Richard Osman’s House of Games – S03E55 (10 Jan 2020)

Richard Osman’s House of Games – S03E55 (10 Jan 2020)

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Hello, there. I’m Richard Osman. Welcome along to the final of this
week’s House of Games. It has been an absolutely wonderful
week. It’s been super competitive. It’s going to be super
competitive today as well. Let’s meet our players this week. They are Rose Matafeo. Rav Wilding. Valerie Singleton. And Gary Delaney. Welcome, welcome. Now, what an incredible
week we’ve had. And it is super, super close. We had two wins for Rose
and two wins for Gary Delaney. At the end of today,
one of them is going to take home this – let’s say –
extraordinary trophy. LAUGHTER Interesting fact about that trophy,
that trophy is where we get the word
catastrophe, it’s that exact trophy. Wow. Can you believe it?
It’s where that comes from. Gary Delaney, have you got what it
takes today? I don’t know. I’m nervous, yeah. It’s properly
tense. Genuinely tense. I go, “It’s a fun game, I’ll muck
about.” Then, “Oh, right.” Exactly. “I want to win and not look stupid.”
It all comes down to who wins today. Yeah. Rose, shall we take a little
look at the leaderboard? Love to. It’s double points Friday, so
it’s eight points for a win,
six for second, so on. And that’s all important, as there’s
one point between you and Gary. Rose, you have 14, Gary,
you have 13. Close. Rose, how are you feeling? Pumped?
Feeling terrified. I’m pumped. I don’t know whether or not
I crack under pressure or,
like, you know, excel under it. So you don’t know yet?
I don’t know yet. This is actually basically what
decides it. We’re about to find out. We’re about to find out,
on national television. Oh, my goodness. I cannot wait. Rav, you are wearing
the House of Games onesie. Yes. Which Gary won yesterday,
and has kindly donated to you. Yes, this is my donated sympathy
onesie that Gary gave me because I hadn’t won a prize,
as yet. And I don’t feel silly at all.
Which is great. He’s rocking it though, isn’t it?
You look so great. Very comfy, very comfortable. Hopefully that will
help my game plan. Val, shall we take
a look at today’s prizes, if you were to win today? Oh. There’s a deckchair, there’s the
House of Games sparkling wine. Wow. There’s the House of Games
cologne, House of Games slippers and the House of Games Richard Osman
action doll as well. Those are Friday’s prizes.
Val, what would you go for there? Well, I’m sorry about the action
doll, Richard, but I think it would have to
be the deckchair. That would be nice, wouldn’t it?
Lovely deckchair. Yeah. Great fun. Yeah, absolutely. But as you made very clear
yesterday, Val, your entire week has literally been about
getting to see Rav in a onesie. So you’re happy, right?
Absolutely, he looks wonderful. Let’s get on, shall we? We’re going
to find our champion for this week. Who is it going to be? We are
five rounds away from finding out. The first of those rounds
today is going to be… King of the Jumble.
In this round, fingers on buzzers. I will ask you two questions. The answers are anagrams
of each other, OK? So give me both of the answers,
please, to these questions… Gary? Toga and goat. Toga and goat.
Nice start from Gary Delaney. Well played. Next two questions, the
answers are anagrams of each other. Gary? Flower and Fowler. Is that right? Flower and Fowler. Nice start from Gary Delaney. The two questions. Who is this? Who on Earth is that?
Looks like a Russian. I mean, in a lot of ways,
you couldn’t be more wrong. Shall I tell you? Oh, Rose? Is that Regalo, or no? It is not, I’m afraid. KLAXON Anyone? Let’s take a look at the answer. Well done if you said that
one at home. Here is your… Don’t go to pieces. I’m already going to pieces,
Richard. This is happening. It’s a meltdown.
This is happening live. Answer me these, please. Yes? Steve Irwin. And? Interview. Yeah, we’ll accept that. Steve Irwin and interviews
is the right answer. APPLAUSE Here are your next two. And what’s the title of this song? ROCK AND ROLL MUSIC PLAYS Oh, that is Rose. Wow. The Twits and The Twist. The Twits and The Twist
is absolutely right. Well done. We didn’t hear
much of that song! That’s impressive. Rav and Val, are you enjoying
yourselves? Having a great time. It’s fun to watch them.
At least I’m comfortable. That’s the only reason you decided
to put a onesie on. If I’m going to have a rest. I’ll be
comfortable, let them fight it out. I’ve got a pillow from earlier
in the week, if you want that. Here are your next two,
what are the answers to these? Yes, Gary? Bono and Boon. Bono and Boon is right,
well done. APPLAUSE The next two. Yes, that is Rose. Poseidon and poisoned. Poseidon and poisoned. Wow. Blimey. I was trying to
do Neptune, but… Final question in this round. And who is this? No-one? Shall I tell you? Germany and Meg Ryan. Ah! How did none of us get that?
That was wild. Germany and Meg Ryan. Well done
if you got that one at home. Let’s take a look at the scores. One round down on
Friday’s House of Games. Who’s going to be our champion?
Here’s how we stand so far. Rav and Valerie are yet to
get off the mark. Rose and Gary are in the lead
with three points. How about that? So,
we cannot separate them thus far. Let’s have another little round,
shall we, see if we can? Our next round is… The Z-List. It’s a pairs game. The player in last place gets to
choose their partner. Valerie, it’s either you or Rav. Would you like to choose a partner,
or shall we get Rav to? Do you want to choose a partner?
Ladies first, Val. OK, can I choose Gary?
Choosing Gary? Absolutely. Stay where you are. Rav and Rose,
you are a team as well. R&R back together. One tablet out per pair, please.
Do you want to do the tablet? You do the tablet. OK. I am going to give you a category,
you are going to confer with your partner and write
down an answer in that category. The point will go to
whichever pair gives me the one that is
last in alphabetical order. I’ll give you a category, you
want to go as far down the alphabet
in that category as you can. If you get the last in alphabetical
order, you get two points. Here’s the first category. We want to go as far down as we can
in alphabetical order, first name is what we’re counting.
First name? Yeah. We need the whole name,
but in terms of alphabetical order. By first name? First name. So it’s… Oh. Have a little think at home. Rose and Rav, what have you said?
Well, I’m new to this country. So I’m not very au fait with this. But we’ve made a good, OK guess. OK. So, we’ve gone for Sir Mo Farah.
Mo Farah. I like that you say Sir Mo Farah,
in case we count the S. Exactly! Sir! You said Mo Farah. Valerie and Gary, who have you said? Neither of us great on sport,
but we’ve gone for Tim Henman. Tim Henman you’ve gone for. Now, if Tim Henman
is a correct answer, obviously that’s
further down the alphabet. Let’s see if Mo Farah is
a correct answer. It is. However, it will be beaten
by Tim Henman if Tim Henman is a correct answer. Is Tim Henman a correct answer? He is not, I’m afraid. The point
goes to Rose and Rav. APPLAUSE Now, you could score two points, if Mo Farah is the last
in alphabetical order. I suspect he’s not,
given that his name begins with M. Have you got a better one at home? The best possible answer you could
have given… ..Zara Phillips. Of course. Wow. Beginning with a Z, there. Very well done if you said
Zara Phillips, terrific answer. The next category is… There’s that one about water. This is the ceremonies held
from 2015 until 2019, inclusive. Was Zulu made before 2015? Or Zoolander? Was it nominated for Best Picture? We’re not using the word “the”,
by the way. OK, brilliant. Quite good on that one.
That’s a good answer. I’m struggling to get anything
better than that. It’s quite far down there. Everybody happy?
What have you got at home? Gary and Valerie, what are you
saying? We’ve got Shape of Water. Shape of Water. Interesting. And? Shape of Water. Shape of Water! Well, if it’s a correct answer,
I’m going to give you a point each. Is the Shape of Water a correct
answer? It is indeed. Nice. What was the best possible answer?
See if you’d got two points at home. The best possible answer you could
have given… Whiplash. Whiplash! Final category in this round. Oh, got it. What is the last
of those in alphabetical order? Oh, that’s good. Everyone seems a bit happier with
this one as a category. What have you
got at home for this one? So, US states beginning with
a constant. Rose and Rav, what have you
gone for? Wisconsin? Wisconsin. And Gary and Val? Wyoming, they’ve gone for. Is Wisconsin a correct answer?
It is. But if Wyoming is a correct answer,
the points go to Gary and Val. Wyoming? It is. You were going to go for it. It’s going to get worse,
surely that must be a two-pointer, that must be the last possible
answer you can give? Let’s take a look. Two points. Very nicely done, Val and Gary.
Very well played. It’s the end of that round. If you
put your tablets away, please. Very strong finish. Good round.
Very strong finish indeed. Let’s take a look at the scores
at the end of round two on our final
House of Games of the week. Rav, you have two.
Valerie, three. Rose, five. Gary, one point lead with six
points. Very close, still. Very, very close still. Three
rounds to go to decide our champion. Round three today is… This Round Is In Code. I’ll give you the answers to this
round, but they’re written in code. The code is a very simple one,
in that one equals A, two equals B, three equals
C, and so on. Down to 26 equals Z. Golly. OK, so I’ll show you a category,
I’ll give you some answers in that category, but
they are all written in that code. Fingers on buzzers, please. Plenty of points to
be won in this round. Your first category is… So these are all desserts.
They’re written in code. What is this first one, please? Rose? Banana split.
Is it banana split? Well in. It is, well done. Rose. Nicely played. The focus with which you said
the words banana split there was quite something. Imagine
if you ever ordered like that. “This girl really
wants her pudding.” Your next dessert is… That is Rav. Tiramisu? Is it tiramisu? Yes, it is. That is very, very good. Wow. How did you do that? I remembered that T was one more
than her S. Oh! Amazing. His brain works in a good way.
Very nicely done. Next dessert. Rose? Rum baba. Let’s take a look. Rum baba is the correct answer. Well done. APPLAUSE Next category… The answers are all rivers,
but they’re in code. What are these rivers, please? Gary? Zambezi? Is it the Zambezi? Absolutely right, well done. APPLAUSE Getting his eye in now. Next river. Gary? Danube. Danube? It’s correct, well played. Next river. That is Rav. Mississippi. Is that right? Mississippi is the right answer.
Nicely played. Next category. Wind instruments. What are these, please? Rose? Oh! Oh, oboe? Is it o-o-oboe? It is o-o-oboe. Well done. That’s the secret agent of wind
instruments. O-O-Oboe. Licensed to trill. Your next wind instrument. Yes, Rose? Actually, no,
I’ve messed this up. Okey dokey. Yep.
We’ll time you out. Yep. Yes, Rav? Bagpipe? Is it bagpipe? Yeah, bagpipes.
I’ll give you that. Well done. I was thinking bassoon.
Bassoon, immediately. I saw BA at the front of it. Final question in this round, what
is this wind instrument, please? Yes, Gary? Didgeridoo. Is it? Yes, well played. Very nicely done. That’s the end of that round. Let’s look at the scores
at the end of round three on Friday’s House of Games. Where do we stand here?
Valerie, three. Rab, five. One point between you.
Rose, you have eight. Gary, you have nine points. You’ve got two rounds to go. Round four today is going to be… The Nice Round. Essentially, I’m going to
ask you all to guess a person. And the way you’re going to
do it is I’m going to show the name of that person
to your three competitors. They are all going to write
a one-word clue on their tablets as to who
that person might be. If you get it right,
you score yourself a point, but you also give a point to the
person who gives you the best clue. Rose, you’re going to be the first
person to guess a person. I’m going to give the name of that
person to your three competitors. Rav, Valerie and Gary, you’re going
to see the same name on this card. Write down a one-word clue to try and help Rose guess who you’re
reading on that card. So, you’re going
to hear three words, Rose. Hopefully it will lead you to the
name of a person. Rav, what is the first
word for Rose? Egyptian. Egyptian. Egyptian is your first word. Val? Reptile. Reptile, interesting. And Gary? Antony. Antony? So, Egyptian, reptile, Antony. They should lead you to a person.
Rose, who do you think it is? Cleopatra? Is it Cleopatra? It is Cleopatra. Very well done. Point to Rose. Who would you like to
give a point to? What’s the best clue there? Quite honestly, without Antony,
I wouldn’t have known it was Cleopatra, but without Egyptian,
I would not have known that. That’s true. So maybe… Ahhh. I would jump in if I thought you
were being outrageous. If you just had reptile and Antony,
you probably wouldn’t get it. Yeah. I suspect Gary won’t give
you a point. Listen, it’s the end
of a very tense week. So you’re going to give
a point to Rav? Yes. Rav gets a point for Egyptian.
Thank you very much. Very well done. Rav, it’s now your turn to
guess a person. Your three opponents are all going
to write down one word. It should lead you to the
name of a person. A point if you get it right, and you give a point to the person
with the best clue. Everyone writing down a word?
To help Rav, hopefully help Rav. It would be nice, folks. It would
be nice, wouldn’t it? OK, everyone is locked in.
Rav, you’re going to see three words that should lead
you to the identity of a person.
Val, what is Rav’s first word? Revolution. Revolution, says Val. Gary? Guillotine. Guillotine, but with the correct
French pronunciation. Very impressive, Gary. “Guillotine.” And Rose? French. French. So, I mean…
French. Revolution. Guillotine. Napoleon?
Rose, is it Napoleon? No. It is not, I’m afraid. No idea. What was the answer?
Marie Antoinette. Marie Antoinette was
the correct answer. Would any of those have helped you?
No. Would cake have helped? The words “Mary Antoinette”
may have helped. I think we were all going to go with
cake and changed it. We were all going to write cake.
No idea who this person is. He would have said Mary Berry then.
Exactly. Which would have been a really harsh
ending. That would be harsh. So, no points.
I wouldn’t have known, no idea. Val, you’ve got to guess
a person now. And you’ll guess it from the clues
given by your three opponents. We’ll show them
the name of a person now. These bits of card are great.
They’ve got little magnets in them. Not a peep. You know, Valerie, I genuinely
wouldn’t put it past you, of all the players. I wouldn’t put it past you. I’m not
that sort of a person. How dare you. You’ve done very
well this week. I think you’ve won yourself a prize and seen Rav in a onesie, without
winning a game. That’s quite enough for me.
I don’t need to take a peep at this. Literally no clue. I mean, even
writing down a gender perhaps. I think I might have to do.
I can’t use the name. Yeah, that’s where we went wrong.
With Marie Antoinette. Because we didn’t say female. OK, everyone’s in. Valerie, you’ve
got to guess the name of a person. You’ve got three words to help you.
Gary, what’s the first word? Frankenstein. Frankenstein? Rose, what are you saying?
Frankenstein. Frankenstein, says Rose. And Rav? Female. Well, it’s obviously the woman who
wrote it, which is Mary… Mary, Mary, Mary, I’ve gone
blank on her surname. Come on, Valerie,
this would be great. I’ve forgotten her surname. You’re going to kick yourself.
I know, of course I am. They were only talking about this
on the radio the other day. Come on. Mary Shelley. Yay! There we go. Valerie Singleton, ladies
and gentlemen, Valerie Singleton. Very nice. The tension you built up!
That was amazing. I was just about to call it.
Very good. Well done. That’s a pro. Now, who would
you like to give a point to? It has to be the two Frankensteins.
OK, point each to Gary and Rose. Very well done. APPLAUSE Gary, your chance to get
yourself a point here. OK. Your opponents are going to write
down a word to help you identify… I can’t wait. ..this person.
I can’t wait. This is for me, isn’t it? OK, everyone’s in. Rose,
what is the first word? I’ve gone for peace. I was going to go… Yeah, nice.
Peace, says Rose. Rav, what have you said? I really hope this is right,
otherwise I’ll be so embarrassed. I’ve said India. India. And Val? So did I. India, India and peace. Gary, what do you think? Mahatma Ghandi. Yes, well done.
Is it Mahatma Ghandi? Very well done.
It is Mahatma Ghandi. APPLAUSE Listen, I know who I’d give
a point to here. Who would you like to give a point
to? You know the honest answer? I got it on peace. Don’t, Gary.
I mean, this guy. What a class act he is.
Gary, you give a point to Rose. What a lovely way to play the game. It would be a lie. Yeah, yeah. Got to do it.
I did, it was a really good clue. That’s beautiful to watch.
That’s beautiful, I’m tearing up. I reserve the right to change my
mind later on. Tablets away, please. Shall we take a look at the scores
leading into our final round? It has been so close all week. One round away from
finding our winner. I mean, I mean look at that! Can I change my mind?
India swung it for me. Rav’s got that. You’ve had your chance, Gary.
Spoon-fed you that one. Rose and Gary, 11 points each. One of you is going to win
today’s show, and that person is going to win
our trophy. Who is it going to be? It all comes
down to our final round. Our final round,
for the final time is… Answer Smash. Here we go. Fingers on buzzers, everybody. I’ll show you a category, there will
be a picture, a clue underneath. Smash them together. Buzz in. Give me a correct answer, you’ll
score a point. Incorrect answer will cost
you a point, which could be absolutely
vital at this stage. For two of us. Exactly. Val, Rav, me, let’s enjoy this.
Sit back and enjoy it. Gary, Rose, very best of luck.
It’s been so close all week. Too sweaty, got to keep wiping my
hands. I know. Between you. Here we go, your
first category is… TV presenters. Those will be the
pictures, clues underneath. Fingers on buzzers,
what is the answer to this? In geometry, what name is given to
a 10 sided shape? Yes, that is Rose. Ant and Decagon?
Is it Ant and Decagon? Ant and Decagon. Well done. Next picture, and next clue. Gary?
Claudia Winkleman of Steel. Claudia Winkleman of Steel is
the right answer. Just beating Rose to the buzzer. Claudia Winkleman, Man of Steel. Next presenter, next clue. Rav? Greg James
and the Giant Peach. Greg James and the Giant Peach says
Rav, and he’s absolutely right. Greg James, James and the Giant
Peach. Your next category is… Those will be the pictures.
There will be clues underneath. Here is your first one. Yes, Gary? Dingo-Gos?
Is it Dingo-Gos? It is.
Just ahead of Rose again, there. Next picture, next clue. Yes, that is Rose. Possum Summer Bay. Is it Possum Summer Bay? It’s not. You have to smash
the answers together. Rav? Possummer Bay. Possummer Bay. Is the answer.
So close. Oh! Oh, no! You know how we’ve done it all week. Yeah. Possum Bay. You lose points,
I’m afraid. Yeah, that’s fine. I’m fine with that. Yeah, I’m fine.
Yeah, it’s cool. It’s awesome. That’s quite a way to lose. Uh-huh! Not that you’ve lost. Here is your next Australian
wildlife, and your next clue. Yes, that is Rose. PlatyPuss in Boots.
Is it PlatyPuss in Boots? Oh, that’s good. It is PlatyPuss in Boots. Next category is… Those will be the pictures,
clues underneath. Fingers on buzzers, everybody.
What is the answer to this? Yes, that is Rav. Winston Churchillout. Is it Winston Churchillout? It is not, I’m afraid. Rose? Winston Churchillax?
Is it Winston Churchillax? It is Winston Churchillax. Winston Churchill and chillax. Next politician, next clue. Gary? Paddy AshDown Under. Paddy Ashdown and Down Under. Next politician. KLAXON No more politicians, we’re
done with politicians. Well… We haven’t been able to
separate you all week. Rose, you gave away a point there,
halfway through, but
you scored pretty well. Who has won today’s House of Games? The winner is… Gary Delaney by one point! Gary. By one point. Gary. Amazing. I didn’t think – I thought
that was a dead heat. That was like a crazy end to…
To a crazy week. To a crazy week, guys. We should have heart rate monitors
next time. Honestly. Exactly right. Shall we do best out of three? Are you around for the next
two weeks? Absolutely. Gary, let’s do the small
business of what prize you would like for Friday’s
House of Games. OK. Everyone’s had a prize, so I can
keep this one now. You can indeed. The cologne could be great, Gary. It’s not. No? All right. I mean, goodness me. I have a room in my house
called the Zombie Room, which is full of horror memorabilia. Oh, my goodness. I think a Richard Osman doll might
take quite a nice place among Michonne
and other famous zombies. I might have to put some undead
make-up on you. Beautiful. You’d be so welcome. But I am going to take
the Richard Osman doll, and it will go in the zombie room.
Very well done. That is of minor
importance of course. Here we go, our champion on House
of Games this week, Mr Gary Delaney, by one point. Pass that along to Gary.
Look at that. Rav got 13, Valerie got seven
Rose, one point off. Look at that, with
Richard on the front. That is… Gary, congratulations. APPLAUSE Gary, are you chuffed? My wife has many more
awards than me, but this will be the one that
counts. Look at that. It’s been such a competitive week,
it’s been an absolute pleasure watching the two of you duke it out. But for all four of you, it’s been
just a joy from start to finish. Thank you so much for playing
House of Games. Everyone got a prize.
It was lovely. Thank you. Had a lovely time.
Thank you so much for joining
me, an absolute pleasure. Thank you for joining me
as well on the House of Games. APPLAUSE Genuinely honoured. Thank you.

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