Question: Should I get a Computer Science Degree from University of the People?

Question: Should I get a Computer Science Degree from University of the People?

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so this question comes from Silas I have a question I want to ask your opinion about an online university in the United States known as university of the People I'm a Pakistani citizen and I work as a salesman in Oman I really wanted to get a degree in computer science and the best way for me to do it is the online program for university to people I so I want to know if you have any information about this University so this is one of those kind of questions that I get a lot of the time and I realize no matter how I answer this question you really already have the answer you want right because really in this question the the thing that should be capitalized and undersized underlined and italicize and bolded is I want to get a degree in computer science and the best way for me to do it is the program from University of the People so realistically the decision has already been made the decision has already been made and and there you go no matter what I say you pretty much know what you want to do this is an important thing to understand life you know whenever you go out and you look for advice from from mentors or whatever is so many times we already have the answer to our question in our head and then for some reason we still go out there and we we ask these questions even though we already know exactly what we're going to do and so a lot of times you can save yourself a lot of pain and frustration simply by doing whatever it is you want to do if you've already made your decision go with yours decision and go with it but I want to talk about University of the people for a minute because it does seem like an interesting program it is definitely not at the top of my list not anywhere near the top of my list but I also would not write it off it fits in one of those weird areas and Eli the computer guy land where it's like it's not the top of the list it's not written off it's kind of one of those niche things if you if your life is within a certain set of circumstances it may be the best thing for you but if it's outside those set of circumstances it could be absolutely horrible so with university of the people the interesting thing with this is that this is what is called a tuition free university so the idea is you don't pay any tuition for classes you don't pay let ik fees you don't pay a per credit fee you don't pay a person semester fee it is tuition free now I want you to be careful uh if I've taught you guys anything it is always to listen to what the hell people are saying not what you think they're saying what they are saying and if you heard what I said I said is a tuition free university tuition free not free not free tuition free so basically how they make their money then is whenever you sign up to become part of the program you pay a $50 application fee not too bad but then you pay $100 per class testing fee so whenever you get done with one of their classes there are three credit credit hour classes or whatnot you pay $100 fee in order to get tested and for them to give you a gold star now the thing to realize you know you're sitting there and going and at first I was like oh that's not too bad a hundred bucks per test no big deal but then it's been awhile since I went to university and then I started thinking about it's like well universities 120 credit hours that comes out to 40 classes 43 credit hour classes so if you have to pay a hundred dollars per class to test then that comes out to like $4,000 and testing fees yeah if I'm doing my math right it comes out to about four thousand dollars in testing fees plus a fifty dollar application fee um so it is definitely not free by any stretch of the imagination now you look at $4,000 it's up to your bank account whether that seems high or low for me that's a drop in the bucket won't even think twice about it here's a check done but again if you're in Pakistan or India or some of these other places four thousand dollars for some people maybe a year's salary and not being sarcastic they're a really maybe so that is one thing to look at whenever whatever you're looking these programs is make sure one that you know what they are actually saying you know whenever they're saying it and then see if that actually fits into your bank account make sure you do all the math because $4,000 is definitely not free now let's go over to the computer and we can kind of take a look at this so you know I was taking a look around on the university of the people website and so basically this is a tuition free online university so it's all online and again you don't pay any tuition other than the four thousand dollars for testing fees go in here you can take a look at the information and basically what they do is they do online courses from what I can gather they put you into cohorts of 20 or 30 people and they kind of Shepherd you through with whatever kind of online program they have now with this the important thing to look at whenever you're looking at universities is what the hell is their accreditation this is one of the biggest problems I have especially with a lot of third-world viewers is you guys go after every University that the US will throw at you and don't really think about the quality of the university right universities and all the same quality right so what accreditation agencies do is accreditation agencies actually accredit the university to say that the university is living up to a certain set of standards so here in the United States there's generally six widely known accrediting agencies that are for different regions of the United States so here in the Baltimore area we're under like the mid-atlantic whatever higher education but then there's like the Northeast and there's a southeast and there's six major ones this is this is accredited under the distance education and training council to be honest with you I have no idea so it is accredited they did go through the trouble of getting it accredited whether this accrediting body matters I can't tell you so that's one thing you need to do the research not only do you need to research the University but then when it says things like it's accredited you then need to look into the accrediting agencies and make sure if the accrediting agencies are worth a darn and again with the det C I can't tell you I ain't even go near that one but just be careful when you're looking at that so beyond that you know we look at the programs we go over here to admissions and we go over here to academics we can see there are different programs so these programs basically they seem to only have to at this point in time they have Business Administration in computer science if you click on the computer science you can see all the different stuff we can go down take a look at the course catalog and from the course catalog it looks very University ish you know we can open this up and see what they have it said so overall I mean you know you know if you don't have a life if all you've gots four thousand dollars and you need to do an online program definitely it seems like it will you know it's it's interesting now there's a couple of things again like I would say to be careful about whenever gonna be looking at these online programs is the first one is the question I have is can you actually do an online program a lot of people sign up for online programs because you know it's great it's inexpensive I can do it from home I can do it on my own time what is not to love about this except for the fact that most people know 90 percent of population don't have enough discipline to actually do that so although it looks really good on paper they don't actually end up doing it so the first thing to worry about whenever you gonna be doing self Education self-training online training any that kind of stuff is simply do you have the discipline I don't I don't can I be honest with you I don't I've done those online and I had to do a couple of telecourses back in the day before we had online courses and those were miserable like I actually had to finish like two for my college degree just how things lined up I had to do them and those were about the most miserable courses I ever went through in my life because I had to get them done but I suck at a telecommuting or Telecom for whatever that has telecourses so that is one thing to keep in mind the other thing to keep in mind whenever you're going to be doing and these online courses or even self education is to realize that many times one of the problems with these kind of courses is they don't teach you context one of the reasons that I like people going into universities going into colleges learning things one on one is because not only do you learn the factual material but you also learn the context how these different topics are really used in the real world there's more conversation going on when you're in a more when you're in a normal university environment it's more it's more of a guided conversation versus simply and a complete monologue and what I find in self education and online courses you just get a complete monologue yes you can ask questions but it's not it's not like gets pulled out of you and so a lot of times you learn a lot of factual information but you don't learn any context again in the IT or the technology world it truly is it truly not joking it's 90% context and 10% facts so you can come out of a program freaking like brilliant and facts but if you don't understand the context we're in this crap fits in it's not really going to do really well for you the final thing that I would say is realistically if you're going to be going to a university if you're going to be getting into and you're not sure about the program honestly I would argue that you probably shouldn't come to me to ask question come to me and ask question I'll give you this kind of answer but the person that you really should go and ask this question to is a tech recruiter H are people hiring managers so on and so forth basically if you're going to begin to get a degree from someplace like University of the people what you really should do is go talk to the hiring people the HR people the recruiters and see what they have to say realistically at the end of the day what you are spending $4,000 for and spending the next three or four years of your life doing is basically trying to suck up to that gatekeeper that does hiring so that you can actually get hired for a company if you go through all of this program and nobody gives a damn about University of the people then you're stuck right and then you not only do you lose the money but you also lose all that time whenever you're doing any project in start-up world or anything else you know not only do you have the actual cost we have something called opportunity cost the more time if you spend time doing one thing that that means you're not spending time doing something else if you go through three years or four years or two years to get this degree and then you come out and find out it's worthless then not only have you lost the money but now you've got to do another degree program which is even more time which can be really really really miserable miserable so I would say go off talk to the hiring hiring people and see what they have to say if they say bachelor's degree from University the people in computer science looks good to us then go for it if you talk to two or three or four hiring people and they say oh then stay the hell away from it again for most of you guys you're trying to get employment and those hiring people are the ones you have to get through so that is that those are some of the things that I would say to think about now as far as you know where this fits on my whole paradigm again I always argue generally you get what you pay for at least in public institutions University of Phoenix and DeVry and all that that's its own little story and so I would I would be cautious about this I would really be cautious about this this is not something I would tell most people go through to be honest with you ninety-nine percent of population I'd say don't even take a look at it but what you have to look at is what is your budget if four thousand dollars fits into your budget were twenty or 30 or $40,000 if it doesn't fit into your budget you know you've got your answer there and then being a remote person there's no university you can go to or in where you're at and Oman then again that kind of answers your question I personally would argue that you should try to do in-person college classes University classes and again you should do a normal public university that is accredited by a normal accrediting agency that is what I would generally argue for but again again in life everything is situational is completely situational so again you know you can go you can go to Harvard smoke dope the entire time basically heat off all your buddies and end up getting a piss-poor education or you can go to some piss-poor university spend five hours a night doing supplementary reading really push yourself and even though you're coming out of piss-poor University you still can have an amazing education a lot of it really is what you put into it is what you get out and so you know you've got away all these things so University of the people basically what I would say is it's here it is not the top of my list it's not even top it's not at the top ten of my list but unlike some of these other universities where I really talk smack about it it's not off my list it's not like tests like there's this vocational for-profit institution around here called test there is no way in hell no way in hell man you tell me you're going to test I'm just gonna smack you it's just it's just bad it's just no don't go there uh my opinion so it's not there it's not crap and so it fits into that weird little area what I would say is just sit down really look at what your options are and make sure it is it is really what you want to do because again you are and you are spending four thousand dollars and you're spending the time energy to go through it so those are the kinds of things that you really you really have to weigh

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  • AliBaba Aur CHalis cHOR

    U can't maintain eye contact!!

  • Robin Irving

    Great answer Eli! I always enjoy your videos. I think what it boils down to for most people is 'will this lead to a job?' . The answer for UofP appears to be a definite 'maybe'. I see that they do have an internship program as well. I would be interested to hear from some grads of Uof P.

  • jsalnut

    I was really hoping he'd go into detail about whether UOP is safe since it's nationally accredited instead of regionally accredited.

  • crimson_noir

    what you should do is make a video on how to check if a degree program anywhere is accredited.

  • Ajibade Segun

    So that means we gonna pay $100 for 4YEARS after application fee of $50 right?

  • Kristina McLaughlin

    Just finished my first semester at UoPeople. It takes a lot of motivation to stay engaged, but it is so worth it!

  • Mantis

    you come across as a pretty condescending stuck up person. you started off by pretty much telling the person who asked the question, that hes wasting your time to ask your valuable opinion, because you think he already made up his mind. then you make a few comments slamming those "third world viewers "as you called them, and at the end you didnt really offer anything of value. definite thumbs down.

  • Hank Moody

    $5k vs $30k. it's a no brainer

  • Bert Copeland

    Good common sense response. The end part is so true. Whatever you put in to your education, is what you will get out of it.

  • xxitzinvisiblexx

    What schools are at the top of your lost for a online bachelors in CS?
    I am currently considering Auburn, Oregon state, or snhu.

  • Syed Inayathulla

    I’m currently doing my bachelors degree in petroleum engineering

    Is doing masters in petroleum engineering USA a good option

  • K Parks

    I think its possible to capture context in an online program if it's well done. I think udacity does a great job of capturing context!

  • Mohammed Youssef

    This video is old but I want to say "That's true", If University of People is charging 4000$ for testing it is equal to my whole year salary here in ME , and guess what? my salary is pretty good compared to other jobs here. But it deserve trying, since you pay it along a 4 years-program, and additionally there is no other choice if high tuition-fees Universities are considered.

  • Mary Jane Gutierrez

    They are offering scholarship for those who cant really afford the $100 test free.

  • Letes tive

    I tried to contact to them but I couldn't do so please help me to take admission in it

  • Future Tropics

    Even if you do jackshit at harvard, i'm 99% sure your overall salary will be higher in the long run. :v

  • interests10

    associate degree?

  • Jackie Malling

    I am a student at the University of the People and live in the USA. I highly recommend education at this University. It's a great education (wonderful teachers and online platform) that fits my goals, needs, and budget. (I'm unsure who this reviewer is, but this popped up after seeing a different You Tube video, so thought I'd share my actual, personal experience of University of the People.)

  • Brando Beezy

    Good info thanks man

  • cazzie bb

    Stop the BS for the first 3 minutes.

  • Paul Petru Alexandru Cazacliu

    🙂 In the advertising seen by me the main person is saying that if you can't pay those &100 you'll not pay and you'll do it for free.

  • Niño Matthew Magsano

    Can I take it (Computer Science) slowly because I still have another degree taking in an actual school, And still graduate in UOP?

  • Ibrahim Sullay

    Mr Eli , University of the People might not be on the top of your university list but its definitely one of the top American accredited online university in the world that is accessible to the less privilege cut across national boundaries.

  • PX Polymath

    12:43 I swear I thought I was looking at Walter White

  • Kawthar Al-Balushi

    Oman is where I am from … I am also, planing to get involved with the University of People in computer science.

  • noblelies

    I'm looking at their transfer credit history, and it looks like they've accepted transfer courses from Harvard and MIT. Those schools tend to have very, VERY low dropout rates, so my guess is it's not Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates enrolling but graduating alumni. Excellent sign for who will be your classmates.

  • noblelies

    $4,000 in testing fees is still a good deal. My 4-year private university charged me roughly $6,000 per credit class per semester and I ended up borrowing $50,000 in loans. I did the math on their non-AACSB MBA and it's a little over $2,000 in fees. Try finding an MBA anywhere in the world that costs less than that. You are right. It's not for everyone. But for the right kind of person, it's a good deal. Most state governments will accept these degrees, as they are nationally accredited by DEAC and recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. But, when it comes to private employers, well, private employers can choose to recognize or refuse to recognize any kind of education of their choosing. There are even some famous people in Silicon Valley who have openly said that they will refuse to hire anyone with an MBA, that they train their own business people and don't like people coming in with schooled ideas.

  • Majesty EG.

    . hey guys i have a friend who is looking for an online university outside his country and ask me to help himfind a nice one and i have been searching but to no avail ….please can someone help me or Elican help me?

  • Vinicius Augusto

    that's $200 now… for Assessment Fee

  • turtleownage

    $4,000 is nothing compared to most universities. My undergrad was like $37,500 or something crazy and my master's is going to be close to that. Now that being said, UOTP isn't exactly a "Well known" institution. There was a "law school" in my city that got shut down because it was basically a scam and it never got anyone jobs. A $4000 degree from UOTP might not actually be worth anything when you apply to jobs, because nobody has known of it, it's not MIT, Stanford, or a state university. Be careful when looking at institutions like that.

  • Monira Yusuf

    Hi guys I am from Somalia and I would like to join this university but I can't understand do I have to pay money or it's completely free ?

  • Justmy4cents

    There are hundreds of thousands of people working in the Computer field without any degrees, so how can a Nationally accredited Degree in Computer Science from the University of the people, not be a plus on your resume? Will it open all doors? No, either will a degree from Penn State. So, if a guy with no degree can get in the door, than a degree from UoPeople should get you in that same door. Keep in mind you paid $4000.00 + 4 years of your time, so if after graduation it takes you 6 months to find a $60K salary, you're winning!

  • ziad

    "4000$ may be someone's salary for a year "
    ladies and gentlemen, my dad have been working on repairing heavy electrical generators for 20 years and get 1500$ per year ..the food of your dog may worth more than that.. oh dear how fucked my life is?
    why did u make me come to life baba?

    sorry I've got angry keep scrolling and have a nice day

    (don't forget to feed ur dog)


    Hi, University of people management , my name is Dominic Ezeh, I want to clarify these issues, I am a Nigerian who finish from secondary school and wish to go further to University but already fill your application form for Computer science and later realize that my art subjects can not carry me through science course, please enlighten me your procedures and the type of free you mean, thanks for your cooperation.

  • Abdi Mohamoud

    is there anyone who can answer my question please?
    i have submitted my application last week for BSc in Busisness Administration but i changed my mind because this program is new to me other than computer science.
    i have little experience for this program. i mean computer science.
    my question is, if i already applied Bachelor in Business Administration can i change into associate's degree in computer science?
    thank you.

  • Dr. Sam Atieh

    DEAC is an approved and recognized accrediting agency by the US Department of Education. The speaker failed to mention that.

  • Wanderson Alves

    I'm willing to move into USA or Canada as skilled worker and I'm just wondering if these degrees would qualify me enough for that.

  • Jhonny Condo

    Should I pay 4000$ dollars for each year or for each term

  • armyveteran101st

    The only accreditation that matters is regional accreditation by one of the six regional accrediting agencies that are recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, by other established universities and colleges that are regionally accredited, and most importantly, by prospective employers. If you're willing to spend $4,000, you'd be much better off considering alternatives like Udacity Nanodegrees that are built around practical, hands-on projects that you can show to a prospective employer and that can be completed in as little as 6 months. Also, there are regionally accredited universities that have online computer science degree programs that are affordable and that offer the same flexibility as University of the People. One of those is Fort Hays University, for example… They have a CS program with a minor in Business Administration that you could get for just a little more than $4,000 if you transfer credit in. They're located here:

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