Introduction To English Language Learning | English Fluency Secrets

Introduction To English Language Learning | English Fluency Secrets

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hi this is Simon Leung from Simon Leung dot com ( and Fluency Secrets dot com ( and today we are going to start our first
English fluency secrets lesson with an introduction to English language
learning from bahala ma totally hoy Cielo yeah
we just watched The Lion King movie and speaking of movies if you’re living in
the country where theaters play for movies with subtitles translated back
into your own language then this is one of the best ways for you to learn me
opium me la for it’s not a boring English learning lesson as the movie is
entertaining you so you can enjoy and learn English at the same time you’ll
also be able to pick up new words different expressions and Roo Guang
yelled aha if you also see if you can imitate the characters movie quotes line
by line and try to say those same lines in the same way and in the same accent
like you don’t soul out long later complain EULA oh my gala double-a don’t
get me wrong watching movies to learn English can
work very well but if you don’t actually practice and
repeat what you hear then maybe it won’t work at all tonight I have many friends
who were so religious about watching all their favorite movie series they spent
countless hours watching movies and listening to perfect native English
being spoken on the big screen but in the end they finish you see movie but
still talking like this man that’s because they didn’t practice it didn’t
repeat you did it stop it
by the way singing also might not work you see the more you speak the better
you’ll become the more you don’t speak the more you won’t improve go see don’t
know man it just why do these lessons if you want
to really improve your English you need to be active which means you got to
repeat what I say so repeat after me repeat huh from the duck just try it
again say with me now I will practice I guess
it was me I will practice I will practice I will practice
I will speak I will speak I will speak I will improve I will improve
I will improve sure no indication is a must if you are going to get better so
make sure that you do it make sure you do what do it say it again
do it do it do it in my next video lesson I’m going to start talking about
some more specific tips that I have for you on how American natives speak
English including some shortcuts that will make your daily conversations so
much easier so stay tuned for that team K my so go subscribe to this channel if
you haven’t already and jelly and click on this Bell so you won’t miss any
future updates thanks for watching and I’ll catch you
on the next one with more English fluency secrets Oh sir you Nana

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