Indian Heroes of PUBG S2 | EP 01: RawKnee | Rony Dasgupta

Indian Heroes of PUBG S2 | EP 01: RawKnee | Rony Dasgupta

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Can I go around and do this? No! Please don’t put this
in the video. S**t! PRODUCER: This is
definitely going. Messed up right? (realization) The naughtiest child
you could ever have. My mom used to say
controlling me was… My mom was not able to
control me. I was such a menace. I cannot sit still. Even today, I am very… (demonstrates using hands) So I cannot sit still. Neither when I was a child
nor today. When I was a child I used to
jump around a lot. I don’t jump around
that much now. I would’ve broken
all your chairs otherwise. I don’t do THAT. I cannot sit still. What other past time
activites were there? We used to play
Hide and Seek… used to beat each other up. We used get those
toy mobile phones “Chal Chaiya Chaiya” song we used to be very happy
with those phones. It used to blow our mind
Dad got us a phone. “Chaiya Chaiya” is playing
amazing! Why is it mandatory
to study? When I was a kid… What was that
Pytho… PRODUCER: Goras. Pythogoras. Yes Pythogoras! Pythogoras? YEAH SURE! We’re worried about if
we can get AWM in PUBG Where will we use
Pythogoras? I tried to play football. But I was terrible at it. But I… believed that I was good at it. That was the best part. I used to hit
own goals. “It’s fun!” People are getting pissed off
they’re getting triggered… Somebody is slipping
and hitting the ground people are beating each other up “Why did he
hit the own goal?” I used to say
“It was a mistake.” “I was a mistake
I didn’t do it deliberately.” So it was that… Firstly, I wanted to
become an astronaut. Then I realised it’s
too big a dream… too big a dream. I don’t think I can
go to the Moon. Then I wanted to become
an automobile engineer. I wanted to make
Rolls Royce. I don’t know why
but it was my dream. Then I realised
this also cannot happen. Then I wanted to
become a CA. Of course I won’t be
able to do it. I’m not able to do
simple Math here how will I become
a chartered accountant? Then I tried to be
a VFX artist. But then… Actually I liked
I still like it But then YouTube
went well and… I just chose YouTube
over that. I think I am better as
an entertainer. Pro-gaming is something
I can never do. I have this habit of
having fun with everything. So if I even make it to any
professional tournament… I will just have fun there. So I think it doesn’t
make any sense. So for me… personally I would like to be an
entertainer and a streamer and I just like to have fun. And I want to promote… that the game is not… Recently I have seen that
everyone just wants to win. Nobody wants to play
for fun. And I really want to promote
that one should play for fun. I feel that’s more important… than winning. If you’re having fun
while playing the game… that’s it!
What else do you want? (Meme review intro) So today we’ll play… PUBG Mobile phone. Come out! How can someone be
this terrified? Peak a little, fight! Bro, I don’t have an AWM
it’s a KAR98K. Okay he’s peaking. I mean… I did not say you won’t die. I said I don’t have an AWM. I did not say you won’t die. You died, that’s a
completely different issue. What? Excuse me? Your boat ran out
of fuel? Come sit in my boat. Sit. Be comfortable. No problem. If you keep switching seats i will ditch you like
Rose ditched Jack. Tejas bro
thank you for Rs 40 Amazing! Computer: Mendak ka chehra. Mendhak ka chehra. I keep hearing this only. I mean, to hell with footsteps. I will die bro. What’s wrong with my eyes i think they’ve gotten weaker. Chat, my eyes have become weak I’m unable to locate enemies. How do you say it? I’ve forgotten my
goodest English. When somebody watches a streamer… they don’t watch the gameplay they watch the character. Everybody has their
own character. Everybody have their
own story. If you take any character and then it’s a story
from him. I think I am the only one
who runs around like this in the final circle. Headshot! There you are. Hello! Good night! Tata! Aw le le lele le le!!! He’s on the ground again?! Hit me. Run run run! You can do it! x2 Nice! So proud! But not so nice! Bye-bye! Winner Winner winner Winner winner chicken Winner winner chicken dinner! I don’t swear in my videos. But when you
play with friends some things slip out. So initially I was
a little worried about swearing on live stream
but then… Me and my friends have
so much control on ourselves within my friend circle
we have this rule that 11 PM which was the
time I started my live-stream when everybody used to come
together to play so it’s now hard-wired
in the minds that… post 11 PM nobody swears. The clock is set.
Nobody swears after 11 PM. Miracle! Everybody learnt the rule! Of course I enforced the rule I told them say
whatever you feel like anything at all.
It doesn’t matter. You cannot swear. The idea actually… Long ago, somebody
had to say my name and that person could not
pronounce my name. He could not pronounce
RONY. So I had to tell him
how to pronounce it. So how did I tell him? Raw Knee He goes, “Ohhh!” But people mispronounce it
till today. They call me Rock Nee! It has come to a
stage where that some people knowingly
call me Rock Nee. I think I can now be
called with both names. RawKnee, Rock Nee
everything is cool. So I was a big
Ellen fan. I still watch her show. And I really wanted to
run a talk show. I wanted to have a
cool talk show. I copied her format blatantly. Just like The Ellen Show
The RawKnee Show. Are you getting the picture? It’s 2015 and
I’m aiming so high. I am messaging Bhuvan Bam. “Bro I want your interview.” Are you getting it? Are you looking at
my dreams? “Bhuvan bro I want
your interview.” And I have 2 subscribers. Nothing happened. I embarrassed myself. I won’t say that Bhuvan
had an attitude at that time but of course,
he’s a busy man. Then I shifted into
making other videos. I tried comedy and more genres.
And changed my content. So I think India
is one of the biggest gaming markets in the
entire world right now. I have seen so many viewers. Dynamo touched 1 lakh live viewers. People are touching
1 lakh, 80k, 90k viewers and I think India in the gaming
scene has exploded. Too many people
are in the gaming scene now. I still cannot believe
that this is happening but this IS happening. Recently I found out that
there’s a 44 years old guy who’s streaming on YouTube. And that’s mindblowing! He says… He superchat me actually he said that
this is my passion. I like to stream and
I like to play games. When people like him
are coming on board as a YouTube streamer
as a content creator in gaming I think we’re gonna progress
big time as a country which is
leading gaming right now. So what happened is… when I got my silver play button
for The RawKnee Games I got it in August 2018. Around August or September. So I posted a story that
I received my silver play button I was happy. So Neon Man saw this and reported
“RawKnee Games got their silver play button.” Great! Then I uploaded the picture
one more time probably in December or January. And he reported again
“RawKnee Games got their
silver play button.” I’m like… How many times have I got it? And just like that I said
“Neon Man is a noob.” and… rest is history. He didn’t report that both
of my channels reached 800,000 subscribers Friendship over with Neon Man
Tech2 is my new best friend. But no he’s a nice guy
he’s a friend of mine. The RawKnee Show It’s my childhood. It’s my child. I mean both channels are. But the main channel
is my child. It doesn’t matter
because both are mine. Earlier I used to think
a lot about the future I’ve stopped
doing that now However things are
whatever is happening I let it happen now. Life is going
in the right direction. It’s the right direction. Sometimes we might think
we’re headed… in the wrong direction… We feel something is wrong but after some time you realise that you were crying for a bicycle but life was making a Mercedes
ready for you. It happened with me. I was aching for a
9-5 job… while life was preparing a career
on YouTube for me. And I had no idea.

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