How to build a Day Trading Computer Set up? Best Day Trading Station

How to build a Day Trading Computer Set up? Best Day Trading Station

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This is my optimal day trading set up with
a gaming tower and multiple displays. And we’ll be talking about specs and cost for
this build in this video. So after the Reverse split strategy video
from last week, i got a lot of comments there asking why I didnt call him back. Just kidding,
no one cares about him I got a lot of comments asking me about this
new trading set up. Technically its not that new. I just havent shown it before because,
ok my desk was really messy and i just havent cleaned it up. And i just really need an excuse
to film a video standing up. Because over the past thanksgiving weekend my fatass got
fatter. So I thought it’d be cool to show you guys
my trading station, how much this cost, the technical specs, and why I need all these
screens. Spoilers: its for watching YouTube videos, annnnd, smashing those like buttons
and the notification bell. Let’s start with my PC tower. This is a
gaming tower. I really like it because these colors look pretty cool. And its very very
quiet. So this tower has graphics card from $NVDA
Nvidia RTX 2060 6GB GPU, and $INTC Intel I5 9600 hexa core CPU. You know the funny thing
is, after you day trading for a couple of years you start reading products and brands
as their stock tickers. Just yesterday I went to JWN to buy some LB,
after that I drank some STZ and had MCD for dinner. Anyways, so thats the GPU and CPU, this build
alos has 16Gs of ram, 240g solid state drive, 2TB standard hard drive, and watercooling. Okay, i know i just dropped tons of these
geeky technical terms, and you’re probably wondering, Humbled trader, what exactly does
all that mean? So let me explain all that technical jargon meaning to you in the clearest
way possible, I have NO f**king clue. Basically this is what happened, I went to
a couple of my gamer friends who are much smarter than i am and much more knowledgeable
about computers graphics cards etc etc, and I asked them, hey man I need a set up for
trading, not gaming, but I care about speed, stability, and need to be able to run 4 monitors
with visual charts simultaneously. And this is what they suggested for me. Get
at least a 250G SSD which is solid state drive, and much faster than the standard hard disk
drive. You’ll need at least 8G of ram, ideally 16, whcih is what allows your computer to
run multiple programs efficiently. Ram is very important, because I need that to run
my scanners, multiple broker platforms at once, and other important things like watching
YouTube videos. Next is the CPU, which is the command central
for your computer. My friends recommended at least an Intel I5 quad core processor with
speed of at least 3.3 GHZ. an intel I7 or i9 quad core would be even better than what
I have. And as for graphics cards, my friends told
me not cheap out on it since im running multiple displays, videos and other graphics. And they
recommend at least a NVidia GTX GPU or similar, with at least 2G of memory. As for water cooling, I don’t think its
really necessary unless you’re gaming. But i have it just because it came with it at
the store I bought it. And i’ll talk about where i got it and the cost breakdown in a
little bit. And down here beneath my table I have a foot
rest for my short legs. And lets now forget about these cute little
plants that are probably gona die soon. Theres three things im absolutely terrible at in
life. Cooking, taking of plants, and telling jokes that are actually funny. So lets take a look at my monitors, all four
of these are LG 24inch LED monitors with 75 hertz refresh rate. The colors are amazing
on these displays. I was debating whether to get those curved screens for a while. And
to just get two fo those and stack them vertically. But those curved screens are not cheap. And
i would need at least two 34 or 37 inch curved screens. I much rather spend more money on my tower
build. And im looking to get two more monitors actually and have them set up vertically on
both sides. And I think that’ll look really cool. So i don’t have to minimize my scanners
or news feed and can just have those windows open. RIght now all four monitors are charts
with different time frames, the daily and intraday. As for keyboard and mouse. My gaming keyboard
broke after i spill some beer on it couple of months ago, and by beer i mean water. So
im using this backup keyboard at the moment. Im going to get one of those RGB keyboards
to match with my gaming tower. As for mouse i use an ergonomic vertical mouse.
I cant use the regular standard gaming mouse because my wrist and forearm is injured from
my previous computer intensive jobs, and from sports injuries because I do some extreme
pole sports, and from smashing too many like buttons! But the game changer real add on for this
set up upgrade, is this vertical quad monitor mount from Vivo. this monitor mount is ALMOST
perfect, i’ll show you what I mean i a a little bit. It’s very sturdy, can hold 4
screens up to 30 inches, comes with cable management system at the back, that’s where
I organize my HDMI cords and DPI cords from all 4 monitors. And you can kind of adjust the screen sideways,
or tilt it up and down. You can rotate the entire screen to make the display vertical.
To move the entire row vertically higher or lower though, you need to use these allen
keys to losen this clamp at the back and then move it. Im not going to do that in this video
today because its very heavy. Now the biggest thing that bothers me about
this monitor mount, is that it’s extremely difficult to adjust the monitors so they align
perfectly side by side. Trust me I tried. Maybe im OCD, maybe im not. But seeing this
tiny bit of offset between all four screens, really really bothers me. Like, this stresses
me out. Other than the alignment issue, this monitor mount is great and very sturdy. Ill
leave links to my entire trading setup below. Lets talk about the cost now. The mount cheap
it was only about $60 from amazon. The LG displays are cheap as well they were about
$120 each. Now the biggest cost of the set up was definitely the Tower build. Which I
strongly recommend you to do if you’re shopping for a trading set up. The displays are cool and all, but its the
ram, the CPU and GPU thats going to make all the difference. The tower cost about $1570
Canadian, which is like $20 US. Just kidding, its about
$1180 US. Which I think it’s a great deal. And you definitely don’t need an RTX GPU,
thats really for gaming. You can go for a GTX graphics card and save a couple hundred
dollars. I got the entire PC tower from Canada Computers.
The staff there was really knowledgeable and can custom build for you according to your
needs, and the fees and prices are reasonable. For my canadian viewers, you can check them
out online or in store. As for my American viewers, i dont know if you guys have US computers
or not, but you have Amazon. This video is not sponsored by anyone btw. If you want to be able to trade remote on
a lap top instead, I used to have an ASUS ROG 15 inch gaming laptop, that one was pretty
good. And you can hook it up to portable USB monitors. I’m definitely not the most techy expert but
this is just my day trading set up i use every single day after I consulted with my gamer
friends. And it works perfectly for me. Ill put all the specs in detail in the description
below. Let me know in the comments below what kind
of trading setup you have. And as always, if you enjoyed the video and the bad jokes
please remember to always annihilate the like button below and subscribe! Thank you guys
for watching as always. And ill see you guys next week.

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