Story Time: Wedding Cake Switcheroo | Butterbean’s Café | Nick Jr. Read Along

Story Time: Wedding Cake Switcheroo | Butterbean’s Café | Nick Jr. Read Along

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Butterbean’s Café,
Wedding Cake Switcheroo. One day in Puddlebrook, a couple walked into Butterbean’s Café. “We are going to get married today!”
they said! “How may I help you?”
Butterbean asked. “Could you make us a fancy wedding cake?”
asked the couple. Butterbean showed them a cake with bells
and bows made of white chocolate! “We love it!” said the bride. All Butterbean had to do was make it
in time for their wedding later that day. “Piece of cake!” said Butterbean. Across the way,
Ms. Marmalady was up to no good. “Why can’t we make a yummy wedding cake
like Butterbean?” she complained. “Because we’ve never made
a wedding cake before,” answered Spatch. Then Ms. Marmalady got an idea! “We CAN make a yummy wedding cake
like Butterbean,” Ms. Marmalady said. “Spork, sneak a peek.
We’ll just copy hers!” Spork drew a picture
of Butterbean’s cake. Now they just needed
someone to make it for. Just then, Ms. Marmalady spotted a couple
on their way to Butterbean’s Café and rushed out to meet them! “No need to go to Butterbean’s Café!
Our cakes are much better!” she said. “We’d like a very small and simple cafe
for our wedding,” the couple told Ms. Marmalady. “We even brought you this picture.” But Ms. Marmalady had other ideas! “I’m going to make you THIS cake!” “That’s not very small,”
the bride explained. “Or simple,” the groom added. “It has to be done in time
for our wedding this afternoon.” But Ms. Marmalady wouldn’t listen. She was going to make them
a big fancy cake just like Butterbean’s . Meanwhile, Butterbean was putting
the finishing touches on her cake. “We just need one more thing,”
Cricket said. “A bride and groom to top it off!” It looked just like
the couple getting married! Now all the cake needed
was to be put in its big pink box! Back at Ms. Marmalady’s,
they had quite a mess on their hands. “Yuck! What am I going to do?”
Ms. Marmalady wondered. The cake didn’t look
anything like Butterbean’s. She got an idea to put her cake
in a big pink box like Butterbean’s. “Switch this awful cake
with Butterbean’s” she ordered Spork and Spatch. And they did. Finally, it was wedding time
for both of the couples! But when Butterbean delivered her cake,
something wasn’t right. “That doesn’t look like a fancy cake!”
the bride cried. “But that’s not the cake I made!”
Butterbean explained. Meanwhile, when Ms. Marmalady
delivered her cake, the other couple
was just as disappointed! “That cake isn’t small and simple,”
the couple said. Just then, Cricket spotted Ms. Marmalady. “That’s our cake!” Cricket exclaimed. “No, it’s not,” said Ms. Marmalady. “Then how come our cake topped is on it?”
Cricked asked. Ms. Marmalady was stumped. Both the couples were upset. Luckily Butterbean
had a trick up her sleeve! “With a flick of my whisk
and a flutter of wing, this Splitsy Bean will do its thing!” And just like that, the magic Splitsy Bean
split the cake in two. A fancy cake for the first couple. “Just what we wanted!” they exclaimed! And a simple cake for the second couple. “Just what WE wanted!”
the other couple said. Everyone got what they wanted,
except Ms. Marmalady. Thanks to Butterbean, the day ended
with a Fairy Finish. You can ask your parents to subscribe
to the Nick Jr. YouTube channel for new videos every day! And find more
of your favorite shows on TV on Nickelodeon and the Nick Jr. channel!

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