How to download and install avg free antivirus

How to download and install avg free antivirus

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Hi and welcome back. This is White Armour Consulting and today, I’m going to show you a quick tutorial on how to download and install AVG AntiVirus, the free version. The free version now comes with real-time security updates, scans for both malware and performance issues, and even catches malicious downloads before they reach your PC. I’ll release another video explaining all the different features at a later time, but for now, let’s begin. Open up your favourite browser and go to the search bar, and type in: AVG and hit enter. And you’re going to be looking for: and that’s the URL you’re going to be clicking. After you get to this page, I want to show you the difference. So we’re just going to go to “AVG free AntiVirus”, and you scroll down a bit and here is the explanation of what “AntiVirus Free” will do for you and what “AVG Internet Security” will do for you. Now there is a price associated to the internet security, but for free, you do get these nice features. Let’s begin. Left click “FREE Download”. Then you’re going to save this file in your favourite location and when the download is finished, you’re just going to double-click that .exe file. Put in your password for your admin account, if you have one, for the user access control. Then you can close the browser and this is where it’ll begin. So my advice is to make sure you uncheck “Yes, try the Google Chrome browser”. Look under “Customize”. This is going to show you the different features that AVG has to offer and I will go into these details in another video. For now, all I want you to do is leave it as is. Or if you don’t want the recommended protection, you can do the minimal protection, which will be those three, or you can customize it by unchecking the ones you don’t want. For now, I’m going to leave it as recommended and install. Now AVG will go ahead and download the required files and start installing. And that’s it. After it’s done downloading and installing, you’re going to get an icon on the top corner of your browser. Sorry, of your desktop. There you go. You’ll notice this pop up. You’re going to hit “Continue”. You don’t need to put in your email address here because we don’t want to protect our phone yet, but if you do want to protect your phone put in your email address and send it, and then that’ll send the download to your Android or iOS. I’m going to say “No thanks”. And AVG is now installed. Now you’ll be able to go through the different options it has to offer. I will release another video at a later time explaining the different features and how to use it, but for now, that’s everything. If you have any questions about this tutorial or it doesn’t seem to work for you, please let me know in the comments below. I’ll gladly help. If you found this video useful, please give it a like and don’t forget to subscribe for future security videos. Thanks and take care.

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