THEY’RE IN YOUR HOUSE… | Welcome to the Game – Part 1

THEY’RE IN YOUR HOUSE… | Welcome to the Game – Part 1

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Hello Everybody! My name is Markiplier and welcome to ‘Welcome to the Game’. Now much like ‘The Park’ I didn’t get to this when I first got to the game, I am late to the party here, but I am going to play it fully and firmly right now, sorry for bumping the goddamn mic there. (while whacking mic) So I do know the basic premise of the game though, you are trying to hack into a “Red Room” which is a room on the Deep Web That is supposedly a web cam set up to watch…a live murder of some sort? It’s a very dark subject and very scary to think about a lot but, there is a mic option in this game now I’m not 100% sure about this, but if there is a mic option in the game, I imagine that it works kind of like the one in, uh, ‘Lurking’ where if you talk into the microphone … things will kill you So hopefully I’m not gonna do that but I’m gonna play a new game here and I’m gonna be- I didn’t start it! I didn’t start another game! Who was hacking my computer!? And playing a game!? Red Room: A hidden service on the Deep Web to see a participate … to see AND participate in interactive torture AND murder. I don’t know why we’re trying to go for this but let’s have a fun time on this weekend I got the house to myself so I might as well murder someone! Hope no one is watching this, kinda revealing some deep dark secrets about my soul… YOU-Z COMP-YOU-TER Oh, hello Hi, Adam! How you doin? Alright, if-a this tutorial is boring and you guys don’t need to know about it Which you may already know how to do it but imma *mumbles* Adam: Hey, so you’re sure you want to do this?
Mark: NOooOOoO Adam: The deep web is full of fucked up shit Mark: I’m pretty sure! A: There’s some things you can’t unsee M: Uh-huh, oh A: Alright well, don’t say I didn’t warn you
M: Okay A: The deep web is like a giant maze
M: Uh-huh A: There’s no search engine M: Right
A: So you have to do some exploring to find what you are looking for M: Okay, wait do I need that? A: What you are looking for are 8 hidden keys on the deep web
M: Oh A: Not all sites have them, but some do A: You have to explore each page, click the links and see what you discover M: Huh A: A hidden key looks like this M: Okay A: Each key contains an order number associated with it. This is important. Once you have found all 8 keys, you have to type out the complete key in order. This will provide you with the red room’s URL M: Huh
A: This is where the note system comes handy A: You can keep track of all the keys you have found. When you explore the deep web, you’re exposed to hackers These hackers will attempt to hack you But don’t worry, I went ahead and installed some tools to prevent this from happening. There are two kinds of attacks that happen to you while you browse the deep web M: Uh-huh
A: The first one being a Denial Of Service attack M: euh, not so bad A: Or better known as a DOS Attack. When a hacker attempts to DOS you you will be prompted the DOS blocker tool to try and block the attack. M: Uh-huh
A: You simply just have to click the action nodes in the puzzle and re-direct the traffic to the exit node. This prevents the packets from flooding your system. You have to activate all of them though If you don’t, you will get hacked
M: OH A: PROTIP: you can hold down the middle mouse button to speed up the process M: Wat?
A:I am going to go ahead and launch a DOS attack on you so you can test this out for yourself
M: Thanks man
A: Ready? M: Oh, no, I’m not ready I don’t want this! OH BOY Middle mouse button? Oh, hey (skull laughing) HAR HAR HAR HARRR ehahaheha I’m glad this is gonna be a fun-funny game! Alright, what am I-? Wat? OoOoOhhHH ohwoahhu- eh? duh-YEAH I blocked the hackers! I’m the 1337est hacker in the room! YEAH A: Hackers will try to corrupt your kernel and prevent you from using your system M: Hasn’t Colonel Sanders been through enough? M: How many people have made that joke already? I don’t know M: Thanks for putting into “L337-speak”
A: With this tool A: You simply just have to type what you see on the screen M: Ok
A: Alright, now I will launch a kernel attack on you
M: I’m a great typer typist Do it! Bring it on! I hope it’s extra crispy because I know that I can handle it Hey, hehahaheh
How often is this gonna happen? Heh, where’s your one point lead? Okay… What? oh. uh-uh wait, heh I’m tryinga’ wait… why’s it? NO! That’s not at all what I did! *mumbling to himself while typing*
Include, I O stream. Eh. Hashtag include, studio-o, H, bam. What!? That was exactly right! Don’t tell me that I’m wrong, because you’re wrong, and stupid, and ugly and also I’m handsome and- and amazing… There we go… HACKBLOCKED! WeEeEe! A: This is just an urban legend, so, I am not sure if it is true or not- M: Urban legend about… The Deep Web. A: Into the Deep Web, there are kidnappers that will try to locate and kidnap you. … M: Just an urban legend, right? Yeah. Okay, weird information just to throw out there at the end of it! A: For this. If you think someone is tracking you, A: just turn all the lights off and be quiet. Don’t say a word. A: When you think the coast is clear, turn the lights back on. M: HuuUUUH?? Are they here nooOOW!? IS THIS HELPING!? AAAUUGH GOD! KIDNAPPERS! Okay. Alright, so apparently, there be kidnappers. Sorry, I’m just- I’m a male model, I’m trying to fuss with my hair. Alright, whatever. A: How do you turn the lights off? A: Well once you zoom out of the computer mode by hitting the right click button, A: Hit the A, S, and D keys to look around. Take a look at the light switch behind you. A: Well, that’s it. Good luck. M: Oh no. Wait. Oh god no. OH GOD NO. I had no idea this was actually gonna be a component of this! Oooooooh! I’m not about this because, I SCREAM A LOT! I’M VERY LOUD! Anyone would be able to know! Okay… Alright then, let’s go on the internet. Why is this worth it? WHY AM I DOING THIS? Is that not workin’? Oookay. Homepage. Ah. That’s a lovely homepage. I’m very happy abou- OH! THESE- OH! These all look great! NUDE YOUTUBERS? Boy howdy. Oooh boy. “Click-Click Dead”? That sounds good to me. Don’t know what this is all about- oh. Not available. That’s probably for the best. Unless I’m “Click-Click” already dead… So how would I know, … If there’s- Oh man, these aren’t gonna WORK. These aren’t gonna WOORK. Cannabis World? Aww, I wanted to go to Cannabis World! Chosen woke? I’M GETTING HACKED! Ooookay! Alright, this is good. Am I about to be kidnapped as well or am- Am I, am I-uh well it’s just a DOS I can do this, okay- uhh That’s gonna go- Oh jeez that’s not right Oh jeez-ums OKAY, yeah, YEAH, yeah, take that hackers! You can’t mess with me-leet! Okay what is this? “You have been chosen, you have always been awake, seek it and you shall find” “Nothing will be achieved without time and tenacity,” “Question and it shall be earned!” “Look listen and learn brothers and sisters, continue the search!” “Reject hatred, and embrace love.” Well that’s awfully nice, is that the illuminato? Is that a number that I need to know about? Maybe I don’t know what these symbols mean Hoo-boy Hoo that’s a lot of weirdos! Oookay I don’t know what any of this means but there’s some numbers here is that important I don’t know I have no idea Okay Sorry hackers that was all for nothing Cotton road? Oooooh! Pills! Eat ball crack! Perfectly exactly what I need! Ohhh, Roger Doger and the speed pill So What the heck is this? Oh come on! But I was so close to buying craaaack Man do I just gotta go through all of these, like, individually, and hopefully some of them- are available? Can I get some stimulants? Maybe some opioids? Wo-ahhhhh Well this ain’t going well Psychedelics? Precursors? Don’t know what that even means What the heck is a precursor? So I’m thinking that this might be hopeless, unless- Unless I gotta like, individually go through each of these Can I get some sweet, sweet LSD? No? Okay Alright bye everybody! Sorry apparently I can’t buy anything on here but I’ll be on my own I’ll be on my way and on my own and you’re all fuc- UGHHH AGAIN SURE HOPE NO ONE’S IN MY HOUSE Okay, and, bing, bong, BING, BONG, I’m a winner, I’m a winner Hack blocked, hack blocked- grandmas fantasy I don’t know if I wanna go to grandmas fantasy God, none of these sites work How am I supposed to be able to know what time they go on? Father Donald? Nooope! That’s a negative. Nope! Grandmas fantasy? Oh thank goodness! Nope! Hot burners! Oh, ohhh! Yeah, they got bodies on em’ “Hot Burners is my only one stop shop before I do a hit,” Russian assassin. Okay? Buy now Noooope! Ughhh, man it’s hard to get a code apparently! I thought i- this, this is not what I was expecting by the way when I thought of this game or- Or when I, I, I heard about this game, I-I did not know… I mean I knew it was about trolling the deep web and trying to get to a red room but- Man I didn’t know it was going to be literally trolling the deep web and trying to get to a red room (sudden noise when he clicked on the link) *gasp* (same noise as he clicks on it again) (and again) (panicked) uh *whispering* Chica stop breathing! For the love of god Chica! Stop breathing! *whisper shout*
Chica! For the love of god! *still whisper shouting*
LAY DOWN AND STOP BREATHING! *Just high-pitched talking at this point*
CHICA! LAY DOOOWN! (same noise when he clicks on the link again) Okay I don’t know what that sound means But apparently it doesn’t mean I’m about to be kidnapped Which is good. Okay! I don’t know what that sound means but it’s probably something important Let’s go to NudeYoutubers! Am I on there? Aw man That’s a damn shame How bout’- Passports Are Us? I don’t wanna talk! In case I might get hacked! Aw man it puts a lot of stress! Paybuddy Dolla? I don’t know what that means! Ohh nothing’s working… Nothing’s working Pirate hackers Why would I go- Okay Thought I- thought I heard something How about scream bitch? Nope, nothing there Shadow web portal? Oooh “You’ve reached the hidden gateway in the shadow web” “To get to the browser bundle required to access the shadow web, send $200 to *Markimoo noise*” “Once the payment is made, we will contact you with the download link along with access instructions.” “The shadow web *skips word* urls host the content too dark for the deep web” Okay…. Soooo (keyboard clacking) 99f9cfbb*omitted*sh web *cry of frustration* Come on! I thought I had something there But apparently not! Okay now that- that one doesn’t even work anymore. I can’t go back enough. Dang it, now it’s just down, I gotta go back to the home page The Bunker! Oh okay… *multiple clicking sounds* Wh- it’s day two!? When did that get to day two!? When did I sleep!? What happened!? Okay there’s nothing at the bunker There’s nothing here There’s nothing for me! I can’t find anything, the butcher? What am I looking for!? Oh “Butchering the h-” “Butchering the Human Carcass for Human Consumption – by Bob Arson” That’s a great name “human being also referred to throughout culinary history as long pig or hairless goat” Oooooh-eeeeruggghh Ugh, I don’t wanna know any of these I don’t wanna know any of these! Why am I- (an odd sound plays quietly in the background) why am I here? Why am I here? Whyyyy am I here? I DON’T KNOW WHY I HERE! I DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M LOOKING FOR! (noise from previous page that freaked him out occurs again as he clicks on a link) Why? Why does that happen? What’s with that noise? (begins clicking the link several times to see what happens as the noise plays) I don’t know what that means! OOH! OH THERE! OH, FOUR! OH! WAIT! Okay! Wait! Oh! (mumbling out loud as he types down the code) Okay! Enter! Okay! So that’s what it means! It popped up somewhere else on the screen when I hit that button! Okay so if I go back- ohh what was it. Euro firearms? I’VE BEEN HAAAAACKED! AGAAAAAIN! But that happened when I went to Euro firearms before so I think- uh oh it’s a kernel I don’t know how to do- oh boy, oh boy ugh What- no, that’s not right, no Ohhhhhh, I can’t type correctly I’m in streeeess Ohhh boy eh, eh, okay and then uhg unisted h BAM! Did it! Good thing I got it! (whispering) typing skills~ Oh noo! It’s not available now! Dammit I don’t know which one of these were unavailable before Man this is going to take FOREEEVER if this is what I have to DO! Already been to cannabis world! So that means on cannabis world there definitely was probably something there That I was going to be able to do There’s something he- ah (a small unknown noise) I thought I heard something In fact I’m pretty sure I heard something So I clicked on that thing Which means that There’s probably On this page somewhere… A clickable… (There’s a sudden loud, chair-dragging noise) [Becomes Ninja] Okay? Okay I can’t find, any other clickable on this page but that did click something I just don’t know what else it did Okay this is the last button on the- I’M GETTIN’ HAAAACKED!!!! Okay, I thought I was about to be abducted but this is actually okay. So it’s a kernel I gotta do some typing here. That’s too many types Ohhh boy Uh, oh, god, I messed it up already Noo, NO! Oh, Jeezus Ohhh boy Uhhh Can’t think, can’t talk and type at the same time guys Ohhhh boy Ohhhhh, SPOOF GET NEW SPOOF ID BAM! Okay, HACK BLOCKED! With my hackershields! But that did nothing! Why did I get hacked, If that wasn’t going to be a button that was going to be doing anything! Damn it! Ah man if I had only gotten that first code! I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT IT MEAANT! AHHH I gotta get my yelling out right now before it’s too late! Doll maker? (sudden winding sound and melody of music box sound plays) (sound starts again as the lights turn on) Oh Oh that was the website Oh “I create women slave toys, in case you’re wondering what I mean-” Ooh boy Ooh boy Ooh boy Ooh boy Oooh this is a creepy website Alright, so that wasn’t productive at all God, I wanna get one more I wanna get one more Oh the butchering didn’t have anything did it? Oh wait that’s where I already got one, the butcher’s where I got one (sudden noises that sound like footsteps) Hello? GOD DAMMIT IMMEDIATELY BACK INTO BEING HACKED!! Son of a- cock! GO LAY DOWN PUPPY! LAY DOWN! I’M BUSY! Oh boy Okay So there we go Oh man, that was so stressful You guys definitely heard that right? That was a thing! That wasn’t just nothing that was actually a thing! And not good! Okay Okay, so that was a bust That didn’t do anything for me Oh man, this is too stressful for me Nooot~ fun~ (loud music starts to play) Don’t do that! Okay!? Eeugh! Alright Oh lov- Ohh-erghh Oh, oh these are lovely, samples… Okay, this doesn’t seem to have anything Also the music might have covered up someone sneaking up behind me but I don’t know about that! Ooh! “Brothers and sisters of God I call on you-” (a voice begins talking)
Voice:”Then I saw great, white, throne…” Mark: I-it was the website
Voice: Another book was opened Voice: Which is the book of life Voice: And the dead were judged by what was written in the books…
Mark: Oh, OH! Voice: according to what they-
Mark: BINGO! BONGO! GOT IT! Okay Mark: Got another one! Yeah! Okay So that one was only available at a certain time of night! Which is good, right!? I got another one, that’s good Okay! And it looped to day four I’ve taken four days to be able to do this When is nude YouTubers going to be open? I don’t know How am I supposed to know when these things are supposed to be open Oh no it was hot burners *gasp* Ooooh! BINGO BONGO I GOT THREE OF EM’! I got three~! DID EVERYBODY HEAR THAT!? I GOT THREE! THREE! (sudden noise) (same noise) It might’ve been my imagination HI!! (In Russian) Where is the source coming from? Are you sure its’s coming from here? (footsteps) (footsteps getting farther away) Is he gone? (LOUD MUSIC) AH! OH FUCK! Oh I’m dead. I’m dead. HI. FUCK YOU! HE WAS NOT GONE. GOD DAMMIT! Aw the footsteps stopped! Aww man! AWW MAN! The footsteps stopped! I can’t continue!? God dammit, awwww, this sucks! I was doing so gooood! *sigh* I thought he was gone, man, having the mic- That’s so hard! Okay! So, now I know what to do! Now when I play this game again I’m gonna go through it with a fine-tooth comb, and like meticulously write down notes for absolutely everything that I’ve gone through, so that I know where to go, where I’ve been, what has something, what doesn’t have something . So I’ll figure it out! But man, that was stressful super stressful to have the mic there I just don’t know when I can talk and when I can not talk! But either way, that’s all for now Thank you everybody so much for watching and as always, I will see you in the next video! Buh-Bye!

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