i wrote a book!!

i wrote a book!!

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hi guys, it’s j, and i have some exciting
news, um: i wrote a book! so, um, a lot of people who know me in real
life know that i want to be a writer, and this particular story is one that i’ve been
working with for a very long time, actually. so, i did it through a self-publishing service
called author-house, and because it’s self-publishing it means that i didn’t have a lot of support
on the writing side, like no editor or agent (there’s a typo on page 19!) and also that
i have to do a lot of the marketing myself. so i’ve made posts on my personal accounts
and my family has as well, and a lot of my friends and family members and a lot of my
dad’s coworkers too have bought it already, because they’re doctors, uh, but i really
really want to spread awareness for myself and my book because it’s something i have
worked really hard on for a very long time. and when i say i’m not just talking about
actually writing the book. so this book, that i wrote, it’s called broken
glass, um, and it centers around a boy who has an eating disorder. it’s really focused, though, on the recovery
aspect of it, and the boy, reeve, who’s in high school, has to work with both, you
know, physical and mental recovery and grief and a lot of things that sorta just pile up
on him. and i myself, um, i have been in eating disorder recovery for a little while now,
i actually started writing this book before i went into it, and afterwards and continuing
on until now i found a lot of comfort in being able to share my thoughts and feelings without
necessarily making them all about me. um, i don’t know if that really makes sense,
but writing has always been a great outlet for me and so having something out there,
that i made, that i created that’s so meaningful and personal to me i think is a good way for
me to kind of connect with other people, let other people know what i’ve been through
and that if they’re going through the same thing as well, that they’re not alone. so obviously, um, this book deals with some
difficult topics – it talks about anorexia and other eating disorders, self-harm, death,
and also the recovery from all of that pain. i wanted to have a story that focused more
on the recovery than the disorder, because the recovery is really the most important
part. so that’s what broken glass is about. so, if you would like to perhaps order it,
you can go to the video description where i have pasted direct links to both amazon
and barnes and noble where you can just click and buy. (i’m going to have a website up really soon
but i have to finish paying the installments for it which is kind of a yikes, so…in the
future.) thank you guys so much for all your support,
this is something that is really exciting for me and um, yeah, that’s really it! so again thank you guys for watching, and
i will see you in another life.

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