The Secret Hidden Debug World in Minecraft

The Secret Hidden Debug World in Minecraft

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a world only a mother could love or possibly a developer the debug world hey guys it's Chad today we're gonna be looking at debug mode a secret world built into the game that I didn't know I mean I knew it existed I just didn't know how to get to it I didn't know all the crazy things about it so let's jump in two facts about debug mode so here we are inside of Minecraft and this is just kind of cool because I thought that there was really only a few world options default superflat large biomes amplified and customized and then you cycle back around default but if you hold down shift while you're hitting through these you will get to another option which is debug mode you can see that the options for the generate structures allow cheats and bonus chest will go away you don't have those options anymore and you just have the debug mode once you go ahead and click create world that you're brought into a fancy world fancy world where all of the blocks exist what is going on here is on this humongous grid of blocks every block is in the game along with every block state so you can see that most of this is taken up basically by redstone and fire and that's because they have the largest variety of different block states in fact redstone has tons and tons and tons because of all of the different ways that it can go up and down the blocks so you can see this one has all this one that I'm kind of looking at is on all four sides in one in the middle and powered so powered unpowered which direction that it's facing if it's just sitting there I mean it's just like incredible there's tons and tons and tons of different block states and it also has the one to sixteen powered range so it can be powered just a bit versus powered quite a lot I mean redstone is just insane here with the block states and of course fire can be on tons and tons of different sides it can be angled because it's coming off the edge of it I mean it's just fire is pretty incredible as well now there's a whole bunch of really interesting things about these blocks because even if you can switch in to get into a different game mode just fine but even if you try to break one of these blocks they will not break they'll come back exactly how they were now this creates some really really interesting things because some blocks that can be updated like these levers right here will not allow themselves to be update in fact this is interesting because it's gonna be it's powering that that door right now what's actually happening with that update is and why it's creating those is because basically it's updating this switch to where it should be so if I right-click this it would go down but the debug mode world doesn't want that so it's so it breaks that block which drops the entity and resets it to the other value so that's why you can see that there are some things you need to stay away from like this would in a pressure plate right here if you step into that area every single tick it's going to create a new pressure plate trying to reget it to the state that it's supposed to be so this one whoopsie this one is down pressed down and this one is not so if we if we grab some items that kind of oh no oh we screwed up oh oh okay well we we just crash the world here so I'll be back after a quick second okay we are back we'll be avoiding the wooden pressure plate from now on now there are some things that can be interacted with like say this crafting table right here anything where the block really doesn't change those can be interacted with but you can see like trapdoors and things like that you're not able to actually mess around with things like lava and water they cannot be picked up with empty buckets so I couldn't come over here and try to pick them up or anything like that they're stuck right there although some things like cauldrons can wash off leather armor or things like that there's also a lot of blocks that seem to kind of be missing you may see some of these these like empty holes right here and so these are different block states that are just invisible to the player sometimes you can figure out what they are by using f3 to look at them so what is this this is a sign of rotation at 3 you can see this is rotation 4 and a rotation 5 so some of those empty things can can you can figure out what they are sometimes you'll see even particles being being emitted from these empty areas like I saw a enderchest earlier and it seemed to be invisible until you got really really close to it I'll here they are so you can see these particles and then when you kind of get close to it oh maybe I need to be back in game mode 3 there we go once we we go through it in game mode 3 then you can see the item again another interesting thing is that dimensions are still available and they still work although you can't actually place down blocks in this world you can go find their portals and actually use this to get to one world and the other so this is the another dimension looks pretty cool this was pretty spooky I gotta say finding the in portal was a little bit difficult but here it is so we can go at the end Oh beep went back to the beginning wait a second I realized what is happening is we are going to the end in the exact block and then it is use so this happened with the other portal is it will teleport you to where that you are in this area so if we use the nether portal and we go through to the nether well we're now standing in the nether portal on the other side so when I go to the end I'll be standing in the end portal but in the end the end portal it takes you back to the overworld so I'm I'm quickly going to the end and then I'm going right back to the overworld now you might say something like Chad you could just use a command to make another end portal not in that area but you actually can't so if you do set block right on top of you to go to in portal blocks can't be place the block couldn't be placed so that is out so we're not gonna get to see the end the last bit of trivia that I'm going to show you is that right here at the beginning it looks like there is no block there it's just completely empty it's like the grid doesn't even start well that's actually because that first block is the air block so you know you gotta have every block in the game and air block is a block so it's right there at the beginning recording this video I found out something new I actually didn't know that the way to get to debug mode was to hold down shift and click through the world options if there is something that new to you that you learned in this video please leave it down in the comments down below if you enjoyed this video please and give it a like and make sure you subscribe to the channel OMG crafts for tips tricks tutorials and spotlights see you next time bye

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