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aaaaaahhhhh Hey guys. Let me introduce you to my brand new friend, Chuchel I Think that’s his name is a small man with an orange hat and orange lips and a very fuzzy body that I just want to Squeeze yeah welcome to this brand new game that literally came out today, and it’s about a guy called chuchil I’ve loaded the game and it’s literally giving me no perspective whatsoever Apart from this now the impression I get from this game Is it’s kind of like in the style of troll face quest so it’s kind of like a click and discover adventure There’s loads of different levels as you can see here are weird characters funny art And I think it looks absolutely beautiful so but start clicking things What should we click first? He’s sleeping, so let’s click this wake up Churchill wake up, buddy Oh ok he says no. Yeah. He’s not getting up for anyone. How about we plug in the speakers? Yeah, this man’s a heavy sleeper, it’s slime Ok he’s taking the plug out you live with some weird people so the speakers won’t wake him up The alarm clock won’t wake him up. How about the TV? Oh? Scary films nope he’s pretty good at this not waking up thing and I click the elephant The art style for this is amazing Now the elephant has an alarm clock stuck in his nose fantastic. How are we gonna wake this dude up? This is that water about to find out oh, no oh? Oh, what’s happening? Is it coming out of his head? What? This is a weird this man has no brain oh Is it is it if you give me a hint because I have no idea what I’m doing You know what no no. I will not click you. I will click this slime instead and ignore you Orange bird Sounds like a phone sounds like an old-school Nokia okay, none of that is working. How about this again with the alarm clock? No fine One earth do I do Oh? What’s this I clicked on the picture thing he’s looking for is that a cherry and look at this guys toes Gross, I am so confused by these pictures. What is going on achievement unlocked good morning. Is he awake He definitely not awake so this guy definitely loves cherries the bigger the cherry it doesn’t matter the size of the cake he wants the cherry and Something about monsters, okay? This dude has done some crazy crazy adventures look at this. I think it’s something to do with this green guy oh Wait wait wait wait wait it’s happening. He’s filling up the orange bird Oh, no, as he made him sick. I Didn’t mean to no no fall in his mouth fall in his mouth Yes cant bat that way, can you hey buddy? How’s it going? Oh? It’s so cute. I love him. What are you gonna? Do now oh? He’s got a cherry. He does love cherries No No He’s stolen it What? Always, mad. It’s super mad. I wonder what his hat is? Who is this guy? steals his cherry and then just drops him in a random location? Okay, I feel like this might be a trap Let’s just let’s click it Anyway. Let’s see what happens. It’s not gonna be this simple buddy. I promise you What is this what is this feat icon I’m so confused oh Geez okay, you did not mean to do that. He’s trying to get it from this guy it means run This guy’s place guys having me on what are you doing? I need the cherry back, and it’s already giving me a hint Okay, I’m not that bad. I’m going this way oh I thought I had it then I can’t go anywhere around the outsides Oh oh I’m clickining rapidly To sneak it’s okay to sneak and then go for it. He’s gonna follow me This strange little pink hedgehog thing is gonna. Follow me go Don’t tell me I’m doing it stop stop. Okay. I’m as far back as I can get let’s see what happens if we click this Oh, it’s the hint. No. I don’t want the hint twice to keep all going backwards Hey there. We go getting the hang of it. I think grab it! yes Eat dirt little pink hedgehog, I’m out of here Oh no! My goodness this game is so cute Okay, he’s gonna put it in the tree and give me a problem So do we have to get the cherry on every level, I guess that kind of makes sense If only we had a pickaxe. Eh oh we can choose something to do to the tree. Do we either way what’s this oh? Okay That was easy enough Now just pull it put as hard as you can buddy You’ve got this don’t pull the tree down don’t know I can see this happening. It’s happening for a very eyes Don’t die. I knew it was gonna happen. I knew it was gonna happen, buddy no the pink thing back i think I’ve got it. Hey Why does this pink thing wanna steal my cherry all the time man this game is gonna be hilarious. I love it. It’s so cute and oh But this guy isn’t so cute, but it looks like we’re trying to get our cherry back That’s the story of the game, and we’re gonna meet these weird and wonderful creatures along the way. I’m excited are you excited? No stop saying that oh Wait a second It’s gonna inside this guy’s brain Do you really want to eat that after it’s been inside his heads, I don’t know about that Yeah, if you’re excited to leave a thumbs up. I am so looking forward to this right we need to do something here Can we throw with the pink guy? inside the yellow guy black You want a dance-off now. This is not the time all right. I’m throwing you get out of here, buddy. Oh Bouncing off of him okay that works, too And let’s see what happens if we click the you big yellow man pull his hair off. Oh My good and safe was I just telling you what is that creature is that what would happen to dolphins? That’s what happens to the Dolphins if you don’t look after them. Okay. Let’s click the sign. We can move it or move around You know what I can’t blame him he has like stick-thin arms like me. What’s the other thing? We can do can we lift it up? Go on use that strength, buddy. I know you’ve got it somewhere come on come on Always arms okay, so that does not work. Let’s talk to this guy Excuse me Okay He’s giving me a parasol. I’ll take it. I mean that’s a free parasol. Thanks, buddy. Let’s run up him instead I can’t quite make it okay, so we tried all our options Now I’m stuck. Oh wait. It’s got a new option on the Hedgehog thing. Let’s see what happens I? Think he’s explaining what to do. I don’t know what that thing is but he’s gonna give it a go oh He’s gonna take the sign up that makes it much easier This game is so cute right now. We should be able to pick this up with our weeded alarms there We go can we apply this dude open? I think we might be able to let’s give it a go use the sign Attack yes At least he didn’t use the other end I thought you was gonna use it like an axe that would have been a little bit aggressive Come on, buddy come on pry it open. Let’s get both of our help Let’s jump off the top of his head in the stairs go Yes, there. It is. Don’t you dare don’t you dear no? This guy see you later lemon man nice to meet you, buddy. Oh What is wrong with these faces and his This little pink guy must be working for the giant hands, are you okay? Now we both lost it. Thanks. Oh Hey, sir. How’s it going? Okay? We have been presented with another strange creature. Ah let’s trade, whatever This is I was gonna say talking to it But we can’t uh we can even grab the cherry or switch this guy around. Let’s grab the cherry We can’t do that then switches go around Oh jump over him Do we need to jump over the right time oh? You can get it go Hmm, let’s pick up the pink hedgehog also known as Marty throw him and that is absolutely Nothing this pink guy is the brain of my day and now he’s disappeared fantastic Uh-oh we have a new option jump on the frog let’s do it. What could go wrong right? I? Thought it was easy what you ate the Frog? What is going on this guy oh geez no, we’ve become the Frog Church. Oh good job, buddy Well done and now the pink Hedgehog has stolen your cherry again. Good job, buddy. Well done. Are you proud of yourself? I didn’t think so oh Look at these very very unfortunate looking birds This one has no eyes You help me excuse me sir, can you help me let’s go? This is great. We are now presented with another frog. Oh, we can use our arrow keys now okay? Oh, it’s like flappy birds I actually like flappy but okay, um oh geez no. No don’t bug me away. You saw I did to your friend I’ll just eat you up in an instant. I wish I’d chosen a better bird Maybe actually we probably got the best one the other one didn’t have eyes so oh we got you. I know don’t do it Don’t go too high, otherwise the giant hands who is owned by someone will flick you. I think we’re doing it. Oh my goodness Okay, made it through that bit. They’re playing tennis. This world is crazy and oddly reminds me of rayman made it. Let’s keep on going The music the art style this game is beautiful. Oh my god. It’s gonna upside down as well Is this like it’s reminded me of something else? What do you say we’re crows upside down geometry – but way way simpler Everyone in this world is beautiful go on little buddies. Don’t you do anything crazy to me? I just okay you’re gonna put them out the way. Thank you. See you later, buddy. See ya They are the best colors if you touch them they’ll try and eat you I guess I did do that to their friends So it’s understandable, can you um excuse me? Burger King oh no baby. Oh, that’s what you do, okay fine Stop eating me You put me out, okay, at least we got further and now we’re in space This is amazing. This is actually so cool. I think we chose the right bird for the job. You know he’s got well He’s like one giant wing rather than the two separate ones, so he’s got a lot of control a lot of speed He’s doing fine, and he kind of looks like a flake of cereal. This is gonna end soon. I just want the cherry That’s all I want. Maybe the pink Hedgehog took the best bird. That’s why we’re oh We’re stuck inside a massive beautiful man remember I was saying about the whole walls being full of beautiful people Not sure, this is the gates anymore He’s got a cute still right I was gonna happen next we’re gonna meet next I’ve actually excited do we just grab it Come on fight fight your life you got bigger arms than him come on don’t lose this don’t lose It’s too tall don’t do it. Oh It’s a bomb run quick get out of here. I can’t even move quick put it back together It’s like I’m playing some kind of weird cartoon. It’s great There’s the cherry it’s arrived on the chandelier, and we have arrived at the mansion of the snail That’s what I’m gonna. Call it. Oh sir. How are you? What’s going on down here up here? Wherever we are I’d like to say hello to you I Didn’t think it was gonna be a normal snail Please let go of me Let’s press the lever if there’s a lever or a button you have to either press or pull it you have to let’s see what? happens Okay that might control the chandelier Oh whoops We covered in slobber now we just jump on this guy if you jump on top of the slug, you can just reach it surely No, okay, we have two options that the very strange smiley face or go inside his mouth I am going to opt to pull a smiley face instead. Let’s laugh together oh It just disappeared okay, that’s not what I was supposed to do it was their bad joke oh What’s this guy’s at arcade like a built-in arcade machine my mind is blown anything can happen here do we want to play? Space invaders pac-man or Tetris. I don’t know pac-man I think Follow the yellow cloth. No the red cloth road is going to you be careful Over be the right choice here being eaten by Giants now. Oh jeez am I controlling. I’m definitely controlling Churchill chuchi chuchi egg I need to get him I need to get the weird pac-man to follow me so he changes this into fruit pac-man. I’m here come here Oh geez which is quick quick. This is it eat the cherries yeah there we go Haha, you get free the other ones as well. Oh Though oh it’s carrying on oh geez and we’re playing this inside of a massive cat as well That’s interesting right. Let’s make sure that we make no wrong steps. We have to unlike the normal pac-man We have to make them and create the things that we need to eat. They’re like cherry seeds I guess let’s see what this potion does All right change them all two cherries look. They’re turning decide moons and sorry. I’m gonna eat you How could it eat you to hug right? This is good it stays with them being all cherries as oh it doesn’t know Okay, they’re getting faster. They are definitely getting faster. At least the potion comes back right I’ve got this here We go this is it grab the potion and just I’m not even gonna eat them. I’m just gonna grab the cherries I’m gonna eat them if you get in the way though here. We go this is it this is it. Where was that dirty meat? Oh God so much worse level two died I wonder how many there are oh, my goodness. Are you kidding me? This is in ten So intense I haven’t played pac-man in so long and it gives me something like this Insanity, and they’re so quick as well oh Dude, okay, no go down The tables of terms dude the fact that it’s in such weird shapes as well Just makes it even harder, and it’s all in seeds oh The graves third this game is just too cute I love this guy’s this is exactly my kind of style if you know me by now And you should do. I love this this is exactly my kind of start It’s the way I doodle it’s the way I draw. It’s just everything that I love about cartooning It’s amazing at least when we die. We don’t like die die. We just kind of respawn which isn’t so bad We don’t lose a lot of progress, otherwise that have been horrible and was there, but we only got two left But I think are there seeds, okay. We just grabbed this potion, and then we’re done here. Don’t give me a level level Please that was difficult yes Eat that metal Churchill touch, although. I don’t even know your name, but I’m gonna call you tricky We passed your test can I have the cherry please sir does this work now? It doesn’t you could even made me play all the games come on now buddy, okay? I think he is we didn’t go inside his mouth yet Did we let’s see what happens if we just voluntarily go inside his mouth oh Hello, what are you doing now you change into an arcade and Now you wants to give me a riddle one win at his arcade must mean a cake two wins is Some kind of glass of wine or pop and three wins is either a coin or a pill I can’t really tell we need three. I don’t know what to buy. We’re gonna have to play some more games, okay? Let’s do this. This is all boarded up now. That’s hilarious. We’re gonna go for space invaders. I Promised a Tetris, so we’ll save that to last it’s fine. Hopefully cheese good at it. Oh here. We go. We got ourselves some springs Gonna use them use them. What am I doing? What am I doing in our cart even control it yet? What do I have to do I can jump If I need to avoid the drips at the same time. I can’t break them, okay I am slightly confused. I can use my mouse, but I still can’t fire anything. This is so odd Guys what do I do? I’m guessing just avoid the drips, let’s avoid them I don’t want to catch anything that’s different from these guys. Okay. Nothing’s happening, so I’m gonna collect a drip Something’s happens. Oh now I can hit them, but I can only hit the blue ones Okay, that makes sense I was waiting for ages for nothing to happen. Let’s go green here. We go right I need red now all the greens are out of here. Let’s do this. This is gonna be easy there We go there. We go. How do I fail? I mean, I’m pretty much killing it right now. Oh? Jeez, there’s more of them I want to turn blue I Guess the faster the drips the more you change colors so the longest it’s gonna take but I don’t see any downsides right now Oh, okay, yeah, that’s the downside. He’s just gonna attack me. No. He got me it actually got me Give me me your little red drip so I can destroy you punks Done hey did we do it oh? Okay, looks like there’s a boss coming through Hey Dude. How’s it going? Geez he’s turned me… he turned me back What do we do oh I can hit him I can only hit him when he’s black Okay, boss fight coming through I’m kind of being reminded a little bit of cuphead right now for some reason So do I need to be black, or do I need to be red I’ve just got hit Oh, I need to be whatever color he is. Okay Give me these drips the drips are actually good I just need to aim at him properly Little punk, he’s avoiding me come here Come here right now. Yeah there we go right green up next shower me in green splotches gotcha Give me your medal I need it to please the snail Hey. hahahaha! its so cute! Okay, that’s two out of three done. Let’s go Tetris now I was that saying I’m not that good at Tetris, but I’m assuming this isn’t gonna be your traditional Tetris This is chuchey remember. Right here we go, buddy. We’ve done two we can’t fail now. Maybe we just have to avoid it. I think we do Yeah, we just got to avoid all these. Okay that’s fine. I’m not good at playing it, but I could avoid it. That’s okay Just don’t squish me Please don’t squish me don’t change your mind at the last minute and in Tetris you can make them go really far down as well So please don’t hurt me. Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. Where does the single one go? It made no line so far. theres two at the same time! Don’t do it. Don’t squish don’t squish oh This is stressing me out. Oh my goodness wait am I supposed to be making. I don’t know if I’m controlling these some way. I actually have no idea. I need to be able to make a line, but I’m pretty sure I have no control over it okay We’re making progress here this might actually complete it. Yes! woohoo! Oh, no a bomb What can I do with a bomb Absolutely nothing. Does it follow me? No it definitely doesn’t follow me. It’s just gonna have to Its just gonna have to try and not blow me up. Okay four bombs fantastic I bet they’re gonna move as well aren’t they oh my goodness chuchi do not get exploded. We need this medal, buddy. Uh oh. Uh oh. Uh oh. Wow are you kidding me that’s a giant bomb? What do I do now? Theres a cherry just grab it It’s gonna blow up. ugh. Yes, I made it That’s cool. I love this game. I think I’ve said that like five times already, but I really do okay, can I now purchase something from you please? lets see what he does. I think he’s gonna open his shop now because he can’t turn into an arcade anymore. Here we go. Right, I would like to buy this I don’t know what it is, but I would like to buy it. Thank you There’s my three medals It’s a pill! Go on eat it. Hopefully this this your daily vitamins Ooooh! That’s what I’m talking about now you can? I dont even know! You could even punch the snail. Oh, no don’t do it. Don’t do it! I didn’t mean to click it! Yeah, please don’t punch the snail. heh. He was kind to us Oh geez, I just need to pull the lever don’t I come on flex up. Let’s do this Yeah I’m pretty sure the snails eyeball could have helped us out a little bit here. It’s kind of long, but we did it anyway. Well, actually this does kind of remind me of like Monsters Inc It’s kind of similar to the art style. No don’t lose it now. Okay, that works. I’ve lost my arms I worked so hard for those arms. Oh now I can’t even pick them up. Just grow them back. It’s fine. You did it before There we go problem solved. Noooo! Who is this guy and why is he messing with me, I’m so upset I’ll win this guy’s back fantastic my best friends that Im just forced to be around heeeyy! It’s video game party! they are the ugliest video game characters I have ever seen in my life, but you know what they’re freindly! That’s all that matters. Okay. This is not looking promising We’ve got a death sign a warning sign electrocution sign a ghost and a no touching policy probably shoudn’t touch that But guys we made it about a third of the way through the game, but we’ve been playing this for ages So I’m gonna leave it here, and am I gonna continue this? well, that is up to you! If you like Chuchi and his annoying pink friend as much as I do then. Please leave a big fat like! That would be greatly appreciated the more likes it gets the quicker I will complete this game because I want to find out if he gets to eat the cherry at the end and who owns that Giant hand that’ll be interesting, but anyway guys Thank you again so much for watching and do leave a like if you enjoyed and if this happens to be the first video you’ve seen By me, please do consider subscribing to join teamTDM today for daily video apart from that guys Thank you so much for watching have an amazing day You are awesome, and I’ll see you all next time goodbye! Even the quit screen is cute! (outro music plays)

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