Palletwood Kitchen Table – Episode 23 – More Finish

Palletwood Kitchen Table – Episode 23 – More Finish

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Hello and welcome to Donald Vlogsifys woodshop, I’m Donald Matthews. Also known as Donald Vlogsifys. Started putting this finish on. I sanded the wood down. Put a couple of coats on. Sanded to smooth out that coat. Wiped it off. Added another coat and another coat and wipe that off. And then I lost track of how many coats I got thus far. Coming up on the last one now. So…. I’ll let you see a little bit of that and… Then we’ll get busy on some other stuff. So let’s get busy. Yes, siree. I uhhh….. Put the first couple of coats on… Then sanded it down with 220. Put a couple more coats on. Now, I’m at 320. I reckon I’ve got my count of how many coats I’ve got on so far. But I’m not sanding really hard. Just getting the rough spots off. Then I’ll get the dust off of this. And put a couple more coats on. and sand it down with 400. Put another coat on and then… I think I may try to wet sand it. To get kind of a glossier finish. I’m not sure yet. I’m gonna have to experiment with that a little bit. All right, let’s try this again. What I’ve decided to do… This is gonna be take number five. Okay, what I’ve decided to do… is break these videos of me finishing this table up into three videos. Because I was editing this portion of this video and I’m already up to like five minutes. Probably some stuff I could cut out, but, this video series is already 20 episodes long; three more aint gonna make a difference This one’s gonna be…. I’m gonna finish up sanding and getting the finish on the apron and, the legs won’t be the same process, except I’m not gonna worry so much about getting in that grooves anymore. I’m just going to be on the outside…. Around the grooves. And then the next video… that’ll be this video then the next video….. I’ll do the tabletop. Finish wet sanding it and getting it prepped and gettinga nice shine on it . And uhh….I’ll sign it. I got a little special signing thing. I’m gonna…. carved into the bottom… the artist’s signature. I’m gonna carve that in the bottom with the engraver and Get that sealed up in the next video. And then the third video will probably me putting this thing together. That’s the plan anyway, but you know with me…. if you are used to my channel… You kind of know that things change. Anyway, let’s get on this apron part. okay first…. I’m going to use the sander right here to knock this down with 220. Not going real hard with it. Just kind of even things up a little bit and knock off them fuzzy bits and all that good stuff. And now we’re gonna do a little wet sanding with 320 grit. Mm-hmm. And this water is just a regular tap water with just a tiny bit of soap mixed in with it. Dish soap. Just kind of help work up a slurry. Okay now I’m gonna wipe these down with plain water. Get em cleaned off and let them sit till I come home from work tonight. Okay, there’s one ding I’m gonna have to fix. And I’ll just let that dry. I’m sand that little bit down when I get home. That little bit of superglue. Where I dinged it at a while ago; when I get home from work tonight and…. add another coat finish. Polyurethane… and…. I’ll be back. Home from work. Tired. Gonna sand that… dent that I filled with CA glue down. Put another coat of poly and call it a night. Yes, sir. I made an error. Actually a couple of errors. One… when I said there’s gonna be three more videos I meant there’s gonna be… well… I didn’t mean, I didn’t realize it at the time, there’s gonna be this one, and then there’s gonna be three others after that. Because… I just remembered that I’m gonna try and make my own L brackets to hold the tabletop on. So there’s going to be this one. Then the polishing down at the top and all that. Or I may do that in Reverse. Just keep table from getting messed up. Anyway… there’s gonna be one of me trying to make an attempt to make the L brackets to join the top to the apron. And…. Then me… polishing up the top. And then probably another video of me putting it together and getting things finished up and ready. So forgive me for that. And forgive me for this long table build series, I hope you’ve enjoyed it though. I’ve tried to show you all that I’m doing. And the second error is over here. At some point in time, when I was putting on the polyurethane, something got into… I think what it is, I’m 90% certain what it is, but 99% certain what it is… The bowl I was using I didn’t clean it up good. Good enough. And a piece of the old dry polyurethane got mixed up into the new Polyurethane when I was putting one of the coats on. And it got caught up in it and I didn’t catch it. So I’m gonna show you right now How I’m gonna fix that little problem or try to fix it, anyway. Then I’m gonna wet sand one of these down. One of the smaller boards and show you how I’m going to do that amongst all the rest of these. The same process will go into the legs. So I’m just going to show you that one board. Everything else I do is gonna do the same thing on everything as far as the apron and the legs go. So let’s get busy with this. I think you can see it right there. Move it around a little bit and maybe you’ll catch it in the light. But it’s just, Where a dried piece of film from that poly… The top skin that forms on it got caught up under there. So I’m not stressing it too much. I think, though I’m not 100% certain, I can patch that up there. Right now, I’m taking 180 grit finishing sandpaper and I’m gonna try to smooth that down. And try…. And brush with the grain on this finish that way the scratches will follow the grain and not be as apparent. At least not as apparent as if I…. did it in circles. Which…. after I add some more finish to this, you’d be able to see… the circled scratches in there. Where as this…. hopefully the skatches… Skatches?… Scratches will follow the grain. And it won’t be too noticeable. And I believe that’s got that smoothed down pretty good. I’m gonna use some 320 wet-sand and paper. I’m not pressing down too hard on this. Just being kinda gentle. Trying to blend everything in there….. that should do it, I think. I don’t go down to fine, because if I do… The next coat I put on there…. won’t have anything to grip to. I’ll let the water evaporate off that a little bit then I’ll come back to it. All right, so now… I’ll put a little bit more of poly on there. I don’t want to get a whole lot on there. Then I’ll let that dry and that should buff out when I sand it. Now, let’s see here… There you go. That should buff out. Yeah, there we go. Where it’s a little bit rough there. That should buff on out when I wet sand it again. Okay, so now I’m gonna go with you through the final processes of this… finish on one of these boards, but then like I said, I’ll be doing the rest of them the same way. So now some wet sanding with some 320 grit wet sanding paper. Okay, and that’s gonna be it for this one. Turned out pretty good. It’s really got a shine if you look at it down this way. Heck yeah. I’m gonna finish up The rest of the apron pieces and do the legs I’m gonna do it all the same way. I just did that one. And the next video will probably be me make an attempt to uh…. Make the “L”-brackets out of some…. Don’t know if it’s where I can get to it or not. Well, I should have thought about that before I started recording; but it’s a piece of metal that I had. That I’m gonna try and drill the holes in and And uhh, mill and make the “L” brackets to hold the tabletop onto the apron after I get… the apron and the legs joined. But that’ll be the next video Then the next video will probably me finishing the tabletop, which I’m going to do quite a bit like that. Same way I did that one. And the next one will be me putting it together and finishing it up. I hope… you know me…. I may think of something else before it’s over with. Anyway… Thank you for watching. 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Have a lovely life, because life is short, and it’s meant to be enjoyed. Peace! You

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