Mr. Grouper’s Top 5 Greatest Lessons: Bubble Guppies 🍎 Nick Jr.

Mr. Grouper’s Top 5 Greatest Lessons: Bubble Guppies 🍎 Nick Jr.

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Line up everybody! It’s time to count down
Mr. Grouper’s greatest lessons. Number five. When Molly finds out that
she’s going to be a big sister. A baby! Mr. Grouper gives the guppies
a lesson all about babies. Let’s think about what
brand new babies can do. Little babies can’t talk,
but they sure can… [crying] – Cry.
– Yep. And sometimes babies cry
because they’re tired or hungry, or need someone to change their… – Diaper.
– That’s right. And before you hold a new baby,
it’s important to wash your… – Hands.
– That’s right. Babies are little and so cute. Number four. After Gil sees a dog he wants to adopt… He went like this, “arf, arf!” Mr. Grouper teaches
the guppies all about pets. Let’s think about what kinds
of animals make good pets. Gil wants to get a… – Puppy.
– Yep. A puppy, that’s a great pet. I’d like a pet that goes “meow”. What animals goes “meow”? A cat. Cats make great pets too. I’d like a pet that sounds like this: [squawking] Party bird! That’s called a… Right, a parrot. I want a pet dragon. Whoa, a dragon is a little… Hello, dangerous. Well, my second best choice
is a guinea pig. OK, a guinea pig. All of these animals
can make excellent pets. You just have to find
the right pet for you. Number three. When Nonny breaks his glasses… Oh no, your glasses! They’re broken. Mr. Grouper teaches us about
our sight and other senses. You can smell things with your… [sniffing] – Nose.
– That’s right. And you can taste things with your… Tongue. That’s right. And you can touch with your… – Hands.
– That’s right. You feel things with
the skin on your hands. We use our senses
to experience everything. Number two. When Deema says no to broccoli. Mr. Grouper shows the guppies
where fruits and vegetables come from. Some fruit grows on trees, like… – Apples.
– Apples, yes. And some fruit grows on a bush, like… Strawberries. Strawberries, yeah. And some vegetables
grow underground, like… Carrots. That’s right, carrots. There’s so many different kinds
of fruits and vegetables. And number one. When Deema has a loose tooth, Mr. Grouper gives the guppies
a totally terrific lesson about teeth. It’s important to take care of your teeth. Let’s think of some things we use
to take care of our teeth. When you brush your teeth,
you always use a… Toothbrush. A toothbrush, that’s right. And the stuff you put on your toothbrush
to clean your teeth is called… Toothpaste. Yeah, toothpaste. And to clean in between your teeth,
you use dental floss. And the doctor who helps you
take care of your teeth is called a… Dentist. Right, a dentist. The dentist makes sure
your teeth are clean and healthy. Even the wiggly ones. You can ask your parents to subscribe
to the Nick Jr. YouTube channel for new videos every day. And find more of your
favorite shows on TV on Nickelodeon and the Nick Jr. channel.

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