round loverly music from
any game, mobile or otherwise since, since perhaps Journey Sky Children of the Light
is along side Grindstone, destined to become a classic of mobile gaming. At number 1 A Short Hike sees you play as
a bird called Clair who while out and about in the relative wilderness with her aunt May,
decides there and then she really needs to find a signal for her phone. Having set off, you come across a number of
characters who all seem to have forgotten something or need help to be able to go about
their own business. Given you seem ever the obliging lady you
naturally come to their aid had having done so, you’re rewarded with items or skills
that boost your overall abilities. The most enjoyable parts of a short hike comes
within the flying sections. Like the rest of the game these are stress
free allowing you well just to have while out flying across the landscape. Also, while really an adventure title, there
are no nagging meters or health bars you need to keep track of which is a master stroke
of design in keeping things simple. A short hike really is casual gaming greatness
, we love it and if you like these simplish and yet fulfilling experiences we’re pretty
sure you’ll love it too. Which are your favorite indie games from last
year you think people might have missed. Let us know in the comments and if you like
the video please tickle and press that like button. Doing so really helps the channel as does
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on is the best way to not miss out on any of our videos of which we look to upload 2
or 3 each week. Many thanks for watching, we look forward
to seeing you all again for more indie game videos

16 thoughts on “Top 10 BEST Indie Game HIDDEN GEMS of 2019 You May Have Missed

  • Get Indie Gaming Post author

    Hi everyone! Of course, some of these may not be that hidden to ALL of you, but the more people informed on these awesome indie games, the better. Right? Cheers all!

  • Vili Evans Post author

    Sky isn't obscure.

  • SadDiplodocus Post author

    I'm so happy to see A Short Hike get the attention it deserves. It was my favourite game of the year. From start to finish, it just brought me so much joy.

    Another obscure game I'd give a shout out is Noita. This became an ADDICTION for me. I had to uninstall it because it was just eating too much of my time.

  • PAXMH Post author

    short hike is the best of all the games on the list. I wish just that it would be longer or gets an expansion.

  • Game Queen Post author

    It's a CRIME how Sayanora Wild Hearts did not get enough attention because it basically came out around the time that Untitled Goose game came out. Which is a shame because IMO it's the better game. Untitled Goose Game was a funny meme, sure but I replayed Sayanora Wild Hearts WAY more and felt it was way more engaging.

  • Theo Nikolaitchik Post author

    Definitely going to check out Stone Story!

  • Stuart J Post author

    So, when's the Patreon happening? Great video by the way.

  • novice_97 Post author

    A Short Hike deserves the top spot

  • Miloš Mevželj Post author

    I consider Valfaris for 2019 secret hidden gem.
    But unfortunetly, sales, at least on PS4, are not good for that run and gun title.
    Maybee later…

  • PersianPrince12 Post author

    Any word on A Short Hike coming to consoles?

  • Reagan Dow Post author


  • Dizzula Post author

    Sponsored by Grindstone

  • M T Post author

    Stop saying Astrogolaster!! Im getting mildly infuriated hahaha. AstroLoGaster ok

  • Jesus Rojas Post author

    Who is doing the Spanish title translations? Most of the titles that I see on Spanish for your videos are all messed up.

    Other than that, great video 🙂

  • FrazD Post author

    Hey, how are you? You may want to take a look at the Spanish translation of the channel. I'm seeing video titles that don't make sense and even the titles of the games are being translated, which doesn't seem right.

  • k o w a l s k o i Post author

    Himno; I love it

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