Richard Osman’s House of Games: Champions – S03E92 (03 Mar 2020)

Richard Osman’s House of Games: Champions – S03E92 (03 Mar 2020)

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Hello, everybody. I’m Richard Osman.
Welcome along to House Of Games. Not just any old House Of Games,
a special one. You see the gold trim
on my chair here, that’s because we’re having a
champions’ week and someone at the end of the week is walking
away with a golden trophy. All former winners. Who are our players?
They are Chizzy Akudolu… ..Miles Jupp… ..Ellie Taylor… ..and Amol Rajan.
Welcome. Welcome, everybody. Very, very close show yesterday,
Chizzy. Everyone was within a
few points of each other. What can we do today
to make this Chizzy’s day? Maybe answer the questions.
Such a good idea. If you answer them
and answer them correctly. Yes. And don’t put things
like “yesterday” down. What was I thinking, “yesterday”?
That was bad, yeah. Miles, welcome.
What a start to the week. You’re already a champion,
you won Monday. Yeah. Took home a lovely dressing gown.
I did, yeah. Just literally slipped out of it. LAUGHTER Ellie… Ellie, finally
someone’s worn a tiara. I ask and ask and ask and
nobody ever will. Here you are. Now, it would be a lovely day,
given you’ve dressed up for us so nicely, for you to win a prize. Shall we take a little look at
the prizes on offer? Please! Today, you could be walking home
with one of these golden prizes. There’s the cushion, there’s
the sunglasses, the scented candle, there are the golden driving gloves,
and also a cut-glass decanter. Ellie, what do you think you’d go
for? I think I would go for the scented candle
and then peel off the sticker. Listen, that’s very honest of you. Most people wouldn’t have
the guts to say it. Hey, I’m here to tell the truth.
Exactly right. Amol, how lovely to have you here. Shall we take a little look
at the weekly leaderboard? Very strong finish yesterday. But you take just one point through
after finishing fourth yesterday. Ellie and Chizzy have three, Miles
has four. A win today, I think? Yeah, and I’d like to win today,
for sure. I mean, yesterday,
I really enjoyed it but it taught me the importance of small margins
because if I hadn’t said “cappuccintoe” and said “coffeet”,
I might have been in second place. The key with that is if you got
all the questions right all the way through, you’d have
won by an absolute canter. I know, I know. I’m learning,
I’m learning. Listen, it was very close yesterday. There was some good quizzing as
well. So, shall we have another one? ALL: Yes! Let’s see who’s going
to win Tuesday’s House Of Games House of Champions.
Our first round is… Now, I’m going to ask you some
questions on the buzzer. Buzz in, give me the correct answer,
but you have to give the answer in the past tense.
Here’s your first question. Fingers on buzzers, please. BUZZER
Yes, Amol? Big Broke? Big Broke. There we go, you see?
Big Break, Big Broke. Well done! Here’s your next question. BUZZER Yes, Chizzy? Sued Perkins. Sued Perkins, how about that? Next question. BUZZER
Yes, that is Miles. Kitchen sunk. Kitchen sunk. You’re right. Kitchen sink becomes kitchen sunk.
Well done. It’s hard. Next question… What is the title
of this song, please? # Wasn’t it good… # BUZZER Uh-oh. Yes, Chizzy? Isn’t It Good? Not, I’m afraid. Miles.
I Knew Him So Well. It is I Knew Him So Well from
I Know Him So Well. Well done. Next question. BUZZER Yes, Miles? Mashed. Mash to mashed. Well done. Next question. Who is this? BUZZER Yes, Miles? Roger Watered. Roger Waters becomes Roger Watered. Final question in this round. BUZZER Yes. That is Chizzy. Greased. Greased surely is the answer. There
we go. Greased. I hate this round. She’s quite right.
Didn’t get anything! A good round for Miles, though.
Listen, if it’s going to be a tough round, you might as well
make the most of it. Let’s take a look at the scores.
Miles won on Monday and he’s got an early lead today as well.
Four points for Miles. Chizzy two, Amol, you have one,
Ellie yet to get off the mark… Embarrassing. ..which
I think is understandable. The tiara of doom is not helping. LAUGHTER Round two today is… It is a pair’s game. The player in
last place gets to choose a partner. Ellie, you are yet to get off
the mark, you get to choose a partner today. Yesterday,
you chose Miles… Yeah. ..which seemed to go OK.
Who would you like to choose today? I’m going to do it again
cos I’m not an idiot. You are choosing Miles. So, Amol and Miles,
if you would swap places, please. Good luck, Miles.
Thank you. Likewise. Amol and Chizzy are a team,
Ellie and Miles are a team. AMOL: We’re going to do it. This is
how we play The Two Wrongies. Now, before the show, we asked
you a series of questions, OK? I’m now going to show you a question
that your partner got wrong. What you have to do is not
get it right, you have to predict the
wrong answer your partner gave. And, if you do, I’m going
to give you a point. That’s why we call it
The Two Wrongies. Chizzy, before the show,
we asked Amol this. Now, Amol gave us
an incorrect answer. If you can match the incorrect
answer Amol gave us, you get a point.
I know the right answer. What do you think the right answer
is? Angels, right? Don’t know. Am I allowed to look at his face?
Nope. Nope. I think he said Rock DJ. OK, let’s take a look,
what did Amol say? You would’ve given the same wrong
answer if you’d gone with Angels. Is it wrong?!
Freedom was his first… It was dangerous cos I thought
everyone would think that’s a Robbie Williams song. Ellie, we asked Miles some
questions before the show. I’m going to show you
one that he got wrong. Can you get the same wrong
answer that Miles got? What do you think at home
on this one? I’ve got it down to three. Oh, great! So, it’s Saturn,
Neptune or… ..Jupiter. I’m going to say… ..Saturn. So, you say Saturn. Let’s take a look at the answer
that Miles gave. Agh! Jupiter! That’s a shame. It’s the biggest orbit rather than
the biggest spin. That is a shame. It’s a wrong answer,
don’t forget, Amol. The actual correct answer was… Venus? ..Venus. We didn’t get anywhere near it. So, thus far, we are not predicting
our partners’ wrong answers well. Amol, Chizzy gave an incorrect
answer to this question when we asked her before the show. Well, Chizzy was open in
yesterday’s game about basically the monarchy, where, like me,
she doesn’t feel an expert in it, so I think she would have
gone for a famous king. Which I reckon maybe lends itself
to Henry VIII or Charles I. And so, I’m just going to say one
of those, which is going to be… ..Henry VIII. Henry VIII. Let’s see, what wrong answer
did Chizzy give to this? Henry VIII. Two wrong ‘uns
make a right. Well done. I think I would have
gone for that as well. Let’s find out, the correct answer
to that question is… ..George III.
Learn something new every day. Very well played,
two wrongies make a righty. Miles, before the show we asked
Ellie a series of questions, she got lots of them right,
but here’s one she got wrong. Somebody like… ..Albert Einstein? No? Is that what you’re going
to say? She’s being very good. I’m just hiding my reaction. Why are
you hiding your reaction? Because… Because it’s cheating, Miles. Yes,
I don’t want to give anything away. Oh, sorry, yes,
it hadn’t occurred to me. I’m going to go with
Albert Einstein. So, just going for
a famous scientist? What do you think at home?
What wrong answer did Ellie give? Here’s the wrong answer
that Ellie gave. Oh… Very nice. Well played,
beautifully done. Wow, wow. The correct answer was… Marie Curie was the correct answer.
Well done, Marie Curie. First woman to ever win one at all,
and… Were they both for science? They were, absolutely.
Physics and chemistry. She also did biology
and further maths. LAUGHTER She didn’t get
a Nobel Prize for them. Chizzy, Amol got this wrong
before the show. How did he get it wrong, please? Well, I’m going to say… I’m going to go for
an obvious answer. I’m going to say London. I think that’s what I
would’ve said maybe as well. Let’s see. Amol gave us
a wrong answer. Which answer did Amol give us? Oh, mate, Bristol? Bristol? What was the correct answer? London. Must be, surely. Oxford! Wow! Wow, there you go. Ellie, Miles gave us an incorrect
answer to this. Which incorrect answer
did he give us? I know Harry Kane,
but he’s really recent, so he hasn’t been around
long enough to score loads. What about someone
from the olden days? Like… But then all I’ve got is,
like, Harry Kane or Bobby Moore. There’s nothing in between. You’d think that,
but they only played in the same side once, I think. ELLIE LAUGHS I’m thinking it right now.
Are you? Yeah. Who’s very good at the goal? That’s the question, isn’t it? Michael Owen scored some goals once,
I remember that. Gary Lineker, he likes football.
He did when he was young. Are you going to choose
one of those names? I’m going to… SHE WHINES Bobby Moore, I don’t know! Bobby
Moore, of all the names you said, I think that’s probably the worst
one… Oh, well, I don’t mean that one, then! But Miles might
have said the same thing. So, you’re saying Bobby Moore.
Miles gave as an incorrect answer. What was Miles’ incorrect answer? Oh, I said Gary Lineker! As soon as you said it, I thought,
“I bet that’s who he said. I bet.” Wayne Rooney was the correct answer. But Gary Lineker, very good wrong
answer there from Miles. Amol, we asked Chizzy this question,
she got it wrong. How did she get it wrong? I don’t think eruption,
I don’t think she said Pompeii. So, I think she would have gone
for an outlandishly… ..oomphy city, which is either Rome… She’s not going to say Naples,
she’s not going to say Florence… Would she have said Florence, or…? I think she might
have said Rome. Rome? Let’s take a look at Chizzy’s
wrong answer. Was it Rome? Venice? I was going to say Rome. Naples was the correct answer.
Naples? Naples is the correct answer.
That’s unlucky. Final question in this round. Miles, Ellie gave us
an incorrect answer to this. Something like… know… Like, it’ll be a big, big… Something like Titanic,
or something like that, would be the sort of… Maybe that is the highest grossing
film of all time. I need to be wrong to be right,
don’t I? You need to be wrong to be right.
I’m going to go for Titanic. You’re going to go for Titanic,
so, if Ellie got it wrong, how did Ellie get it wrong?
Did she say Titanic? Beautiful end to the round! Yes, Miles! So, what is
the highest grossing…? Well done if you said that
at home as well, Titanic. The correct answer…
Is it Gone With The Wind? Gone With The Wind, Chizzy,
yeah, absolutely. Amol, Miles, if you go back
to your original places, please. Well done, mate. Well played,
everybody. Hi, Chizzy. It’s nice to have you back.
Thank you. That is the end of round two. Let’s take a look at what it’s
done to the scores, shall we? Miles had a nice little lead early
on, he’s still got a lead as well. Ellie and Amol, you have two each.
Chizzy, three. Miles, three points in the lead,
six points, well played. APPLAUSE Can we catch him? Round three is going to be our first
opportunity, and round three is… Before I tell you how to play
the game, you’ve played it already, the four of you, let’s take a look
at what The Elephant In The Room is. It is bin. Bin. I’m going
to ask you some questions. If the word bin appears anywhere
in any of the words of the answer, you have to leave it out, please.
Here’s your first question. Fingers on buzzers, please. Buzz in, give me the answers,
but without saying the word bin, if you would.
MILES LAUGHS BUZZER Yes, Ellie? Go. Go is the correct answer, well done.
“Bingo” becomes “go”. Next question. Don’t say bin. BUZZER
Yes, Miles? Juliette oche. It is Juliette oche. I thought it was double N so I thought it was Juliet Noche. THEY TALK OVER EACH OTHER Next question. # Pretty little raven
at the bird-band stand # Told them how to do the bob
and it was grand # They started going steady
and bless my soul # He out-bopped the buzzard
and the oriole # He rocks in the tree tops… # BUZZER
Oh, Miles. Rockin’ Little Ro. It’s not Rockin’ Little Ro,
I’m afraid. BUZZER Chizzy. Rockin’ Ro. Rockin’ Ro, absolutely right,
from Rockin’ Robin. Rockin’ Ro. Let’s take a look
at your next question, fingers on buzzers, please. BUZZER Yes, Amol? Oh, my God, it’s gone. I’m so sorry, if you buzz in,
you have to give me an answer. I don’t know. Anybody else?
Yes, Miles? Mr gley? It is. Mr Bingley becomes Mr gley. Next question. No-one? Let’s have a little look. Love Is In The… Love Is In The Bin. Next question. BUZZER Yes, that is Ellie. g Crosby. It is g Crosby, well done. Bing Crosby becomes g Crosby. Nicely played, Ellie. Next question. BUZZER Yes, Amol? Haemoglo. Well played,
haemoglobin becomes haemoglo. Nicely played, Amol.
Next question. GUITAR INTRO BUZZER Yes, Miles? Mrs Roson. It is Mrs Roson, well done.
Well played, Miles. Mrs Robinson becomes Mrs Roson. Final question, and then we’ll
all be allowed to say bin again, which will be a massive relief. BUZZER Yes, Miles? Oculars. Of course it is. Binoculars becomes
oculars. Of course it is! You are really good
at not saying bin. Did you know how good
you were at that? No, but I’m going to try and use
this as a force for good. Every Wednesday,
with your wife, just say, “I’m just going to take the…out.”
Yes. Beautiful. That is the end of that round, and it was a very,
very good round for Miles. He’s already won one show, he’s
well on his way to winning this one. Let’s take a look at the scores. Miles has got himself a
six-point lead! Oh, my gosh! It’s embarrassing. I am embarrassed. Four for Chizzy and Ellie,
three for Amol. But Miles miles in front.
Two rounds to go. Round four. I really need to…
We need to sort of step up. I mean, we just need to step up. If you put all of your scores
together, you are beating him by one point,
if that helps. Oh, we’re awful. Here’s round four,
and it’s going to be… This is played on the tablets,
please. Take out your tablets. I’m going to show you a series
of pictures. I’m going to ask you to put your finger
on a correct answer. OK? Your first picture is this. So, there’s the picture and I would
like you to point to, please… A Brownlee brother. I don’t think it’s going
to be quite as easy as that. Oh. I mean, it’s going to be 50-50. I wonder if you can put your finger
on Jonathan Brownlee, please, that’s the Brownlee brothers. I mean, they’re very famous… CHIZZY: Yeah, but which one’s which?
..but which is which? SHE BREATHES OUT HEAVILY What’s the other one called?
He’s also called Jonathan. I think it’s Alistair,
the other one. Chizzy, let’s see where you’ve gone. You’ve gone Brownlee B,
I’m going to call him for now. Miles, where have you gone? Ellie? Brownlee A. And, Amol? Brownlee A as well. So, tossing a coin,
who has got a point, who hasn’t? Which one is Jonathan? CHEERING A point for Amol and Ellie,
well done. That is Jonathan. Big fan of the Brownlees. Big fan. Next picture. Oh. OK. And I wonder
if you could put your finger on… Oh, mate… I mean… This very much feels
like a one in six chance. If you know your yoga, I suspect… might know this one. Miles, are you a big yoga fan? I have done, more Pilates cos
I’ve got hypermobility, but… All right. All right, show off. Some of those things I do without knowing they’re yoga, it turns out. Like the sixth one you do a lot. MILES LAUGHS It’s just something I do
when I’m clearing my mind. Exactly. You know sometimes you cannot catch a waiter’s eye. LAUGHTER Miles, where have you put
your finger? Let’s take a look. OK, I mean, who knows?
Might as well be. Ellie, where have you gone? There you go. I thought
that was a Miles Jupp. But you could be right. Amol, let’s take a look
where you put your finger. Same one as Ellie. Worked nicely
last time, didn’t it? And, Chizzy, let’s see yours. You’ve broken from the pack.
Let’s take a look, which of those is the Bhujangasana? Oh! We call it the Cobra Pose
as well but it is the Bhujangasana. Very well done if you knew
that at home, terrific work. No points for anyone here but your
last picture in this round is this. I wonder if you can put
your finger on, please… The stigma is what
we’re looking for. What do you think at home,
if you know your flowers? Ellie, let’s take a look
at where you’ve gone. That’s like the bit on the end
of the bit that’s coming out. Dingley bit. Yeah,
the dingley bit. Exactly. Amol, you’re agreeing
or disagreeing? In the middle of the flower there. Nicely camouflaged. Chizzy, where are you? Same place as Ellie. Miles, where have you gone? Oh, rats. Same as Amol. OK, we have a split.
Let’s take a look. Where is the stigma
and has anybody scored a point? Chizzy and Ellie score a point,
very nicely done. Put your tablets away, please,
lovely end to the round there. Have you pulled back anyone, Miles?
Let’s find out. A little bit. Amol, you have four.
Chizzy, five. Ellie, six. A four-point lead, Miles Jupp,
leading into the final round. Take that with you
any day of the week. Miles won on Monday,
is he going to win on Tuesday? We’ll find out in our final round,
which is… As always, there’ll be a picture,
a clue underneath it, smash them together, please.
Fingers on buzzers, point for a correct answer,
point off for an incorrect answer. Your first category is… Here is your first one. BUZZER Amol? Billy Kings Of Leon? It’s incorrect, I’m afraid. BUZZER
Miles. Billie Jean Kings Of Leon? Billie Jean King and Kings Of Leon. I just decided to
leave her middle name out. Because she’s famously
known as Billie King, isn’t she? For many years. Oh, man! Here’s your next tennis player
and your next clue. BUZZER Yes, that is Ellie. Martina… ..Navratiovaltine. I can’t give you… WHY?!
You’re missing out some letters. Martina Navratiovaltine!
I’m so sorry. THEY SMASH BUZZERS This is a sham! BUZZER Amol.
Martina Navrati-LOVAL-tine. Martina Navratilovaltine. No L from you, Ellie, I’m so sorry. I’m furious!
Martina Navratilovaltine. Next tennis player. BUZZER Yes, Amol. Andy Roddick van Dyke. Andy Roddick van Dyke,
well played, nicely done. Thank you for using the middle
name Van there as well. I was going to say! Next category. BUZZER Yes, Ellie? Tza… Kazikikid… WHISPERS TO SELF: Kiki Dee. Kaziki… Taziki Dee. Listen, I can’t. It’s not even…
WHAT?! I’m so sorry. BUZZER
Yes, Miles? Tzatzikiki Dee. Tzatzikiki Dee is the right answer. That’s what I said.
That is basically what… You approximated it in so many ways. It’s just my accent. Er… Yeah. I’m dazzled by the tiara,
that’s what it is. When you watch this back, I think you’ll have some
sympathy for my view. No. But I couldn’t give you
the point. OK. Next Greek food. BUZZER Yes, that is Miles. Moussakazoo. It is moussaka and kazoo.
Moussakazoo. Next Greek food. BUZZER Yes, Miles? Fetaron Egerton? It is, well done.
Feta and Taron Egerton. Fetaron Egerton. Next category… HOOTER BLOWS Well… You’ve interrupted
my buzzing game there. The question is, did we catch Miles? Or did he win by miles? Ellie, I’m very sorry
because you lost points there, because it was just… It was too… I just couldn’t,
but thank you for buzzing. Who’s won, I wonder, on Tuesday?
I wonder! Miles was winning,
leading into that. You got 19 correct answers
in that final round. LAUGHTER Let’s take a look,
shall we, at the final scores? I mean, that’s a pretty big win,
you’ve got to say. 14 points for Miles. Oh, wow! Five for Chizzy and Amol,
four for Ellie. Miles, you got as many as everyone
else put together, which is not often in the final
round because Ellie lost a couple of points there as well.
Miles, you’ve won yourself a prize. You won a House Of Games
golden dressing gown yesterday. What would you like
to take home today? Lovely cut-glass decanter, scented
candle, the golden driving gloves. I’m going to go… I mean, who wouldn’t want
any of those things? It’s quite a haul. The scale of it,
how big is the pillow? Is it the size of your actual head? It’s about twice the size
of a cut-glass decanter. Yeah, yeah, right, now I’m with you. I will take the decanter. Oh, Miles Jupp takes home the golden
House Of Games decanter. Well played, Miles. Let’s take a look at our
weekly leaderboard as well. Looking very nice for you, Miles. Amol and Ellie
are four points each, Chizzy in second place with
six points, Miles has eight. Two wins in a row for Miles, although it was pretty close
leading up to that final round. Can we catch him tomorrow?
We’ll find out, but I will see you all here
tomorrow, same time, same place. We’ll see you as well, same time,
same place on the House Of Games. It’s actually…
It’s genuinely etched. Most of the prizes you can just
pull the sticker off, but… No, I’ve made a mistake there! LAUGHTER

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