OMEN Command Center for HP OMEN Gaming Computers | HP OMEN | HP

OMEN Command Center for HP OMEN Gaming Computers | HP OMEN | HP

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Fine tune and customize OMEN laptops, desktops,and accessories using OMEN Command Center. OMEN Command Center comes preinstalled on OMEN computers and can also be downloaded from the Microsoft Store. On your OMEN computer, or computer with an OMEN accessory connected, select Start, type OMEN Command Center, and then select it from the results. If you are opening the software for the first time, accept any terms and settings to continue. The software opens on the System Vitals dashboard. This dashboard dynamically displays the key metrics of your OMEN PC, including utilization and temperature of your GPU, CPU, and memory. The lower pane of the dashboard shows your current upload and download speeds. The navigation menu displays the customizable features for your computer. The menu varies for each configuration. Overclocking allows you to adjust your processor core ratio and voltage to run your processor at a higher speed than originally clocked, providing you with faster computer performance. Network Booster allows you to prioritize gaming network traffic to the front of the line. Select Auto to enable Network Booster or select Custom to manually set which applications are given network priority. Activating Dual Force enables simultaneous Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections. Active games and applications are assigned to the Ethernet connection while all other applications are assigned to wireless. Game Stream is a free remote gaming service that lets you stream from your OMEN PC to other Windows 10 PCs and Android devices. Since the OMEN does all the processing, you can remotely play power hungry games on lower performance computers. Additional features to OMEN Command Center include controlling the lighting on your computer or accessory, programming macro keys for faster game play, and adjusting fan speeds and overall performance control.

39 thoughts on “OMEN Command Center for HP OMEN Gaming Computers | HP OMEN | HP

  • NL Luke Post author

    my omen laptop says: this app cant be opend…. what i neet to do i did try everyting even dowlonding all drivers

  • MR. S Post author

    I have omen 900 101 and my command center does not open the vitals dashboard. only opens the straem option. well i'm trying this for days now…. this never happened to me. not being able to run a simple software….

  • Ethan Post author

    It only shows game stream for me? says "no supported omen host pc is associated with this account"


    hi, i have a omen 15 dc0xxx but i dont have "lighting" in my omen command center , it is normal ?

  • Saša Šimunović Post author

    I see that many users have the problem of Command Center not working/HP Omen key not working. Completely HP's fault, you didn't inform users that they need to install HP System Event Utility, HP Command Center SDK, HP Command Center (ONLY availaible in MS Crapstore, not offered for download by HP). To top it off, HP Support Assistant fail to install SDK and Command Center. Epic. Fail. The most annoying application ever, the startup sound of engine roaring is awful.

  • DeviLos Post author

    i have omen 17 and i n the command center I only see game stream, and it shows me sign it to an omen host pc?

  • s91m Post author

    I'm also having issues with Omen Command Center. I bought my Omen 15 dc1001ns (COMPATIBLE WITH OCC) 6 days ago. First it did work, but after a while (2 to 3 days) it stoped showing the Vitals, 4-zone lightning and performance control, leaving only the game stream. PLEASE FIX IT! I tried looking in forums, HP support did help for other models but does not in mine. I have to tell that I installed every single driver available at support hp com /us-en/drivers/selfservice/omen-by-hp-15-dc1000-laptop-pc/26122182/model/26671140.

  • Masi Post author

    Why is it that i dont see omen control?

  • s91m Post author

    HI GUYS! I believe I have the FINAL SOLUTION to this issue (it happend on my Omen 15 dc1001ns). The problem ocurred together with GeForce Experience issues, and even Dropbox issues.

    They were all related with the Default Installation Folder. I changed it to D: in order to have more space in C: Drive (256 Gb NVMe), so that was causing this.


    Go to Start Menu, Run (Win + R), type regedit and hit Enter

    Navigate to HKEY_ LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion

    Double clic on ProgramFilesDir an set it to defaul (C:Program Files)

    Double clic on ProgramFilesDir (x86) an set it to defaul (C:Program Files)

    That's it! Everything working properly. For future installations, change the installation folder manually.

    Best Regards!


  • Agas Experience Post author

    i have hp omen dc0036tx and omen command center button not working. any solution?

  • Charles lee Ray Post author

    I am actually gonna get it I really like the design of hp omen. It' the best gaming pc ever

  • Mido Post author

    Pls help I have an omen laptop but the Omen command center doesn’t respond and doesn’t open up

  • Jojo Bernier Post author

    how do i "sign in to an omen host pc" like im on my omen pc so i dont understand

  • Excell _ Post author

    Would overclocking with the omen command center void my warranty?

  • Vlasy Post author

    I only have "system vitals" , "network booster", "macro' and "game stream" options only. No overclocking and other stuff? Why is that? an0xx is my model

  • Irving Galindo Post author

    For those who have the problem with the Omen Command Center Button/Key not working, here's a potential simple answer:
    1.- Open search (Windows Key)
    2.- Type/search "Omen Command Center"
    * It will display the application and some options like: Open, Run as admin, App Configuration, Share, Uninstall, etc
    3.- Select "Application configuration" (or something with the word configuration, im seeing it in another languaje)
    * It's gonna show some options, scroll down to "Restore" and click on "Repair" ("Reparar" in spanish)
    * If the window freezes just close it and open it again (It happened to me)
    4.- That's all.
    Now your Omen Command Center Key (hopefully) should work, plus the combination "Fn + Esc". From my research and the comment from s91m, I guess its something related to the installation path of HP software (installing the HP Hardware Diagnostics revealed that it treats my E: HDD drive has the "Storage 1" and my SSD has the "Storage 2". That and HP Support Assistaint also tries to install to E:)
    Hope this helps someone, if it works spread the word, and sorry for my english.

  • HappyHere Post author

    I have a question. For my omen laptop I'm trying to change the keyboard color, but on omen command center it doesn't show Overclocking, Lighting, or Macros. Is there a way I can activate that?

  • ZxUxNxI Post author

    good thing that there biggest selling point (at least it seems to be) dosent even work, they dont tell you that you have to download some sdk package and it dosent even work when you have the packege downloaded, why do you guys do this, just sell computers that are ready to go, i bought my pc to play games, not to do a easter egg

  • zeos heras Post author

    Please i have hp omen 15 2018 how can i change the charging mod and play games like in the desktop i mean i want to turn of the charging when i play games

  • Miles Hamblen Post author

    Microsoft store won't let me install this app, my sequencer keyboard and omen mouse are plugged in but Microsoft says no device is recognized or assigned and I can't install it. Help please.

  • PrivateOGITH Post author

    it Says that its NOT Supported & Will NOT Work' so ☹️

  • Wolfiest Post author

    mine shows only home an bandwith

  • Mitchell Young Post author

    They have NO advanced BIOS settings and no ability to check and deal with fan speeds.
    HP is getting destroyed in the market and to top it all off, their customer service is non existent. Have a laptop issue? They just ask if you want to buy a new one. Pretty bad business practices, must suck to be owned by shareholders. Never buying another HP. Have had mine for 9 months and the fan is already rattling like crazy, 3-4k rpm at idle.

  • mehdi Post author

    why doesn’t my hp omen 15 show over clocking

  • World Of Games TV Post author

    How can i control the fan speed

  • Heavenly Star Post author

    Hi, can the Unidays HP student discount be applied towards Omen desktops?

  • FanFan_Fantastic Post author

    Fucking trash I was trying fix the omen button not working and robot support said i needed to updated my bios and I did update from factory default bios to the newer version. Now may fans are constantly on spins faster than before. Even when idleing . It annoys the hell out of me, and my button is still not working. then I decided to roll back to factory bios and it freaking wont allow me and it asks for a signature file which gives 0% chance to regret. Now I just want to smash this loud piece of crap and waste my 1000+ dollars! I cant even watch youtube without a loud racing fan blowing my face, jesus! Do something with the aggressive fan curves

  • Justrandomman Post author

    I just got an omen PC but I can’t get any lighting except for my small GPU lights

  • RustinPieber Post author

    GIVE US FAN SPEED CONTROL, You guys forced me to update my bios and I'm left with a loud machine and 0 chance to downgrade/rollback, awful practice. Check out MSI, I should have bought the GS65.

  • DubstepDavid Post author

    My Omen Command center will not open

  • خالد خالد Post author

    How to turn off a laptop battery hp omen x

  • Pape Landing Coly Post author

    why my Hp Omen haven't the overclocking and the lighting option and I can't speed my fan too in order to run lumion 9?please help.

  • Paul Corr Post author

    that software is completlly broken, i have never seen more buged soft than that, dedicated button doesn't work, lighting keyboard wrong colors, temperatures 70 degre constantly, booost doesnt even responding, i've been trying to fix it whatsoever by the reinstaling etc so its messsed up even worst, in case where u download command center from producent web and instal it wont even apear on the soft list, cant use it so… the only way to install it is with microsoft shop but its broken either and differend version, bugs etc, every single time when turn on u have to accept license, wtf im pissed off, laptop is 2018 15 gtx1060, HP Support Assistant is another story a JOKE!

  • Ivan Matković Post author

    i need help my omen laptop doesn't bave lighting i readed some comment's and i saw your help but i still don't get it

  • cartoon and anime Post author

    Plz fix the heat issue plz

  • Free Dbow Post author

    okay, so I installed the command center and only two options are "my games and game stream"… i have a omen 15t laptop how can i get the other options..???

    When i go to game stream tells me no omen host pc is associated with this account, how to i pair my account with my laptop?

  • Ralf Børner Post author

    Hi guys,

    why did you remove the "Overclocking"-option?

  • Henrique Calado Post author

    I cant use the system vitals and it says it needs to be updated ,but when i click update the program closes and nothing happends, anyone can help?

  • eden le Post author

    I bought a HP omen 15, which makes a lot of noise when it works.

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