100 thoughts on “Too Thin For A Keyboard: Lenovo Yoga Book C930 Hands-On

  • Paul Ho Post author

    Peep those Allbirds though.

  • Krishnakumar Post author

    Ok… So the only thing Lenovo want to destroy is Moto phones.

  • Nick Post author

    I remember some one saying people should buy the yoga book 1 if they want Lenovo to bother making another one. I dearly regret buying a 1 now that the 2 has arrived… lol…

  • Ana Kakulia Post author

    bezels are big

  • Dexter 12 X Post author

    They should make the whole keyboard as secondary display..like phone
    Now that's multitasking

  • Il Papa Vitielo Post author

    This is more like the old school videos you did when you were part of Pocketnow, I like it.

  • Angel Ibarra Post author

    this thing is super cool

  • Waponzi Post author

    That’s like selling a pen without the clicking

  • The Jakster Post author

    Sorry but I have a massive issue with the Lenovo Yoga book c930 because it has a lack of LTE which means when I'm out and about I cannot use any features of the internet furthermore it has no backlighting which Makes the ink display they put on it just useless , when coming in a dark room or area ,and I can see that touch to tap feature will be completely inconvenient in some situations ,the price is just ridiculous (they will barely sell any units if they release this device with that price) . Lastly , the lack of Android , I know that everyone is saying that Android is dying and everything ; but when it comes to Android they got one of the best app stores compared to Windows with their lack of app support ) . Now here is what they should do to the Lenovo Yoga book c930 to make it better , add backlight to the ink display or just remove it all together and go back to the old design, They can keep the size the same and the USB C ports , and the fingerprint reader , they can make some models with snapdragon 850 with 8gb of ram for LTE , and bring that price down to at least to $600 and the Lenovo Yoga book c930 will be perfect.

    Edited – Lastt to lastly

  • Sanu Post author

    That keyboard needs some haptic feedback

  • Nochilla Post author

    Looks like a DS to me

  • Austin Deane Post author

    Omg Woah!!! Reaction to how it opens

  • Khalid Abdi Post author

    This is a great Yoga book and certainly people should have bought the first edition and certainly should buy the second edition. If it was Apple's, people would have bought in a heart beat, as if the best tech only appears on Apple LOL. Honestly, the ones who believe that, are totally crazy 😀
    Hey Micheal where is the Sony Xperia XZ3 initial review?

  • Murchison Phillip Post author

    I like it…. I'm gona get me one

  • Gowtham Sai Post author

    Is this laptop can also be used for digital art ? And gaming?

  • ItsJustMe Post author

    I’ve trained to use touch keyboard, butterfly keyboard, and blackberry keyboard

  • FaerieDust Post author

    I love the concept, but I don't think it's quite there yet – keyboard backlight and better battery life would be my two must-haves that this second gen is missing. I do hope they keep developing this line though, I think it could be truly great!!

  • Harrison Ganner Post author

    I have the previous android model. Big mistake. I bought it as a student thinking the pen would be useful. If I got the windows version possibly, but at the time (being a student) I couldn't afford it. These days it's used for videos when traveling and it does that rather well, but that's it.

  • RetroGamerTy Post author

    It's so close to being a sell but without that backlight, it's not quite going to make it. And added functionality to use other apps on the e ink screen would make this a college students dream laptop.

  • David Ross Post author

    Recommending the Blackberry Key2 in one breath and this laptop in the next requires someone of undoubted genius and creativity. Fortunately, Michael, you qualify! 🙂

  • Puneet Mudgal Post author

    Lame reaction was priceless.

  • Commodorefan64 Post author

    $1k no physical keyboard, and I have a feeling that Linux support is poor, so no buy from me.

  • Fedir Kriviy Post author

    You can get Surface Go + keyboard for 650$, or this for 999$… Yeah, no thx, Lenovo.

  • 기현 Arikadou Post author

    I already think $500 on the first Yoga it's pretty overpriced but now it's $1000 for the second one -_-

  • David Benjamin Moreno Sanchez Post author


  • zack shannon Post author

    Honestly this seems incredible except for the lack of back light. That's probably the biggest deal breaker for me, always next time.

  • RetroMochi Post author

    It's not a fucking laptop. It's literally a dual tablet.

  • d m Post author

    watching this with my Lenovo Yoga Book
    The sequel getting niftier

  • Fernando S Post author

    So it's a keyboard you can only track keys by looking at it… Without a backlight?

  • Help me reach 600 subs with no videos Post author

    me when I'm talking to my grandkids
    "Ya know back in my day we had to actually PRESS the keys to type!"

  • etatauri Post author

    I touch type. This looks like a nightmare to type on. Even if you don't, those tiny arrow keys will frustrate you to no end. Why didn't they make them bigger? It's not like they couldn't change the layout on the fly? And what is the point of the homing key bumps that aren't bumps? Irony? Trolling? I'm not necessarily against having a second screen on a laptop, but the execution on this really sucks. I am a believer of function over function, not the other way around.

  • Joel Robert Justiawan Post author

    0:44 the first to realise mechanical open. But I wish it has actuator to flip the flap off.
    3:06 I'm out! Lenove is also racist! Doesn't care poor with feature rich!
    5:26 yeah.

  • Too_Maynie To_mention Post author

    I can live without physical keyboard. Keyboard sometimes vulnerable to dust that will result to malfunctioning later on.

  • Hugh Williams Post author

    I would choose surface go over this one because of the price and the big edge.

  • Paul B Post author

    Looks nice for sure…but a thousand dollars nice? My Lenovo Yoga A12 was just $299. With a new launcher, it has become my "laptop" of choice for travel. And the halo keyboard lights up (even if you really don't want to type for a long time on it😁).

  • Lurker1979 Post author

    If you want Android on this. There is the x86 project. Just need to mod it to use the 2nd screen/keyboard. Me personally. I like the concept. I would have a hard time with not having real keys.

  • Eduardo Avila Post author

    Total garbage if you ask me

  • cheezeegaming Post author

    Why on earth wouldn't they add a backlight?

  • allbluedream Post author

    It's interesting… But after all, e-readers are much lighter and easier to hold than a 2-in-1, so I don't see myself using this eink screen for reading. I'm not sure giving up on a physical keyboard (with no back light, no less) is a worthwhile compromise.

  • Iwatani Naofumi Post author

    Shit Mr.Mobile Has Ligma… R.I.P

  • Vxwkxosqrtj xzkljyt Post author

    I wish it had a keyboard

  • Martin marty Post author

    great review thanks 👍👍👍👍

  • purpleunicorn uwu Post author

    Wuts a backlight

  • mr zack Post author

    MF , I really hope that you can draw something on e-ink pad in the full review video in the future 🙂👍

  • Beau Post author

    As a professional student, I love my original Yoga Book. I don't use it often, anymore, because notes have to be taken so fast that I can't hand write them anymore. I loved my Yoga Book in undergrad. I still love it now. I am glad to see that they are giving it the update it deserves.

  • gamester1416 Post author

    I have the first one but running Android
    That thing still works like new. Just does need an update

  • jodieisme Post author

    Should've gone with Chrome OS instead..

  • Guillermo castilla Post author

    revisit the old android one

  • J K Post author

    Too expensive. Awesome design, just too expensive.

  • Binge Website Visits Post author

    Put a backlight and this will be a hit.

  • demetre nadiradze Post author

    1000$? The first one was around 450$ and didn't have a E-ink didplay, which in my opinion is worse, considering how slow it is to load something. the first one was below 700 grams and it was 9.6 millimiters making it even more portable.oh and it now goes for around 300$.700 dollars more for a better processor yet a worse keybord, thinner bezzels yet less portability? No thanks.

  • Jay Rider Post author

    Only 4gb of ram… with 8gb, it would be perfect for me

  • mikeyb Post author

    If they made a full-fledged laptop with that keyboard it would be awesome! I'm a pick and paw typer that uses my index fingers and thumb for spacing only. Probably could type much faster on a touchscreen keyboard like that considering I don't use home row.

  • MissMerc007 Post author

    Love the first yoga book. Typing on it is not bad. I have the android model and am watching youtube on it now. I use it every day, and the battery life is pretty good. Drawing on it is a dream, I make lots of illustrations on it. Hook it up to a giant monitor and it is awesome. Wish I could afford the new one, but I am saving for the Lenovo Legion y730. My main PC kicked the bucket 3 months ago.

  • BombayIndian35 Post author

    $999 is too much. I would still go for hp spectre. not just for specs but looks too

  • Martenfur Post author

    Programming on this thing will be a total pain.

  • AnimalStomper Post author

    Shame about the ram I'll wait for the next one

  • mirage in the desert Post author

    No notebook

    Paper notebook

  • Vichar B. Post author

    Crappy product, you need one – get a ThinkPad line or stick to phone/tablet.

  • Danny C Post author

    It would be nice with a keyboard backlight as you mentioned.

  • fishy mullet Post author

    Is there a possibility to switch languages? Many review mention a customizable multi-language keyboard, but many don’t. I really love the whole concept of this product and would like to buy it for my dad as well, BUT for me it is imperative to be able to switch between languages, whilst for my dad is more important, as he speeds and writes only Russian. Any help, please? Is there maybe a possibility to switch languages and type on the main screen, like on your regular tablet? The reason for me asking, is that I found contradictory info, even a Lenovo support agent saying it is impossible, whilst in your video u mention it being possible. I would greatly appreciate the advice on this matter, about being able to switch between English and Russian keyboard, please help! Thank you in advance (interested in the model with the e-ink display)

  • mcrsit Post author


  • CrazyHeart Post author

    1399,- rip

  • Craig Tuttle Post author

    1K for a laptop with 4GB of RAM is a crime against computing. WTH is Lenovo thinking?

  • Rich 91 Post author

    What a Lazy fucking review…couldnt u test it in a dark room

  • José David Hernández García Post author

    Just wish it had an usb-c thunderbolt 3 port, so i could connect it to my egpu enclosure, kb + mouse and monitor with a single cable to keep working at home, that would make it an ipad/surface killer for me

  • Michael Vo Post author

    This thing should be price around $500-700 only!

  • 鬍子哥 Post author

    Would like it more if it's Android mode.

  • Benjamin Carter Post author

    Got what it's worth, I have the windows and Android version of the original, and prefer the Android.

  • Franz Galahad Post author

    Too much money without the backlight and I want a full two screen laptop like the Acer Iconia 6120 with upgraded hardware specs. Oh well, the wait is still on.

  • robotechfans Post author

    I have a yoga book a12 and I 100% love it. Hope Lenovo can make a new one as well.

  • Charlie Weathersby Post author

    While I really enjoy the concept, it’s clear that we still haven’t arrived in the era where proper execution is possible (or at least, without it costing an arm and a leg).

  • vampritt Post author

    the 4GB ram is the let down

  • Robert Pirlot Post author

    So what I heard is just get a Surface book or Surface Pro.

  • Martina Martins Post author

    1000? Lol I'll just wait for the price drop..

  • Toure Evelyn Post author

    Why wouldn't they use an OLed screen for the keyboard area? You could've implemented your own keyboard theme stores and sell pro versions with effects and have free ones through the windows store.

    I wish I had the money or the team to create inventions done right, cause I think this was done just to say hey look here's the version everyone wanted, instead of already knowing that.

  • shawn newton Boxing Post author

    I love this device! Just waiting for its release in Taiwan!

  • Jasc Random Post author

    If the Keyboard can be used as a fully functional Drawing tablet for digital artists, then it might be worth it.

  • AR极乐世界 Post author

    2:20 no keyboard ⌨️ backlight 💡

  • onlyzanjoe sanjosegames Post author

    Look ma! I commented!

  • Ryan Kelsey Post author

    After the poor quality of the keyboard material in the first one, I wouldnt give Lenovo another dime. They make shoddy devices . Don’t buy! You’ve been warned.

  • sean Post author

    i should of started a review youtube channel so companies or people would send me $1,000 + electronics to review

  • ghost rider Post author

    Micheal why did you say it also comes in m3 for less money 💰, you know something that even Lenovo doesn’t know , where is this yoga book c90 with the m3 core at 🧐

  • Daniel Henderson Post author

    Meet the future MacBook Pro keyboard. Maybe they'll call it the "Touchpad."

  • Thomas Fish Post author

    I wish it had an ARM processor.

  • BKLTD Worldwide Post author

    Just tested the l8st version – lovely design. And it is better than the Surface. And better than the Macbook line if u can move away from apple staples …

  • Ashik Jonathan Post author

    Govt announces 2 hour power outage.
    Michael dies

  • Nestor Mateo Post author

    I wonder if Lenovo might come out with a Chrome OS version of this. That would be real interesting…

  • yamyne Post author

    I remember watching this guy back in 2017 and later on i forgot about him. Im so glad i get to see his vids again .. so nostalgic

  • Hi-Fi Insider Post author

    Wow! No backlight is a deal breaker.

  • Ryan Kelsey Post author

    Love this device except foe 2 issues…backlight and an issue with using it in tablet mode where I can't avoid double tapping the eink display and switching to that display and turning off the main one. I haven't found a way to stop this except by trying to only hold it by the edges.

  • Ryan Kelsey Post author

    I can instantly type super fast on this thing! And I have meat hooks for hands.

  • Ryan Kelsey Post author

    Anyone figure out how to hold this thing in tablet mode without invoking the eink display?

  • 8ot Guy Post author

    Excuse me but there’s no space button

  • Justin Y Post author

    At 679 do Yall think it's worth it?

  • hamskyxxx Post author

    Too Pricey!!

  • oliver izzard Post author

    It's almost good enough …. not quite though

  • Hidden Post author

    Not a good e-reader without a backlight?The entire point of an e-reader is to NOT have backing light that hurts your eyes.

  • Johana Elizabeth Post author

    I'm just wondering about the Google apps like Google spreadsheet. Is it full mode? Or just the mobile one? Can I still use the script like the desktop one?

  • D_oge - Read About Post author

    I was born in the right generation

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