Infinite X feature overview | Gaming Desktop | MSI

Infinite X feature overview | Gaming Desktop | MSI

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This is the MSI Infinite X gaming
desktop, ready to play the games you want. Let’s check out what you get with this
gaming desktop. The Infinite X is a mid tower gaming
desktop where you choose how the system looks. We bundled this desktop with two
side panels inside the box. A classic metal black side panel and a tempered glass
side panel which will allow you to show off… your gaming components inside.
Besides that you can change the colors of this desktop with our Mystic Light
RGB LEDs and we have a built-in handle to easily transport your system. This desktop is equipped with MSI 1080 TI graphics card. But different configurations of the Infinite X are possible. We use our own MSI graphics cards to give you higher clock speeds and better cooling. These cards can get big and heavy and that’s why we place them vertical. In this way it will protect your connectors during transport against bending or breaking. To get you a little more performance out of infinite X it can be overclocked. This is simply done by our MSI software provided on the system. And to make sure the system stays cool our processor is cooled by liquid cooler. The other components are cooled on
a smart way by our Silent Storm Cooling 3 concept. We separated the graphics
card, the processor and the power supply in three different chambers to get
optimized air flow and better cooling. We built Infinite X to be up-gradable, you can add more storage to your system by only removing one side panel. But changing the processor or a graphics card is also possible. So in this way you can always have an up-to-date gaming rig. The MSI Infinite X has even more gaming
features. Please visit our product webpage to discover them all.

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