Make your own Nintendo Switch Pro with This Upscaler

Make your own Nintendo Switch Pro with This Upscaler

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(bright electronic music) – We’ve talked a lot on this channel about the great lengths you can go to to get your get your retro
consoles at a higher resolution. Now we can do that with
modern consoles, too. The PS4 has the PS4 Pro. The Xbox One has the Xbox One X. Both give you resolutions up to 4K. Most games on the Nintendo
Switch run sub-1080p. People want a Switch Pro or a dock that can handle upscaling to 4K, but that’s just not something
Nintendo’s gonna do. They clearly don’t care
about technical specs, but what if there was a little dongle that could handle all of the upscaling? It sounds like something that
would be an impossibility to do strictly over HDMI. Get this video playing
on your nice monitor. Slap that Quality setting into 1440p because we’re gonna be
going through these pixels with a fine-toothed comb
to see just how good we can get the Nintendo Switch to look. (upbeat rock music) (screen pulsing) (mellow electronic music)
So I first heard of Marseille, Marseille, Marseille, Marseille, I first heard of them at E3. Will already knew about
their previous products, so he was already familiar with them. The last day of E3, really
moments before the floor closed, we got a chance to check them out, and it was honestly impressive
what they were able to do. Their devices use an
anti-aliasing algorithm that’s been fine-tuned over the years to determine what edges
are supposed to be straight and what’s supposed to
be purposely out of focus to give you that depth of field look. When I hear anti-aliasing,
I think about Photoshop and how you get those blurred edges when you try to blow something up, but their algorithm is
smart enough to know where that edge is supposed to be, and it smooths it out. To my understanding, the mClassic scales whatever video signal you
feed into it up by one notch. So if you feed it a 720p signal,
it’ll upscale it to 1080p. If you feed it a 1080p signal,
it’ll upscale it to 1440p, and if you feed it 1440p,
it’ll upscale it to 4K. It’s a little bit more
complicated than that. There’s a nice handy chart that I’ll show you on-screen right here. The device does not have any settings. It automatically does this, so you can’t choose what
resolution you want, but for the most part, we’re gonna be focusing
on scaling 1080p to 1440p. That’s what we’re gonna
be doing in this video, and it does this with less than
a millisecond of input lag. They read .2 milliseconds of input lag, which would be too low for me to read with my slow-motion camera. I also notice no input lag whatsoever when I’m actually playing a game. If a device was capable
of doing all the things that Marseille says it’s capable of doing, then it could be used for way more things than just stupid little video games, but it does work. It’s just really hard
to show that it works in a video like this or to talk about how it works without filtering it through
the lens of video games. So naturally, I plugged this
revolutionary new device into my stupid little Nintendo Switch. I had my Nintendo Switch
going through the mClassic and into my Elgato 4K60 graphics card. It reads a 1440p signal
at 60 frames per second. Games like “Smash Bros.” and “Mario Kart” run at 1080p, 60 frames
per second in docked mode. So I expected the
mClassic to scale those up to 1440p, 60 frames per second, and it does a fantastic job. Admittedly, the differences are subtle, but you can immediately tell
that the image is sharper, and if we pause it, you
could see the small details. It’s really noticeable
here in Falcon’s helmet. Also, the mClassic
smoothed out the jaggies in Game & Watch’s head among other things. It sort of smoothed out Falcon’s
shoulder but not really. It’s not perfect, and it
doesn’t get everything, but it definitely gets
the image sharper enough where it looks like it belongs on a higher resolution monitor. This is “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” being recorded at 1440p, possibly for the first time ever. “Mario Kart” is another
one that really benefits from this boost in resolution. It’s a gorgeous game already, so the sharper image and higher resolution is shown off well here too. Marseille sent me their
own “Mario Kart” footage because they didn’t like how
the Elgato captured the colors. I think the colors that
I captured look great. There’s some loss in dynamic range, but it’s not too nasty. It also noticeably saturates the colors, but most people would
prefer a saturated look, especially when compared
to the unsaturated look. Maybe the AVerMedia could’ve
detected the resolution better, which is possible. It also looks like it preserves
some of the dynamic range, which is interesting. Also, listen, I’m pretty
trash at “Mario Kart” myself, but whoever’s playing this
has some homework to do. Come on, man! There’s gotta be at least
one person at your office that’s played “Mario Kart” before because they’ve gotta take you to school. Anyway, I tried other games that run at various different resolutions, but all of them were being
read at 1440p by my Elgato. Without the mClassic attached, the games were being read at 1080p. Turns out the dock forces a 1080p, 60 frame-per-second signal unless you manually
change it to output 720p. Some games, like “Mario
Odyssey” for example, that’s supposed to be a native 960p, so changing the Switch to 720p mode probably isn’t a good idea. So if you leave that setting
on the Switch to 1080p, the mClassic will upscale
everything to 1440p, and it looks great pretty
much across the board. I was told that if a game was
1080p, 30 frames per second, the mClassic might be able
to bump that up to a full 4K. So I was excited to try this
out with “Breath of the Wild” which runs at a native
1080p, 30 frames per second, but the Switch was still forcing a 1080p, 60 frames-per-second output, so we could still only
get 1440p out of it, which is a bit of a bummer, but it’s still looking pretty good. Probably the most requested game that I tried with this device was “DOOM”. “DOOM” actually got a quiet update that runs the game docked at 1080p. So this actually ran at
1440p, and it looks great, but don’t get your hopes too high. The mClassic isn’t gonna
reskin the game assets with high-res textures. It’s just gonna smooth it out
to the best of its ability. It would still look a lot better if you were playing it
on a PC in actual 1440p, but the mClassic does a good job with what it has to work with. “Crash Team Racing” is one game that I had that runs at 720p docked. The Switch upscales it
to 1080p when docked, and the mClassic then
scales that signal to 1440p. The assets are clearly a lower resolution. The mClassic helps a little bit, but it’s not a miracle worker. The Switch does a pretty bad job of upscaling from 720p to 1080, and then, the mClassic
has to kinda clean up the Switch’s mistakes. With a game like this, if
you want the best quality, you’d want to go into the settings and change the Switch to output 720p. I think it’s unrealistic to
know the native resolution of each game that you’ll
be playing on your Switch, so probably just leave it
at 1080p all of the time. The mClassic comes with the unit itself, a small HDMI extension cable, and a micro USB cable. The mClassic needs to be
powered over micro USB. You can plug that USB cable
into the Switch dock itself. All it’s doing is drawing power. It doesn’t need any
information to transfer, so you can plug that USB
cable really anywhere. Some TVs have a USB cable in them, too. You could see if that works. When setting up your mClassic, do not use the HDMI cable that came with your Nintendo Switch. That’s a mistake that I made
the first time I tried it. You need to use an HDMI
cable that’s capable of at least 1440p, maybe even 4K. You need a high-speed HDMI cable. It might be worth it to plug
in that HDMI extension cable that came with the mClassic because if you have a lot of stuff plugged into your Nintendo Switch, it might be difficult to get
to the toggle on the side. This switch will change
the mode of operation. Off will just pass
through the video signal. Green is on, which is the
mode you’ll want to use with your Nintendo Switch
and most other things. Blue is Retro Mode. All Retro Mode does is force
the aspect ratio to be 4:3. It does the same sort of upscaling. It does a pretty good job
when paired with the Super 64. I got a 1080p signal out
of it, which is great. Personally, when playing retro consoles, I prefer a pixelated look, so this doesn’t really do much for me. I like the upscaling from
the Framemeister a lot more, but that’s a $400 device and scales completely differently
than the mClassic does. It’s focusing on getting crisp pixels whereas the mClassic is focusing on smoothing out those pixels. At E3, we were most impressed with how the mClassic was
upscaling the Dreamcast in Retro Mode. However, the mClassic only has a male HDMI input, so you can only plug it into things that have an HDMI output. The Dreamcast obviously
does not have an HDMI port. I used the Hyperkin cable, which is just a conversion cable, so it has a male HDMI at the end, so that’s male-to-male. It’s not gonna work. For me, it doesn’t work for me. For you, it might, but for me, it doesn’t. It’s not, it doesn’t work like that for, but for, you know, you can try, you can do what, but for, in fact, no retro consoles
have an HDMI port in them unless you count an Xbox
360 or a PlayStation 3. So if you wanna use retro
consoles with the mClassic, I wouldn’t consider
this the end-all, be-all retro upscaler, but it gets the type
of people who would buy a GCHD or a Super 64 are the type of people who
would wanna get something like an mClassic, so maybe you could find a use for it. Nintendrew played around a
lot more with the Retro Mode with a whole bunch of
different retro consoles. I’ll link to that video
in a card right here, whenever he posts it. It’s hard to show off the mClassic because the scaling
that my editing software is doing right now is way better than the scaling that a typical TV would do. So in person, it looks
a lot more impressive, like what we got to experience
when we saw it at E3. In fact, this is a technology
that should be sold to TV manufacturers. Why not have this built into TVs? It’s possible to use the mClassic to upscale live-action movies. Most movies aren’t even shot in 4K, so the 4K Blu-Ray release of stuff like “The Avengers” is bogus. The mClassic can clean that up. There’s also such a thing as bad 1080p. Not all HD is created equal. In that regard, it’s just technical specs, and it doesn’t really mean that much. Right now, I’m shooting
this on my Canon M50, which I use for basically everything, and the HD really isn’t that good. It’s a little bit soft. All of the other footage was in 4K, but this in particular is 1080p, but then, this is the 1080p that I can get out of a Canon C300 Mark I. It’s a much nicer camera. It’s got a much nicer sensor, but it’s still 1080p. So basically, the amount
of pixels on-screen, the bit rate, those are all just numbers. How the image looks is
the most important part. What I’m trying to say is the
mClassic can take a signal, clean it up, and make it look nicer, regardless of any of the technical specs. Of all of the modern consoles, the Nintendo Switch needs
this improvement the most. If you have your Switch
running through a 1440p monitor or maybe a 4K TV and you care about quality at all, the mClassic might be worth looking into. They just launched their
Indiegogo today, actually. The thing’s gonna retail at
$100, which is pretty steep, considering it’s just a
nominal increase in quality, but early birds to the Indiegogo campaign can get it for just $59,
so that’s pretty good. Actually, it looks like Early Bird pricing is already sold out, so you’ll have to settle for
the Backer Special at $69. This thing’s only been up a few hours, and it’s already more than halfway funded, so you might wanna hurry up over there. Link’s in the description. By the way, this isn’t sponsored, but they did send me a review unit, so thank you for that. Normally, I’d be skeptical
of crowdfunding campaigns, but Marseille is an established company with similar products already, so they’re not just some guy who’s trying to take your money. Also, their chief designer
is Arabian Prince from N.W.A. We talked on the phone
for like a little bit, so we’re like, we’re
basically like best friends. It wasn’t, you weren’t
playing “Mario Kart” in that video, were you? If you have a bunch of consoles plugged into an HDMI splitter, you could plug the
mClassic into the output of that HDMI splitter, and it’ll upscale all of your consoles whenever you switch to them. You could use it for an
Xbox One X or PS4 Pro. It’ll clean up the image a little bit. Some games still don’t
even run at a full 4K, so this’ll boost it up to
1440p or even 4K in some cases. If you have a regular PS4
and a regular Xbox One and a Switch all plugged
into the same HDMI splitter, this is definitely something
you might wanna consider ’cause it’ll clean up the
image on all of those devices, but don’t forget, you need a TV or monitor that’s capable of at least 1440p. It’s something that I would
like to use all the time, but let’s say if I’m
capturing footage for a video or if I’m streaming a game
and I’m using this device, then you decide you want that game and you purchase it and you bring it home, your game’s not gonna
look as good as my game because I have this thing. So I might not be able to use it. This is definitely a higher-end
product for gearheads. Maybe you’ve got the cash, and you just wanna improve the quality of your Nintendo Switch. If pixel count never
meant anything to you, then pay no mind to any of this, but if it does mean something to you, then this is a very exciting
time to be you right now. Congratulations.
(Bob applauding) Hey guys, we’re gonna
be at the Long Island Retro Video Gaming Expo
August 10th to 11th, right? Yes, 10th through 11th, and on Sunday, the 11th, at 3:30, we will have a panel there, so you can come hang out with
us in the Cradle of Aviation, right by our hometown. I’d like to have more stuff
planned for that weekend. Maybe we’ll do like a little
meet-and-greet somewhere else, somewhere, somewhere here on Long Island, ’cause it’s fun that we have
a convention here, right, right at our home, our home base. Anyway, what do you guys
think about the mClassic and getting your Nintendo Switch
up to a higher resolution? Is this something that you’d
be interested in at all, even if it’s something that Nintendo made or an after-party product
like the mClassic? Leave it in the comments below. At me on Twitter, any and all of the other social media garbage. We got new videos and
livestreams all the time. Our schedule’s usually in a
pinned tweet over on Twitter. We got Wulff Den LIVE
every single Wednesday at eight p.m. Eastern Time. We got livestreams all
the time here on YouTube but also on You can support us here, on YouTube. Click on that Membership
button, the Join button, or you can go over to If you got Amazon Prime,
you got Twitch Prime. It’s free, can support us that way. Link that to your Discord account, and you get videos like this one early. You get private chat time with us, and you get to play video
games with us once a month, but of course, the most
important thing that you can do is just subscribe to the channel. This costs you nothing, and share this video with a friend, a friend who’s got a nice new TV. Play the Nintendo Switch
that needs some ups, dating, upscaling, goodbye. I’m having a struggle. (mellow electronic music)

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    Hey man! I loved your video. But I love more your figures on the background! I have that Metal Sonic with stand. Can you tell me the makers/models of the Sonic (and the BIG Metal Sonic) figures that I can see behind you? Thanks a lot of you do!

  • larockyoursockoff420 Post author

    What's the difference between this and the mcable?

  • Fez_Boy Gaming Post author

    As for the streaming/recording dilemma, put it on the video out of your capture card, that way your monitor gets the scaling but your viewers don't.

  • smo Bilson Post author

    It’s just adding artificial sharpness it’s not technically making it better

  • Legacysquid 062 Post author

    I’m here just like “they look the same “

  • Nio Nieves Post author

    Bob: "Slap that quality setting into 1440p"
    Me: cries in 360p

  • Danigon876 Post author

    Annoys me how everyone always wants 4k over a stable frame rate

  • Aleks Van Post author

    What if you plug multiple mclassics together 😏 4k here I come!

  • PreInfinity Post author


  • StormyLines Post author

    I don’t like the saturated look, also if you’re looking for amazing graphics and sharp details then then the switch isn’t for you, Nintendo has never focused on being the most graphically intensive system they only focus on games which seems to be working out for them

  • AlphaBlob Post author

    Marseille is a french name, "Mahrs hey e" is the correct way to say it

  • Xedhadeaus Post author

    Honestly interested in this for easy supersampling of games that don't have the option to do so. But I'm wondering if the anti aliasing effect works even if you only use a 1080p tv… I would love to see how marvel ultimate alliance 3 looks with that device.

  • Lone Wolf Post author

    Would love to know if it helps with Fire Emblem Three Houses aliasing…

  • LeonVIII Post author

    can anyone tell me which hdmi splitter hes using in this video ?

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