How to Post to a Text  Box ENCODING

How to Post to a Text Box ENCODING

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Alright, this short video will walk you through
the basic steps of submitting a post for assignments that ask you to do that. In this case, you’re
going to be submitting a post in the text box that appears on the screen right underneath
the assignment itself. Now, this is specifically for these types of assignments, that tell
you to post something in the dialogue box. ‘ll do another video to show you how to post
things under the Discussion link on TalonNet. So, of course, when you get this text or dialogue
box to open, submitting a post just simply means that in the space provided, excuse the
gibberish, you’re just going to type in your response, your submission, your answer to
the question that has been asked as part of the assignment and when you are done submitting
this short essay writing assignment, whatever you want to call it, you just basically go
down to the bottom of the page and hit submit. And that is how you submit a post. So, hopefully,
this will help you alleviate some of the concerns and questions I’m already getting, so good
luck see you next time.

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