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Whether you think you can or you think you can’t you’re right, so you might as well believe that you can hey What is up Gabi here to talk about? How you or anyone can learn any? Language that you really want to learn when I talk to my friends about how I learned Spanish Portuguese a little Japanese a little French they’re like. Oh my gosh. You must be a genius. I am NOT a genius I’ll tell you that much I know for a fact that if you really want to learn a language You can you just need to keep Some guiding principles in mind because the way that we learn languages in our traditional classrooms Hasn’t worked very well And that’s why people think that you’re some kind of genius if you know more than one language now There are five principles that I want to share with you that can help you to learn any language now We may not be able to learn all the languages in the world at the same time we actually need to focus a bit on one at a time and That’s part of how we learn any language that we want to so first of all Choose the language whether it’s English or Spanish or Portuguese I highly recommend focusing on one language at a time especially Like when I was learning Portuguese and also working on Spanish. They’re so similar and it was super confusing and I made a lot of embarrassing mistakes actually mixing up the two languages But it’s okay because then I learned to focus on one at a time and yes You can go back and forth like over the years I started with Spanish then I took a break learned some Portuguese then sugar break went back to Spanish so yeah that works Just fine, but it’s a good idea to focus for at least several months on one language at a time next you need to know your motivation your reason why and have some interest in learning the language, maybe this seems obvious But I don’t think it’s really obvious to everyone I mean you can think for example like Oh, Russian is so cool I really want to learn it But just thinking of languages and wanting to learn it just to learn the language isn’t usually enough to keep us motivated Past those first few hours of studying because learning a language does require time and effort And you have to stay motivated people who become fluent in another language are the ones who stay motivated Over a long time so for months at a time So you really need to know why you’re learning that language Maybe like with me and fortune is I really love music From Brazil which is in? Portuguese so that really keeps me motivated to learn and I have some friends in Brazil and I like to speak Portuguese when I go to visit them in Brazil with Japanese I was motivated to learn quite a bit because I was living in Japan and although I could totally survive without knowing Japanese I Really wanted to be able to participate in everyday life and ask questions I mean basic things like ask for directions if I was lost so it was a bit of a survival motivation, okay, so you need to know Your reason why and just thinking a language is cool is a good start But it’s not usually gonna carry you through the months required to really become fluent in the language Next you really need to believe in yourself I don’t know why you’d even really start learning a language if you didn’t believe it was possible But this happens all the time Maybe because some people are required to take English class or require to take a foreign language And you don’t really think you can become fluent, but you have to take the class anyway Well really if you better off trying to brainwash yourself to think that you are capable of really becoming fluent Because there’s a famous quote whether you think you can or you think you can’t you’re right So you might as well believe that you can Next depending on your motivation or your reason why you want to learn the language you want to learn? Set SMART goals mark goals are specific measurable attainable Reasonable and timely goals so a goal like I want to become fluent in Russian is not A SMART goal because then we have to ask ourselves What does it mean to be fluent and? How much time are you willing to devote to this goal and is it attainable in that amount of time so we need to be? really specific and the more specific your goal actually the better that is like let’s say I Want to learn the Cyrillic alphabet in? two weeks Random example, but it’s timely because I put a deadline on it, and it’s specific because it’s one part of the language it’s not becoming fluent in the entire language so stick to really measurable and Small goals like bite size goals that you can accomplish because every time you accomplish your goal well It feels really good and it’s gonna motivate you to go on to that next goal Maybe it would be learning vocabulary or having a one-minute conversation than a 10-minute conversation with a native speaker or maybe Writing a poem or it could be really anything you want to do singing a song in that language really It’s totally up to you and it’s better if it’s up to you because when you create a goal that is something that you Really want to do that you enjoy then you’re going to attain that goal faster because you’re Motivated by your own reasons not anybody else’s next you have to listen and read and Immerse yourself in materials that you enjoy so I just mentioned if it’s your goal to sing a song in Russian or Chinese Or Japanese whatever language you’re studying Then you’re gonna need to actually listen to that song first this may seem obvious, but so many people Just say oh just start speaking the language and you’ll be fluent just speak from the first Second that you decide to study the language and I do agree that you need to speak And not just wait until everything is perfect But you have to listen in order to know what to say right so first things first Find some listening material or some reading material that you enjoy and that is at a good level for you whether you’re a beginner or intermediate level in the language you’re studying and that will give you a Template or something to copy so you know what to say this leads right into the next step Which is you have to copy or imitate or shadow those? materials so that you know what to say, so I’m a huge fan of listening to music in languages that I want to learn I listen to a ton of Brazilian music a ton of music in Spanish from various countries and that helps me a lot with my pronunciation and a lot with Learning idioms and slang and vocabulary that’s more on the casual side so anyway That’s a great way to learn because you can sing along you can copy it you can then use that vocabulary in your own way in your own conversations, or simply to be able to sing songs in that language if that’s your goal and Finally use the language Not just as like a cool party trick like look at me I can speak a little Japanese, but use the language as a tool to do things that you enjoy so I Know a large amount of Japanese vocabulary related to food why? Because I like Japanese food I don’t know that much Japanese vocabulary about other topics like I couldn’t talk about the economy in Japanese, but I can order sushi I can order any kind of food pretty much in Japanese Because that’s what I like to do So I’m just saying that You should use the language that you’re learning as a tool to do things that you like to do Maybe you like to sing maybe you like to play guitar Maybe you like to write or maybe you like to I don’t know maybe you like to talk to people in that language of course That’s a huge reason to learn a language is to make friends From that country or culture where they speak the language so that we can learn more about the world so I hope that Those steps will help you to learn any language. I know they will quick recap find your motivation focus on one language at a time make sure that you are listening and reading to a lot of materials that you enjoy in that language set small SMART goals and Finally use the language as a tool to do things that you enjoy oh And I almost forgot believe in yourself seriously if you can speak your first language Then you can speak a second third fourth fifth Language it is Possible I believe in you believe in yourself, too. It’s necessary to get to any level of fluency alright Thanks so much for watching if you enjoyed it make sure to subscribe leave me a comment Let me know what Languages that you would like to learn that you’re starting to learn I would love to know all right talk to you soon bye for now

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