music genre: video game 2

music genre: video game 2

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*se-gaaaaaa* a safe place to afk blep doo doo dooobie doodoo daa daa dee doo finding any sort of skip level cheat code yeet swoosh swissshhh swashhh is this the donkey kong? maro: no dis sega. gg not gonna lie i hated the water level on sonic it never gave me enough time sharon let me see the kids again please ohshit.wav ohshit.bat seth doesnt look pleased yeah g fucking g pal zoinks sucks to be you huh i never did beat that level btw. put my off sonic forever. woop throwback to all the boring ass bike races in bully:se gocart ones was slightly less boring. this is my favorite one don don don dun dan, dun duna don don dun duna don dun don. undertale 2 looks good nah jk this the shit *INTENSE DON DON DONA DUN, DUN DUNA DON DON DUN DUNA DON DON DON* ooga booga sharon please i miss you come home im sorry DEE DEE DEE DON, DUN DA BOM back to this camp narache shit F pc>xbox ran out of stuff to say BEE BEE BEE BOO, BAAA BAA PSH gg get beaned sike BAA BAS BEE BOOS BAP BAP PSSHHH DUNDUNDUNA DON, DOM BONA DON DON DUN DEEDEE DON DAN DON, WHEEEEEEDUNA DUNA WEEEE DUNA DUN BOM BOM DEEDEEEDEETO, DA DA PSH nah thats just my fitbit b ok fr homie gg couldve got a better one for $10. more or less. ok i was bored so i made captions idk what to do now might go play hearthstone yeah im in the mood for some hearthstone lemme lick your toes please seth

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