Intel Space Capsule Unboxing!

Intel Space Capsule Unboxing!

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Coolermaster V-Series Semi-Modular power supplies feature 80 plus gold efficiency and their gold Guarantee five-year warranty. Click now to learn more! Look at that. We didn’t do any unboxings in like, what, I don’t know almost a year and then now all of a sudden It’s like two unboxings within a span of a couple weeks, but this one is a little bit different this isn’t just a product this [is] an Experience. I haven’t actually tried it yet But it was sent by Intel and one of the accompanying shipments was an X99 Deluxe LGA 2011 3 Motherboard with support for quad channel memory the latest Haswell-E or also known as Intel new fourth Generation Extreme 6 core erm…. 8 core, so Haswell-E and So yeah, I think I have a pretty good idea of what’s inside the box. It’s also fragile, so it’s clearly not rocks Although it is a little bit on the heavy side, so let’s find out. What’s in here shall we? It’s extremely well packaged with a nice soft cell Soft closed cell foam and also comes with, look at this! Look at the amount of instructions in here! Can you see that? Look at this! There’s like books worth of instructions So there’s like Intel Core Processor Family for Enthusiasts, Boost your performance, Increase Security, Better Connectivity, and specs for all these new fourth-generation chips, and then uhh…what else we got here? So We’ve got OOOHHHH!!! An overclocking guide for Haswell-E, that’s going to come in handy… Presumably, depending on what’s inside? We’ve got introducing the X99 Deluxe an entire novel written by ASUS Alright (grunt) ah There’s an AC adapter. 12 volt. Okay, we got in here? Ahhh yes, gotta extract it from the hole ah 16 gigs of Crucial quad-Channel DDR4 2133 1.2 volt Memory, So the advantage of DDR4 Memory, Over the existing DDR3 memory is that it runs at lower voltages, runs at higher speeds and Looks much uglier… no, i’m just kidding This is this is pretty basic DDR4 there will be enthusiast grade stuff from Crucial, as well as other memory brands over the next little while But there you have it It’s still DDR4, it’s still high tech And it’s still 16 gigs of what will presumably go with what we’re going to find inside. Now I’ve made it this far already I’m aware that there is a like containment cylinder unit inside But I have not yet actually Opened it up, so we should get a good look at this thing before we get started anything else. Oh, okay? Well the little pull tab came out, so I don’t know where we were supposed [to] pull up [out] [of] but presumably it’s been pulled So there’s that let’s take a look at this bad boy So on this way goes up. Well I got that right, well I mean, there’s feet on the bottom so if I couldn’t figure that out, I’m probably an idiot This way has some… this actually looks like hand-finished, These are cool! This DEFINITELY is more effort than NVIDIA put into their GTX 590 Containers where they ship them in ammo boxes, that had like a stencil spray-painted over the top of it? So yeah? I got to give kudos to intel for presentation here. That’s for sure There’s a reset button on the back. Let’s just go ahead and press that and then that is where the power jack goes, So okay, I’m going to assume the ah That’s a shame up on the top. You can actually see that one of our One of our flappy tabs here looks like it got damaged in shipping hopefully Whatever’s in the containment unit [is] not going to get out and give us any sooner than we were already gonna unleash it ourselves anyway This is the shortest power Cord Ever. I’ve ever seen how were they expecting you to plug this thing in does it reached it and it does not reach to the floor Someone gave me a [power] squid [bodhi] Okay, no no, it’s okay. It’s okay. We got this [all] right. We have powered up the containment unit and oh hello There’s a ticking noise Buddy, it’s a bomb that’s about the best Doc Brown voice I can do so I’m going to turn the red thing to match the other red thing Well this reminds me of an old game loading screen the Old game experience continues Look at that lighting on the inside you gotta get the top angle here check that out Is it smoking is it supposed to do that I? Can’t even see it because of the urgent a okay. I’m moving to the other side This is stupid. I’m missing the show look at everyone else gets to see it. I I think that’s probably the show Does it need help? ope, no. It’s got it, it’s got it. It’s alright. That’s just the sound of its raw power Yeah, so in addition Look at them LED strips, love it. So in addition to the to the DDR4 memory and X99 motherboard This I wasn’t expecting, There is also a 240 gig 730 series Intel SSD, these are fantastic SSD’s. We’ve talked a bit. Oh, it’s opened. We’ve talked a fair bit about these in the past probably for quality assurance I’m assuming umm… where what’s important about these is how? Consistent the performance is across various different types of workloads even when you’re hitting them extremely hard So they’re really great for RAID configurations, SATA 3, all the usual stuff, and you get uhh… No, mounting bracket, but you do get disk cloning software Screws, 5. I always like that, it’s a nice touch, one extra screw in case you lose one, SATA and then a speed Demon sticker, Oh look! The flashing lights are back (Linus imitates the space capsule) Anyway. This is Where the show really starts, so this one they did reseal so I guess I’ll need my trusty unboxing knife. Let’s go ahead and uhh… slice this bad boy open and inside here. We find a Chipmunk. Oh Really, it’s a CPU? I was expecting a chipmunk. So inside here. We get Intel’s latest and greatest, I’m going to have to check the clock speed on the chip just to make sure that it is what I say it is, yes Latest and greatest Core I7 5960X, This is an 8 core processor clocked at a 3 Gigahertz base 3.5 Gigahertz boost, It has 20 megabytes of level 3 cache It’s runs on the all-new X99 chipset which you’ve seen which has a lot of Advantages over the older Z97 one Or not in terms of up excuse me over the old X79 one, things like more native Usb 3 ports more native Sata 3 ports more feature support, That board in particular you can throw an add-in card onto it, and you can get support for Thunderbolt something that was never available outside of the Mac Pro on LGA 2011 And then of course you get support for DDR4 memory running it up to a quad channel configuration For pretty much as much memory bandwidth as most consumers at least for now. We help me say this right? It’s more than anyone will ever need Until the needs continue to evolve speaking of needs, Who needs an 8 core processor? I would make the argument that very few people need one But it’s definitely a nice to have especially If in addition to gaming, because we all know that games don’t use more than a couple of cores at a time But if in addition to gaming you want to I don’t know Output video while you’re gaming or you want to stream while you’re gaming using CPU encoding for the best possible quality? More core’s is going to be a benefit to you And that’s where Intel’s latest enthusiast platform comes in It’s not like Intel’s replacing the mainstream 1150 platform This is just in addition to that for people who really want the cream of the cream, Well uhh… Thanks for checking out this fun little unboxing uhh… Big thanks to Intel for providing this neat Containment unit unboxing experience thing, It was pretty fun to make a video about, I think that according to their instructions for how to make the video we need to hit him refer people to [Intelli] Unbox where they can go ahead and visit the Pro performance website And then I’m going to tweet and Facebook this thing like nobody’s business Thanks for watching guys! Like the video if you liked it, Dislike it if you disliked it, Leave a comment letting me know Actually, let Intel know What did you think of, of this as far as uhh… as far as cool publicity stunts go. You know was it, was it cool? Let them know what’s up. I don’t know I like it. I think it’s cool. Put this all back. I wonder if you can recontain it… Uhh… Guys don’t forget to support us. We have a support us link in the video description. You can buy a t-shirt You can give us a monthly contribution. You can change your Amazon bookmark to entire Affiliate code and all of that. Good stuff Okay, I pressed reset. Okay. (I have no idea what Linus is doing…) I’m planning to like make this part of like our set or something at some point because it’s super super cool We found, we found the piece so it looks like we can just glue that back on no problem, and it’s going to be back to its former Glory, so pretty cool, peace guys! Outro

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