Laptop STICKERS in a BUDGET | In HINDI | SPIDER-MAN: Far from home

Laptop STICKERS in a BUDGET | In HINDI | SPIDER-MAN: Far from home

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What’s up, guys.
I am Rob. Welcome to my channel. For a long time now many of
you have been sending me requests.. ..on my Instagram to teach
you to make mobile and laptop stickers. In fact, many of you sent me requests. I looked online and it
is very easy to make them. Today I shall show you how they are made. But first I have a small request.
Click on the subscribe button you see.. ..and subscribe to my channel
if you haven’t already done so. And if you have then
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a new video of mine is released. Today I shall show you the
easiest method how you can make.. ..your very own laptop stickers. So, get ready, it’s time for some DIY.
Why? Because I love it. Alright, let’s get started. Now I shall show you how to
make laptop stickers in a simple way. Let’s bring in a laptop. This is my laptop, my macbookpro,
which is my prize possession. The most important object in my life. The apple logo glows on my macbookpro. When you are making your sticker
and you want a section of it to glow.. ensure that section
of the sticker fits on this logo. The most important
you do for that purpose.. to make a marking of this
logo and draw your sticker around it. Just like I have done over here. I have marked the apple
logo on this A4 sheet of paper. Now I shall draw my sticker around this. I am going to make Spiderman.. ..and I want the spider
logo on his chest to glow.. I shall fit that on to
this and draw the Spiderman around it. So, let’s draw. As I told you I am making the
spidey from the new movie Far from home.. ..but the design or
logo which is on that suit.. ..won’t fit properly on my apple logo.., I am making a few changes to it.
I am simplifying it a bit.. that it fits and
my sticker looks good as well. You too can draw your
design on that basis. Alright, my drawing is complete. Now I shall color the section
that I want to cut with a blue pen. This way it will be easy
for you to understand as well. Okay, so the design is ready.
As you can see Spiderman’s logo here.. ..fits nicely into my apple logo. And you can see it easily
with the help of the blue color. When this section if cut
you will be able to see light.. ..through the negative section.
This will have a nice glow. I have extended the same
pattern as it was on the suit. I shall cut away the entire blue section. The remaining area
will be a black silhouette. So, the design is ready.
We shall make the sticker now. So, let’s bring a vinyl sheet.
That is to say, vinyl sticker paper. I have this black vinyl sticker paper.. ..which you can peel and
easily stick like a sticker. Now we have to transfer
this design over here. So, I shall flip and I shall
place my design on it upside down. When I apply a little
pressure and rub it.. ..the design will be transferred
on this and we can cut it. So, let’s do that. I am applying tape to secure
the design so it doesn’t move. Now I shall apply
gentle pressure and rub.. ..with the back end of a scissors
so that the image is transferred. As I have used a soft pencil
the process becomes very easy. Even you can use 6B or 8B pencil. Okay, I’m done. Let’s check. And there you go. The drawing
has been transferred very easily. Now I shall cleanly
cut it with anxacto knife. So, let’s start. Vinyl is a great medium to work with.
It cuts easily.. ..and coolest thing about it
is that you can peel it off anytime.. ..and it will not damage your laptop. You can avail of this
at any good stationery store. If you don’t get it there
then you will easily get it.. places where signboards
or car and bike number plates are made. Alright, our cutout is ready. Let’s place it on white. Look at that. Looking pretty nice. Now it is like a regular sticker. We can peel it and
stick it on the laptop now. So, let’s do that. And we are done. We have stuck it on. I think my laptop looks
pretty cool with this sticker. Let’s see if the spider logo is glowing. There you go. Look at that. Nice and bright.
Super happy with the effect. Exactly what I wanted. I really hope you guys
enjoyed watching the video.. ..and found this tutorial helpful. If you liked it please give it a big like. Share it with your friends if possible.. ..and you must tell
me in the comments section.. ..what kind of sticker
you are going to make. If you make one please click
a picture and share it with me. There are my Instagram handles. I too can watch them if you tag me. Also, you can send more requests on it. Let me remind you once again
if you haven’t done it so far.. ..please subscribe the
channel and if you know someone.. ..who likes this kind of content
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going to cross one million, guys. You understand what that means, don’t you? Our squad, our family will
become bigger than one million.. ..which I think is pretty amazing. And you are the people
who have made this possible.., thank you so much, guys.
You guys are amazing! Well, I’ll see you next time. Till then as I always say,
do good and be good. Peace.

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