Study in Germany - a guide for Nigerian students

Study in Germany – a guide for Nigerian students

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hello guys I am innocent over I'm from Nigeria precisely Anambra State I have studied the German language for 11 months by Eurasia Institute's here in Germany and I also want to further my master studies in media yes Felix from Nigeria and education consultant he will tell you more about coming here in Germany to study because it takes a process to come here to study yeah hello fuels my name is Felix ayodhya from Nigeria the managing director for consulting limited this medication consulting firm you are stand placement we have genuine Indian students we want to stop in Germany to partner to study and different universities of their choice for different fields of study for with the same engine air irrespective of field of study we deal for dinner students this is numsa my very good friend here in Germany is a musician and I think he's gonna tell you guys more about himself undoubtedly Germany has produced so many great musicians and so yeah I think I would like to Evangeline also from Nigeria right now studying doing language costs after which I'll proceed to my to do my master's degree in material science so I think German is the best place to study because they are really really deeply rooted in science and technology yeah that is better the most important and that is why I got attracted to study here I got interested studying German yeah my friend very dad's also from Nigeria she'll be telling you guys more about how to study here more or less like an advice people in Nigeria I don't advise you that if you wants to come to Germany you have to have the mind of working hard if you are lazy you can study in Germany you have to work out because when it come here you have to learn the language first before you can have the access to get C invested but if you have the mind to come and you are ready to learn the Japanese language it's gonna be easy thanks guys see you later

4 thoughts on “Study in Germany – a guide for Nigerian students

  • Doris Onwuyali

    I do wish that this video would play,I got the sound but that's all.

  • Okoye Elochukwu Clement

    Good morning bro playing I would like to study in Germany.. Plz I need your help to know what and what to do.. Plzz here is my watsapp number +2348037363159 thanks

  • Akomolede Tunmise

    hi Pls am interested to study in Germany my number is +2348166780284, I want to study mechatronic engineering

  • Dolapo Shobayo

    Hallo.. I would love to study in Germany… Would appreciate ur from nigeria

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