How to switch from Intel HD graphics to dedicated Nvidia graphics card [Working 2019]

How to switch from Intel HD graphics to dedicated Nvidia graphics card [Working 2019]

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Well hello, and you should be most welcome to the Gmodism channels I made a tutorial last year of how to switch between your graphics cards if you have two of them so switch from your intel graphics card to your better Nvidia graphic cards, because sometimes programs tend to run on The wrong graphics card and that will give you huge performance drops So how to do this? Well first I want to just say some things that people had problems in in the last tutorial I made which I’ve gotten a lot of criticism for people can’t find their two different graphics card and He asked me how do I find it? well, this is probably because one you have a stationary computer and you Connected your graphic card in the wrong slot Make sure you connected the graphic cards in your computer where it’s supposed to go If you’re on a laptop like me, you don’t need to worry like worried about that, but you might still be missing drivers So what you need to do go into description and I have links to the Nvidia download drivers download and also the one for Intel so you basically need to know what processor you have and that’s written if you go to computer specifications You can find it. So if you just click this computer And we right-click on it and click settings and here you can see we have You know, you have your processor here. It’s written and it’s all written here so when you know this what you basically do is you just go here select the processor you have now, that’s the wrong one, but Find your processor and download the driver you’re supposed to use the same with Nvidia pretty straightforward I sure you’ve done this before Or if you haven’t it’s very easy. You just need to find the right number that you are using It’s written usually on the graphics card or on the computer. I can see it on my laptop What what I have so download those drivers and install those drivers Having the right drivers is very important Like sometimes new drivers will actually break things but usually the new drivers or the best drivers so in general Have the newest drivers and you’ll be fine. Hmm So I hope that will help people that didn’t find a graphic card. Now. Let’s go to the next part of the tutorial When you right click on your desktop You can see this Intel pata graphic settings and you have this Nvidia control panel now What is most important to you series you click at Nvidia control panel? And now you will basically launch Nvidia zone little control panel Take some time. We have the handle 3d settings here in the middle So well, excuse my system for being Swedish, but that’s how it is it’s the same Whatever language you run your system on whatever here we have the handle 3d settings and the default is automatic choice and this automatic choice Can actually cause a lot of trouble it will do so that some programs will indeed run or your Intel HD Processor which usually is the weaker one in very rare cases is the other way around but You of course want to choose your most strong processor, which is in 99% of the cases the Nvidia so you want to not have automatic choice, but click this draw a drop down menu where it says your Graphic processor of choice basically and you want to switches to High-performance Nvidia processor and not Integrated graphics card. So click this high processing Nvidia processor and then you click use and Dear you should now have You know done it for the global settings Then we have also program settings this is settings for Different, you know individual programs and not global settings in rare cases you do want a program running on the Intel integrated graphics processor and not The Nvidia one. This might be if you play a heavy game on say And the Nvidia processor and you also listen to music in the background on your web browser It might cost that the audio is stuttering on the web browser What you want to do in that case is you take your web browser is? Opera and then you change this to integrated graphics and then click use So, you know Then when we’re done this we changed global settings to High-performance Nvidia processor. This is the most important part. Oh yes, and what you also need to do save the settings, by the way, I just You know did some changes which isn’t useful so but ok. Here we have it something you also need to do is set physics configuration and Here you need to you see it’s automatic choice, which is not good and You want to select the Nvidia card the Nvidia car cards? Might be called Titan GeForce GTX Something is written on the name of your card select that the CPU Unit is the same as the integrated graphics. So select the GeForce GTX one and click use It will now Set up some settings and we’ll take a little bit of time, but there is basically that And you should be good to go now when we are Already here. I can just give you some quick tips If you want higher quality, you can go to this first setting here and you can drag up this large slider to quality and you can also You know drag it down to pristine de if you want more pasanda so basically you can cheat click my choice and change this so if you want pressed on de and At the cost of it looking as good you basically want this It’s pretty is pretty straightforward Anyhow, you also have one setting which you really want to change If that’s not changed, it’s the info graphic settings control panel it looks a lot different but we can go to energy and here you can see it’s default is usually Maximal battery and this might actually make it less Less efficient so you just drag it down to maximum quality and click use yep, like that pretty useful and That’s basically Dutch. I think this should indeed help you to switch between your Nvidia integrated graphics card know your integrated Intel graphics card and and your Dedicated high performance Nvidia card and you know some tips and tricks how to basically optimize your systems You know get to latest drivers customized settings and getting better performance So anyways, I hope this will be a good and welcome update to my last tutorial If you liked this tutorial, please leave a like and other than that I will just say Thank you very much for watching. This is Gmodism signing out

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    !!! Do you want to use nvidia but you are not sure if you have a nvidia card? (you need one for this to work) Then check this tutorial to find out:
    Link To Nvidia Drivers Downloads Page (you should always use the latest drivers):
    Link To Intel Integrated Graphics Drivers:
    How to Properly Install Nvidia Drivers – manual install & everything explained:
    Tutorial how to see what graphics cards you have (both Intel, Nvidia & AMD):
    What Generation Intel Processor do I have? (tutorial)
    How to know what Intel(r) HD integrated graphics card you have, tutorial complete:
    "You are not currently using a display attached to an NVIDIA GPU" How to fix, video tutorial:

    Did this video sovle your problem? Donate to: Much appreciated 🙂
    Check links in description for downloading the drivers, and related complementary videos.

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