Samsung j5 Prime SM G570Y ganti CPU tanpa plat cetak dan timah pasta Done 100%

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meet again with my channel KSH Phone on this occasion I’m working on it Samsung SM-G570Y I want replace the CPU IC CPU is damaged This is a short circuit, so I want to change it eee … I have a back I want to change the package CPU and eMMC ic so direct directly, let me jooss No need to repair IMEI no need … anyway just plug it in it is I free the CPU ic use a cuter gouge yeah … pry I have the eMMC IC take it off I want to let go again, I’m afraid die I’ll just gouge this don’t forget SUBSCRIBE colleagues Like, share, comment so you can keep updating the latest videos from this channel thank you to all who have supported this channel, thank you very much be careful in the process of prying it the fear of the functioning pathway well be careful need to be vigilant just slowly dologan bae the Javanese language is out this already revoked there was a pin pulling his leg it’s just not working the way this is an ic the mark yeah this cleaning stage Glue which is on the PCB give it a fluk so that simplify the process the process of removing lead tin and glue be careful in this process afraid that the path is uprooted raised, scratched soldering iron Be Careful solder is not suitable to use this well but forced to because there is no substitute must be careful this is the case only the logo appears only but I checked the emmc the same finally I tried groping, it turns out the CPU is very hot try to replace cpu with emmc is the same still not normal CPU short prediction result in cellphone bootloop bootloop won’t load must be careful because of the solder it’s not worth using the solder so you have to be very careful to glue glue I I use this cuter to remove the remains running low it’s the crust while assisted with a blower shifted slowly so that the result is clean perfect must be careful about this process afraid that the path will be damaged push the cuter finally peeled off this is usually me the voice is live on video / live but during the video capture process when there are more guests so the fear of sound coming into the video so it’s not good the sound becomes too noisy so I lost his voice continue to be given additional votes yeah like it was moved around using a cuter continue to be given an additional heat blower so that the remnants of glue are perfectly clean so later on the installation phase of the IC easy later, not impeded by not blocked by glue must be free of glue this already pretty clean the remnants of glue are pretty clean this is the printing stage struck ic use method as usual Zenfone PCBs 5 cpu section pcb for intermediaries print ic usually if ic there is glue hard to tin use this method just shake it later Automatic tin stick on IC at the foot of the IC wait for the heat, melting lead when it’s melted stay in the sliding only the ic like it in a shake twisted around until well this is a solution the BGA plate is gone again missing again, that is my language searched not found tin paste again runs out this best solution make reference to colleagues the tin paste again runs out hahahah continue continue for ic that has no printing plate use this method just simple universal small, big ic that’s ok..ok..ok .. of course continued shake shake sliding around yes like that, the results are satisfying see the results this is the stage installation PCB is better in print so that the feet are flat with middlemen using dead ICs blower settings must be just right ic will not die I always use the same blower wind 2 less 1/4 4 less heat 1/4 gordak brand blowers i printed my foot on pcb so that it’s flat not high low foot so that it’s flat I print on the pcb the new ic must also be reprinted the resulting foot will be very diligent very flat like that his legs have arisen on pcb a little arise anyway has arisen not seen then install the new ic just install the new ic this is a package I took from another machine carcass continue This is a broken IC Flash IC for other cellphone later If there is any make another cellphone just a package simple immediately installed Exynos CPU This doesn’t need to be held fluk is also a cheap price fluk hahahah amteck brand here the price is 5000 somehow in the area how much are all of your colleagues? I am not sure blower settings must be just right so as not to damage the ic if the wind is too heavy later resistor and capasitor near the cpu blown off by the wind blurred away Don’t wind too heavy so that the heat is not too hot but it’s so ripe the settings are always the same angi 2 is less 1/4 4 less heat 1/4 Each steam blower is different the settings depends on the character just one brand varies the problem is possible Blower engine components already maybe someone already charred or how Rnya maybe also influences it to suit already finished this just install emmc this process of pairing is very short 2 minutes already done not afraid of being attached not afraid of short legs with one another because it’s not tall if you use the bga plate The resulting leg is high so be careful it’s better this way maybe for colleagues who used to use bga plate then use this method maybe a little trouble for me this is really good No need to buy tin paste bga plate this is just for reference only specifically interested different way hopefully useful this is not afraid of being stuck between one leg and another Press down using tweezers Yes, it is okay not short it’s over, it’s very short time … hahah it’s over The longest time cleaning glue yeah … hahahah if on Xiaomi’s cellphone No need to clean glue but it’s better than that VIVO or OPPO is the glue the glue uses rock glue what glue is iron glue maybe use it just wait cold, then cleaned let so that there is no residue fluk / oil yes it’s already clean well it’s not bad, just try it all we have to do is try it on good luck not bootloop, the thing is the CPU Already replaced with the IC eMMC package just plug the LCD Mounted LCD in front the screw is under the LCD Well, if you want to change the connector how is charging You have to remove the LCD first ouch, ouch, the risk try to turn it on yes ALLOH, I hope the cellphone is on ALHAMDULILLAH your life maybe loading the problem blinked just now loading samsung great thank you to those who already support this channel thank you so much for watching continue to support this channel in a way SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, COMMENT so colleagues can continue to update the latest videos from this channel Thank you very much that’s the first video from me imei number already exists great that’s all already at length ….

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