LGR – Building a Lego Apple 2 Computer!

LGR – Building a Lego Apple 2 Computer!

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Man fingers are weird when you look at them Greetings welcome to an LGR thing and this Is going to be another one of these? Lego computer builds where you know it’s a model of a computer. This is kind of working computer that I’m going to be making but Similar in theme to the other one I did a while back which is ibm PC. This is another retro computer this is going to be an [Apple] [2] Or as a Mr.. Power pig here called it is my first computer binary edition version 2.0 And yes, it did cost $100 after shipping These aren’t cheap, but you know it’s what I’m doing a video. So you can enjoy it and also I need to make my money back so yeah, let’s take a look here. Thank you for purchasing your custom, Lego build Yes These are really cool [make] some really good builds. Oh and if you want to skip ahead to The time-lapse go ahead and do jack by clicking to that point in time in the video and just see it all unfold Otherwise this is going to be fully just putting this thing together because um It’s fun, okay. Let’s see here I’m always impressed by the the detail of these builds there are an awful lot of components Holy Crap. I’m an absolutely no rush though. So feel free to stick around, but this isn’t going to take a little while Yeah, I’m absolutely not in any sort of competition for speed here okay, so there’s another one of these little thingies That’s cool the ibm PC. Had one as well. It’s just like a little [Mm]. Integrated circuit of some kind with a label on it. It’s special just looking at this though with all these little green pieces I’m assuming this has got to be the main Apple [2] computer itself and this could be the monitor Okay, I got the pdF over here my computer and I’ll Start with these two pieces because the instructions instruct Yep, looks like an apple 2 to me But anyway Yeah, the apple 2 man. It’s a really interesting computer. I mean obviously right More than legendary and all that and yet. It’s one that I actually have not covered. I talked about the apple 2 gs years ago honestly, it’s not not a good video [where] I need to revisit that but I Also, just need to talk about the apple 2 like in General Don’t know why I haven’t done that But I will Make it [happen] All right, [well] the end of the first page of things. I’m assuming. This is like a little i/o [clink] or something mmm Yeah, it’s Gotta be Get this tray going on. This is already looking a little familiar [to] like the Ibm PC one of these that I made which I was genuinely shocked at how [well] that video did I think at the [moment] it has something like 700,000 views which is Stupid but why it’s got that many, but you know whatever man people like Lego, and they’d like those computers or something He was relaxing or whatever so I’m doing this and I hope you enjoy a – even though. I’m going to take a while [I] like taking my time with leg of things and obviously I’m talking and you know whatever Yeah, it seemed to be a lot of people be like girl writer. Took it alone Ten years old and I can do this quicker Yeah, you probably [can] do it quicker than this, but I really don’t care this this is this is fun for me Let me have my lego as a groom man Who lives alone? Whatever man Internet’s weird people watch this stuff. It’s great. I love it The job is cool. And wow it’s already asking me to use the the special chip here representative of the CPU I imagine so Neat there’s a lot of detail of these these things in here that you will never ever see [again] once it’s assembled in And I’ve still got my iBm [ones] on display Next to my IBm 80 now actually we have Had it in the living room ever since just such a cool little thing and all I get people’s attention me like what is that? Here is my real computer. Here’s my toy computer that kind of thing just fascinating like all these little Now ram chips and other little integrated circuitry thingies doing on meat okay, what are we looking here this little card Mm-hmm, a couple of your knees Yeah, the reason I didn’t go with this one first is Well, not only is our new design. I don’t think it was around last time but also, just because I don’t have as much Nostalgia for the Apple [2] even though it’s Very likely the very first computer that I ever used it’s hard for me to remember, but you know in Kindergarten and the computer class and Had us typing on this computer screen and I very clearly remember you know the cloud recorder and floppy disks and the Drives the way they looked the color of the keys which were pretty [brown] In the base case [and] everything And I doing a little bit of research it does look like they used Apple tunes in that school district back then so It would make sense if it was an apple [2] but honestly, I don’t know for sure What piece is it asking for? What is this this one, I? guess so All right, and this goes here All isn’t that nifty? yeah, so that’s got to be the back of it because these are like I guess the power supply would kind of go here and Then these [are] like the expansion cards Get it’s awesome so it looks like If I sound like my fridge [is] turning on so it doesn’t get too loud it’s got a fan problem in there right now and the place that one’s already and The replacement happens to be a bit noisier. [I] would like What is really sensitive the noisy fans ever since like getting into? Silent computing, it’s just like no other one fan noise is the worst Okay, it looks like building some sort of case hopping thing Which would make sense, I think this one opens up, so you can see the inside from the ibm money. Good as well So thing all right, what am I making? [scoops] here and this one goes sweet Yeah, what’s what’s like you know with the apple to possibly your first computer if you’re my age. I mean, I’m [thirty] But you know they used They used these things up until as far as I can tell the early 2000s in that school district From the other people I was talking to again. We had apple Twos until like 2002 It wasn’t the school district with a lot of money. I could tell you that but [yeah], I like that people have all sorts [of] ages [you] know run into I Believe that are much younger than me their first computer experience was an [apple] [2] at school And then of course you got people going all the way back To you know these things were super prevalent in schools for just so ridiculously long man. It’s awesome Because of you know apples that school initiatives and and all that kind of stuff education Programs and then [discounsel] kind of stuff that they provided [A] Fascinating topic on its own And that’s I mean there’s like a million videos, so they could do about the Apple Tube Surrounding it and like it influence and everything It’s almost more interesting than covering the system itself because I think I’ve been done quite a bit This is looking awesome already. Okay flip it over gule gule Blah no, I’m saying and this goes here Little feet to go on the bottom. That’s super cool So neat I love little details like this So I got little feet here [I] Hope this camera angle is working out I’m trying something a little different from the last one could be last one comes over the shoulder, and it didn’t I? Wasn’t pleased with the last video, but whatever got a bunch of [use] and y’all asked for more, so what I’m doing So hope this is a better set up okay, so it’s moving out of the beige parts now We see this little doohickey over here and go to the beige because Can’t have old computers when I beige Although it’s interesting beige didn’t really take off for until [awhile] into the history of PCS Like even the original Ibm PC is more of a white and [gray] We on the Apple 2 was pretty [friggin] Beige But like I mean computers in the 70s and whatnot they were every color under the sun So it’s just interesting to me. I want to do a History of like Beige and computers, and why why was this chosen? There were no other electronics that were beige at least none that come to mind from my memory was mostly just computers, you know especially in the 90s Beige boxes everywhere Man, what kind [of] thing am I making so it’s telling me to stack these I? Hate doing that these pieces. I’m just Stupid think they’re the worst I don’t like working with them. They’re like the [sum] of the Lego pieces that I could just almost do without because they never line up perfectly and It bothers my brain Especially since it’s having me put it like it’s going to go in here And if it’s not lined up just right Level workers [whole] but it’s looking pretty good to me All right, that’s [a] thing wow that’s I really precarious stack of crap Now what’s next year? Mmm. I take some this these anyone Hmm. That’s interesting We don’t get to use these pieces very often You know how to actually built very many lego things in the past. I don’t know what a while So this is um Man something. I need to do more just even in my own free time Okay, so I know what that is this is the side of the computer Specifically the little slats on the top that would you know the sides would be like air vents? That’s an interesting way to represent it Since I don’t have to make another one. I do well here we go again Was women why I had so many tiny little clear pieces and I have my answer Has them to annoy me? I’m not as bad as packing peanuts. [I] can say that packing peanuts. I mean That’s just the worst invention in the world, but you know they protect things during shipment [I] Actually had just this packing peanut hate is not unique to me I got it from [just] years and years of ebay like I’ve been linked on there since 1998 so In over the years there’s been this sort of stigma against packing peanuts I’ve gotten from various people some people [well] like when I used to sell things people be like please don’t use packing peanuts. They’re bad But like okay, I don’t want to anyway and now other people were like oh, you know They warned me in fact I had a seller very recently just [the] other day warned me that he was going to use packing peanuts, and he’s box He’s like. I know I’m sorry but It is the best solution for this particular thing. He was sending and I agreed I’m like well. Thank you for the heads-up And he was just like yeah I didn’t want you to be like surprised when you open the box and just like packing peanuts pink everywhere like yeah I know it sucks man. He’s like yeah, it does suck, [but] Just looking out for you brew seller to seller and my goal. Thanks, brew Yeah, that’s exactly how it went because that’s how I talk not whatever man packing peanuts. They’re a thing At least they’re like eco-friendly now and stuff like they dissolve in water and whatnot I didn’t used to Those were way worse they’re still a pain like [big] and I fall apart into little pieces and [it] sucks [alright] here. We go cool look at the sides That’s neat quite a little spaceship It does man that’s really cool. [oh], oh I can see how this is coming together, and it’s starting to excite me I really I love The models like this so cool. Okay here we go So now we’re going to be doing looks like maybe the front or the top of the case Which is one of the defining [features] of the apple 2 was its ease of hack ability and being able to your own maintenance on it had these sliding covers in the top and That was was very very adamant about having and making it easy to get in to do your own work on it. Just you know Getting the hacker, and that is exactly what you want is to be able to hack your hardware easily well, you know History didn’t quite stay with that Very respectable move and I quite like I had the apple to you in this regard [I] mean sure you can get into other computers at the time really easily, [too] relatively speaking especially something like the commodore [pet] but Napa 2 in particular it has that sort of industrial modern design of that late 70s and It’s also very accessible. Which is a rare thing indeed to have that sort [of] awesome combo I Mean there’s all the stories of them trying to make it more like an appliance you know, but honestly I think that’s doing the apple [2] a disservice because Because I can’t find this frigging piece Where’d it go? [oh]? It’s one of these oh Anyway doing the aptitude to service because I don’t know any appliances that you can easily you know work on hack as well as you can and [app] [to] so to me, it’s almost less of an appliance and more of a proper toy for Hardware and software hackers And geeks and nerds [and] all the people that want to do all the things to their personal computers You know you want to personalize your computer, and this thing embodies dad so such an insane degree I mean it was just all out there there was nothing keeping you nothing standing in the way between your fingers in the metal and the code and everything You know something like the ibm PC a couple years later. You [know] it proved to be something [that] was very customizable, but You know off-the-shelf components sure but also a huge part of that had to do [with] people having the balls would go up against Ibm, and reverse engineering stuff, man [a] Lot of companies did not survive that It’s telling me there should be two of these left and there’s just one of these in one of these I Mean I can do without it for the moment. It’s just going right there Maybe there’s going to be an extra bag [of] parts in here somewhere, so we’ll see about that for later, but anyway I don’t know what I was saying about computers and stuff, but anyway this thing is cool All right, let’s use a few of these And one of these exactly only one of these Means as we as it’s okay Mmm-Hmm, I don’t know what this is exactly going to be [oh] Okay, so we’re just continuing to build this cart, and then I need Okay, that’s cool Now somebody actually I’m old at the keyboard Right that’s got to be that is cool. Okay? so anyway somebody are actually quite a few people um and [I] last one of these builds. We’re asking you know why [don’t] I put like a Tiny teeny Tiny Little display in the monitor, and you know make [it] like a working computer or like a raspberry [zero] or something This is still way [too] small to do that. Maybe you could do it with some sort of other clever solution you know hiding secretary in electronics and Whatnot behind other stuff, but you know It had to be for somebody else to do that. I have no real intention of turning these little tiny Lego builds into Like a working computer. [I] admit that it’s a super cool idea And I’m sure some people have done something like that But you’d have to make this a larger model to really make it work with the components that I [has] anyway Like I [have] that little little tiny half-inch crt, but even the back of [that], crt is this big you know rather long as this whole thing here, so oh Okay, so this attaches this way Huh? Well, what do you know? That’s looking very apple to wish I got to say although. It’s a little weird that it does this this [is] hi I’m an [apple] – wow That is what it is now Look people. Oh cool [two] things. Yeah no more I’m assuming this is going to be the cover I was thinking that was going to be the cover, but this [is] [going] to be this much beige Gotta be a cover intriguingly though with my very limited apple to experience as a child or at least what I [think] it was an apple – I Didn’t play any games there were no games. [we] had a word processing program of some kind And I think it It might have let you put some sort of little graphical tidbits. I remember so for some reason putting like a balloon and a Tiny little [thing] I typed up But I don’t actually Know if there were any games on it, or if there were they just didn’t let the kindergartners play it Which makes sense man you want those little kids screwing around on? computers in school, and that’s like all they had or maybe you do maybe You did oh, that’s cool [we] have C is an apple to C version as [well] on his website I’m really tempted by that because I love the look [of] the apple – you see Fantastic little machine with this little [mean] air monitor thingy that sticks on top Yeah, this is super cool you know this video apple [to] Apple [2] plus which [I’d] have to get out and unpack my apple t plus when I finish this I’m going to moved about a year ago, and still have not unpacked a lot of things I did unpack the apple 2 at one point and then I’m like I’m still like moving a bunch of other [things] I got to do something [with] it So it went and back into the box [in] storage like I took it out to Play, Oregon Trail And that was about it, and then I yeah, it’s in storage still which is sad It does not deserve to be there. I know that. I want to take it back out [and] set it up properly I really early run [to] plus. It’s super cool machine, but you know space space issues are Thing and I’m not talking about like going to mars although. That’s cool. I think Nasa announced like Yesterday or [something] that we are officially going to you know mars and stuff? It’s awesome, and talked about for so friggin long so anyway, not those kind of space issues talking about like my hoax Is Rather small? And I don’t have room for all the computers to be set up and I would like Some data that [is] the goal I literally have no other Reason to what a house that’s larger except for some you know more spots to put my computers And that’s it. It’s it’s literally that simple Because otherwise. It’s [just] me I don’t really care. I like my little small house here I picked it because it was small You know I don’t want to be overwhelmed [with] crap but The same time man. They’d be so cool to have [like] a nice big you know room? [Justif] computers lining everything but there’s that there’s that kid Who I think he sold it off recently we had this massive basement. I think in his parents basement [I] Had to then [cuz] he was like [sixteen] or [seventeen] [or] something and he collected all these crazy awesome. You know old computers I think pretty much all apple stuff, and it made a museum and people came behind [me] presentation was Wonderful like I would have Paid admission to see some of that stuff super cool. I would love to do that. I want to have my own museum You know now like in my house necessarily I do enjoy the privacy but Let me go, just do that. Maybe [others] like rent out a space No, see that’s not the time to do that Yes, a rent act like a public space And then you know I could have a sort of museum thing because I can ask that all the time What if I don’t oh here we go? [I’m] gonna ask that’ll time now. I get asked all the time like you know can I go [over] into your collection? Now is it’s not a public Collection, but I would love for it to be Like they’ll be super neat. [oh], what am I doing? [what] is this is this? Hmm Okay This is a disk drive We had no museum or something you know would work even [just] like a traveling circus of old computers or even just like somebody was telling me the other day man like why isn’t there a museum of Not just computers and games and stuff. There’s a lot of games and computer museums, but a museum of Odd where for instance [we’re] just odd failed technology weird stuff of technological slant and I’m like you know what I don’t know that’s a good idea. [I] could totally see myself doing that especially it’s like a traveling exhibit [too] you know trade shows and Even like legit museums, maybe I don’t want to do my own museum. I’ll just like contribute an exhibit To various museums like that would be super cool. I think This is Super cool wow Look at that man. That’s pretty Awesome. [yeah] I forgot about the em the fluffy drives entirely which is very uneasy [and] I do that I don’t really know but I did whoops Cool. That’s when – all those extra pieces were in this little bag makes sense Right we get what do you think about like a [museum] of odd play or something like that? You know I would want it to be it has to be interactive right, but the same time some of that stuff is really I Don’t know like is it worth having a whole dedicated system just go off something like the power mouse or you know It has to be a carefully curated type of thing Yeah, I’d still have [a] time to do any of that. I don’t have the time to do anything man. That’s all I do [I] Spend like 70 hours a week LGR as in [alright]. Let’s see where is this going to go can go right here? Yeah All right cool so it’s another yeah [as] [a] [grant] exactly the same so that [make] sense well anyway I’m not I’m [not] asking for help necessarily I don’t even I [don’t] have time and mental energy to even think about it right now but I would appreciate comments Just sort of let me know what you think of the idea or if you think that is a good idea if it’s too niche – I don’t know man I don’t about museums. I didn’t go to myself I do think the visit [what] an interesting idea [it’s] sort of being able to see some of this stuff in person? Where else [you] going to do that unless [you]? You know spend the money to collect to stuff yourself face. It nobody’s going to do that Unless you me and you make a living off of doing it somehow Oh here we go [alright], and then this one goes well that doesn’t make any sense that makes sense, [okay] cool nice and flush next to each other like [that] ah Okay, so God this is going to go off to the side [here], and these are [the] [cables] the fuck peach [bag] because You know this is how it is Awesome. Yeah Look at that That’s cool. That’s really cool alright. Well, I guess now it’s time to make the monitor happen Assuming this is going to be the display portion yep that So we’ve got the hand brick system Design build duplicate his mantle and quit so yes not Apple Daus or anything like that. It’s the brick system. Hello, wow that’s lost forever Okay, welcome to part 2 of this build and if you’ve made it this [far] without skipping ahead then congratulations You must enjoy these types of videos Clatter that you’re being held captive someone’s forcing you to do it and in that case I’m sorry You know they just have good taste in videos. That’s all I gotta say all right these yeah one of these and this one goes whoo and for some reason I really enjoy the small little complicated build although what it’s it’s something about the scale of them I mean It’s not the fact that they’re overly complex because they’re really not these are really simple But I mean complicated in the sense that they have a lot of little [details] And it has to do with the scale difference. You know the ratio between this and like real life’s Apple two’s that is different than say the like for instance I’m not a fan of those lego sets that have you know they’re like a buildings and the scales are so They’re just not quite right to me for some [reason] you don’t get that level of detail that you get in this which is like You know an object that you would send of your [table] [top] being scaled down to something you’d hold in your hand But did you get that that level of detail and complexity that is really satisfying to me whereas? Something like putting together the burj Khalifa for instance. It doesn’t work and then also the minute with like You know the other ones in those sets of those buildings. It’s like Why is the Eiffel tower just as tall as [the] burj that doesn’t I? Would I know I don’t want to ever put them side-by-side then because it’s just like they’re One of the scales Matchup whereas with this one and the ibm PC the scales aren’t quite exact But they’re close enough, right it makes sense to me Well, maybe I’m just weird and This is going to go here is this While I’m making I thought this is the monitor, but I don’t know man. That’s the mystery Let’s find out together Jim Reardon is a thing Just like a stand or something the butter Okay Moving on there’s some long pieces meet Donna keeps making noise not even hungry, but to get sushi earlier, so Who knows what that’ll result in on a few hours. Good though, I Can’t leave in an empty spot there Okay, I need to cover more lego games people like to see them and I like to make things people want to see and also Because a lot of people were telling me recently after I covered a dungeon keeper that I Think it’s Lego rock Raiders which apparently really similar to [dungeon] [Keeper] if not? Kind of outright. You know kid. [they] [fide] clone of it. Which is fascinating I’d heard of rock Raiders, but I’ve never played it Never seen it in action. I still haven’t so maybe that comparison is way off [but] [hey], let me know if you’d like to see a rock Raiders video Because I’m going to do it. I just looking for a box copy. That’s another one of those Lego games in particular the earlier ones Seemed to be a really hard to find [inbox] Make sense whatever most games were sort of made for kids are Because yeah parents are going to keep those bulky boxes around kids probably going to take care of them there are Man, what a monstrosity this is I didn’t know what I was making Well actually I don’t know what I’m making, so and that’s one thing [that] I really like to sort of pride myself on in my videos especially when I’m covering a game and It’s sort of a review of Sorts. You know retrospective video and saying whatever The term is the cool kids Column nowadays I Like to show the boxes the packaging because that was such an important part of the experience for me Growing up, and it’s also something that a lot of those people don’t really care to show or they don’t Want here you know they just download the game off the internet, or they grab a loose Cd from Goodwill, and yeah, that’s fine too, but [I] you know It’s [also] easy. I mean it’s also really easy to just Grab a virtual machine or an emulator or something and so I use real hardware. I don’t know It’s just one of those things that I try to do you know showing the box is the manual the packaging all that stuff I Think it’s a sadly overlooked Part of a retro gaming so I like to show it And so I pretty much won’t ever cover a PC game these days unless I have the box at least if I’m doing exact kind of a Video or it’s a topic directly dedicated to it if I’m just talking about it in passing. You knows or whatever that’s fine, but manly slanted Pieces are so neat look at Those I Don’t [know] why would they please me they have that cool texture, [too]? All right the fondling the pieces [Mmmmm] is that cool build up that monitor There’s more of these little tiny single pieces stack it up on each other dang it Yeah, nice. It’s very brown. There’s a lot of [brown] You know whatever works another one over [here], okay? [and] capping this off making it look all [pretty] As pretty as Puke brown looks almost like a little a little piano That tank I think tank. I think didn’t do anything. I am almost even more confused now, so this is going like this, right I Don’t know how lego designer people think of this stuff. I know there’s programs and things the sort of help you make it happen, but It’s Magic to me Because yeah the logic of putting all [of] these little bits together It is interesting I mean I’ve even played around with like you know like a designer and stuff and I Still don’t get out when he comes up with one of these kind of designs man’s crazy oh Cool, so that’s what all these are for All right So wonder where all you little funky bits. We’re heading around You’re Gonna do Yeah Where’s the other ones? Where where where where where okay? That is? Safe one of those is missing I do not have a spare. There’s one all together now Aha That’s something And I think that’s got to be the back of the monitor yan, the top okay. [I] understand okay [Mm]. This one goes there and as more these long pieces reminds me of like parts three [Beams] Okay, so it goes like [that]. All right that makes sense all right, we’re just going [to] pretend that didn’t happen and Putting it all together because I got it totally right the first time around I didn’t screw up At all I know precisely what I’m doing You know just pretend okay? Everything is fine All right cool now. What okay? Yes? [more] of these Also, don’t like it when these come together like [that]. That’s like. Yeah, I don’t know straighten them Make sure it’s all good here we go That is a good-looking thing. He looks [just] like the picture yet All right, so I’m assuming. This is like a little portion for like buttons probably So I think there’s little red buttons on this particular monitor This is not actually a display that I have in real life, so I’m not The most familiar what it should or should not? Exactly look like it is a very classic display for the apple 2 but I have one of those My apple 2 post came with like a hand deck. I think is what the brand is is a very very popular monitor back then I’ve got a couple of those and [backed] I’ve Got another one for a from goodwill years ago On a sort of prototype episode of LGR thrifts and it was from our local school system Yeah, those monitors were really really popular, but this is the classic Yeah That’s cool. So yeah the front of the monitor is going to look like yeah look at this It’s looking like a monitor now check it out. [well] connectors the back there overhang awesome button right there My hair is bigger than I thought, but that’s cool makes sense This is really weird okay, so tell me I need one two three four five six one two three four five six I’ve got those But I need another one of those gray ones and that Is something I have not seen at all? We’re going to continue without it for now which Pam really sucks. There’s supposed to be another one of those right there. Maybe we can make it work without it. [I] don’t [know] We’ll see Probably just something there [for] I don’t know structure and stuff which yeah, but I’ll just be careful Okay, yeah, please go in here, and I’m not a piece on the other side, okay So it’s time [for] the special screen to go in the front here. Hopefully it’s Okay, so don’t have the attachment piece that goes underneath it Yeah, I guess it’ll be [all] right there we go, I Mean sure we’ll see all right cool. Well, that’s a neat little screen. Oh, that’s that’s awesome Decals they do a lot Yeah, this one this one and this twice Yeah, I guess that [makes] sense so a little Inset portion there and then we have to put something on the sides the Diesel here Which you’re [probably] not going to quite connect on this side because there’s nothing to connect it to that sucks That sucks a lot Order them, [you] know whatever. That’s fine It is what it is man sometimes the pieces just aren’t in here, but seriously though. I really thought He’s just lost. It does me man. It really bugs me [ok] this goes on like that Yeah, so I absolutely need that little piece Otherwise this is not gonna say nothing to stick to I found the piece [oh] Thank goodness, and how does it go on here? like This yeah good awesome Haha, okay, cool [so] [that] means that this is [going] to go Right and here, right let’s just sort of barely held in there but okay And then we got a little more little side piece to put together here which should be quick yep awesome Hmm, and the top which [is] without I got that little guy here and this and a head sling sure [haha], I Love it when a plan comes together Yeah, I guess that’s pink oh That’s really neat Check that out. It’s a proper apple to look at monitor right there. That’s for sure, [so] we got the cable just going [to] plug in I guess wherever and Nice. Yeah, I guess it doesn’t actually Man, I totally misread that build yeah, it does actually sort of just sits on top there and just sort of slides into place That is really [cool]. Oh such a neat little design I’m going to plug this in out of wherever right there, oh Okay, well awesome. Then well. Thank you for sticking around and watching the completed Build and then hope you enjoyed this because it was super relaxing for me in fact I think I zoned out there for a while. Wasn’t even talking turns out there were no missing pieces It was just me either losing the mower Not looking to the rest of the bags and finding them yet and going getting out of myself. So what’s my bad? They’re really cool little model. You know it’s a [friggin] expensive so yeah, thanks for watching hope you enjoyed you

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