“How Many Languages Do You Speak?” – Q&A and Patreon Announcement

“How Many Languages Do You Speak?” – Q&A and Patreon Announcement

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Hello everyone and welcome to the Langfocus channel, and my name is Paul. Today this is not a feature video. This is just a special video in which I’m going to make a little announcement and then I’m going to answer some frequently asked questions that a lot of people ask me in the comments of videos
and also in private messages. So, the first announcement that I want to make
is that I have created a Patreon account. Now maybe you don’t know what Patreon is. Patreon is a service that allows you to basically
support your favorite YouTube creators by pledging to give them a certain amount of money each month.
An amount of money that you decide. Now I want to say right away: you don’t have
to do this, you don’t have to give any money. This is basically like a voluntary subscription fee
that you can pay if you want. But the amount is up to you.
So it can be as little as one dollar. That’s one of the cool things about Patreon
is that everyone can give us one dollar Not everyone but if you want, you can give one dollar
and if a lot of people give one dollar,
then that amount of money kind of adds up And the creator gets you no significant amount.
So that’s the cool thing about it. It’s kind of a collective way to support
your favorite creators as a team. So the reason I’m doing that is because I put in a lot
of time and effort into making the videos and… basically that’s a lot of time that I could be putting
into different work that pays money. I do get a little bit of money from
some advertising on Youtube But it’s just a small amount,
it’s not really a lot. And that’s because, according to my statistics,
about 70% of people use ad blockers. And that’s okay.
I don’t really mind if you do that. That’s up to you. Of course, this is all voluntary. If you want to support
the channel, Patreon is a way to do that. Even if you like to use an ad blocker
or whatever things like that. Basically have a look at the Patreon page
that I’ve created. If you think that Langfocus deserves a little donation
every month, a dollar or whatever you want to give, then… that would be highly appreciated. But if not, then don’t
worry about it, because I’ll still love you just as much. You’ll still be a valued viewer and all of that.
So don’t even stress about it. It’s completely voluntary. And the link to that Patreon page is
down below in the description. So, on to a few frequently asked questions. So the first frequently asked question is:
Paul, how many languages do you speak? Now this is a strange question to be asked
because it kind of feels like… because I’m making the videos, that people think
I’m a language master or a language guru. or one of those things. And I don’t think of myself
like that. I don’t think I’m a language master. I’m just someone who’s very passionate about
languages and very interested in them. And I’m also very passionate about learning
because I’m a teacher, but also I just love learning. But I know why people are asking that question.
So I’ll try to give you my answer off. I’ll tell you which languages that I’ve basically invested
a lot of time into studying, that I’ve studied in depth, and that I have a significant amount of knowledge of. It doesn’t mean I’m really advanced at those languages
but it means I put that time and effort into them. So the first one that I studied,
back in the day, was Hebrew. In university, I studied Biblical Hebrew
but, in my free time, I also studied modern Hebrew I also studied Biblical Arameic at university. And, at the same time, I studied
Old English or Anglo-Saxon So we can throw that in there.
It’s not a spoken language but I’ll throw that in there. I’ve also studied Arabic.
I’ve studied modern Standard Arabic. And also some Arabic dialects, specifically Palestinian
and, to some extent, Egyptian as well. I’ve also, of course, studied Japanese.
As you might know, I live in Japan
and I’ve been studying Japanese for a long time I’ve also studied Indonesian.
I’ve also studied French. I’ve also studied Tagalog
I’ve also studied Esperanto. And I’ve also recently been studying Italian. So those are the ones I’ve really put time
and effort into studying quite a lot. I don’t know if I’m forgetting any
but that’s probably the main ones. There are other languages that I’ve studied to
a basic level but I don’t really know them enough
to say that I know them And there are some languages that I can also read. Like I have passive knowledge of them,
because I’ve studied related languages. But I’ve never specifically studied
those languages themselves so… For example, Portuguese and Spanish, I can… I can often make sense of them
when I’m reading them, but I’ve never studied them. There are also other languages that
I just studied from a linguist’s point of view. Like I want to see how those languages work.
So I examined them. Sometimes the language profile videos
I make are kind of like that. Like I’m just interested in those languages.
So I examine them and study
and learn about those languages. But I haven’t necessarily studied those languages. Basically, I consider myself a language enthusiast,
someone who loves languages. I don’t call myself a polyglot.
I’m not going to make a video called: “Canadian guy speaks 25 languages”
or something like that. Like that’s not really the purpose of this channel. The channel is called Langfocus
because I want to focus on the languages. Not really on me and my own ability. Another frequently asked question I get is:
“Paul, what do you do for a living?
Is it related to languages?” Well, yes, kind of. I’m an instructor at a university. And I teach English as a foreign language
to students in Japan. So, originally, part of the reasons I made the Langfocus
channel was kind of to inspire my students. So I have some videos to show them and I could
show them that my hobby is language learning. And I could give them some extra motivation
to work hard to study English, because they could see that
their teacher is doing that too. Another frequently asked question I get is:
“Paul, what’s your educational background?” Well, I have 2 university degrees. My first university degree was in English
with a linguistics focus. So it wasn’t a literature degree, it was a linguistics
degree in the English department. So that means I studied the history of English
I studied English grammar, I studied English phonology, I studied dialectal differences in English.
I studied all of those kinds of things
about the English language. I also had a minor in religious studies. Basically all of my credits that went towards that minor
were courses in biblical Hebrew and biblical Aramaic. I wanted to study those languages and I figured out
that I could get a minor in religious studies, by just taking those courses.
So that’s what I did. I also have a second university degree.
That one is in Education. After I finished my first degree, I went back
to university and did a second degree in education. And that’s what allows me to be a teacher
and do my current job at the university. So that’s just a little bit about me. It seems like
some of the viewers want to get to know
a little bit more about me personally. If you’re one of those people, you can check out
my Instagram too. That gives you a little bit of
a glimpse into my life, my daily life. And you can follow me on Facebook as well
and all of those different social media channels. So thank you for watching. Have a nice day.

100 thoughts on ““How Many Languages Do You Speak?” – Q&A and Patreon Announcement

  • jisoo stan Post author

    English: My native language is Spanish. Also a little Tagalog, as I was born in Manila. To explain myself, I was born in Manila, my parents are from Mexico, I live in England and I might move to Spain 🙂

    Español: mi lengua materna es el español. También un poco de Tagalo, como Nací en Manila. Para explicarme, nací en Manila, mis padres son de México, vivo en Inglaterra y podría mudarme a España:)

    Tagalog: Aking katutubong wika ay wikang Espanyol. Din ng kaunting Tagalog, habang ako ay ipinanganak sa Maynila. Ipaliwanag ang sarili ko, ipinanganak ako sa Maynila, ang mga magulang ko ay mula sa Mexico, nakatira ako sa England at ko baka ilipat na sa Espanya 🙂

  • NetAndyCz Post author

    I am glad you do nto pretend you are fluent in 20 languages like some other people;)

    As a Czech I always wondered if I should list Slovak amongst the languages I know, I can understand Slovak people really well, I just cannot speak it, never put any effort into learning and I know actively only few words that differ in our closely related languages. But I am sometimes exposed to Slovak in TV or elsewhere and it is not that hard to understand.

    1) Czech (+ Slovak)
    2) English
    3) French (passive so far)
    4) Italian (can order pizzas and ice-cream)
    Can say hi and thanks in few other languages.

  • Low Roar Post author

    You seem like such an interesting person!

  • Nadin Madi Post author

    I'm a native Arabic speaker, speak English fluently and can understand French, also express myself in it a bit. I can read Spanish and currently learning German…my main aim is to master Arabic, English and German also to be better in French…anyone with similar situation can share their experience with me? I really need some encouragement !

  • FranchuFranchu Post author

    This is the best Patreon announcement ever

  • Zhenia Poet Post author

    Really enjoy your videos, Paul. I'm a native Russian speaker who lives in Canada (speak English, of course), plus Ukrainian, understand Polish and lazy-learning Spanish at diz moment:) Thank you for the great content and your bright personality!!!

  • Ammar Khamdevi Post author

    Tagalog and Indonesian are austronesian language. Could you discuss in new video about the relationship and how much similarities they have?

  • Joan Bongcawel Post author

    Fluent in English, Spanish,Filipino(Tagalog) and Bisaya(Cebuano) as my native language. I'm learning Norwegian, Mandarin Chinese, Italian, Indonesian, and also French.

    and i'll learn Greek, German, Russian, Portuguese, Romanian, Arabic as well as Hindi.

    If I can.

    But I understand 4 Languages

  • Aquarius Post author

    Paul, you are genius! כל הכבוד

  • Henrich von Schwanz Post author

    I'm kazakh, and know kazakh and russian, also I know english but not perfectly, cuz I can't watch films or mults without subtitles, but I try to learn it. And also your channel helps me in that cuz it cool to me to know how other language is. Thank u for that.

  • Libau ruzgijs Post author

    I speak Russian, Latvian and English

  • Mahmut Kerem Biçer Post author

    A bit Spanish
    A bit German
    A bit French

  • CWM030 Post author

    I want to know your nationality.. I think your possibly Bulgarian or somewhere in there?

  • Suárez Post author

    Pues sí.. das war humble as fuck.

    Mis respetos. <3

  • Juhani Lehto Post author

    Thanks Paul for introducing yourself. A Finn here speaking Finnish, Swedish and English (and only some German and Estonian), working on Spanish now. I am a language enthusiastic. Your videos are extremely interesting. Thanks!

  • Natalie Elskamp Post author

    Hablo inglés y empecé a aprender el hermoso idioma de español en grado nueve, y actualmente he estado estudiando el dialecto castellano. 👍🏼

  • Blacloud Post author

    * Spends 1 minute saying he's not a languages pro

    * Spends the next 4 minutes listing the languages he speaks

  • Mr. No Post author

    What is awesome on Paul is that he is as humble as passionate.

  • cynth0984 Post author

    how to disable adblocking on youtube for a certain channel?

  • Hunter Long Post author

    Video starts at 2:07

  • zinou hamouda Post author

    I speak Englich ; spanich italien frensh russian and my language native is ARABIC

  • Caio Reis Post author

    I like to hear your English. I have some difficult in those channels which the speaker talks and explain something too fast. Greetings from Brazil!

  • noel alcarde Post author

    I know 5

  • Nur Baiti - Hikaru Post author

    The same question to you, and now I know the answer.
    You are master for me.

  • nirvan abilash Post author


  • Timothy Murray Post author

    Off topic, but just curious, are you Jewish or Catholic or some sort of Christian? Since you studied Hebrew and Aramaic it makes sense that you would be (unless you aren't religious so much as a historian!)

  • Reason Knocks Post author

    Languages I speak fluently (accent, R/W, expressions, gestures, set phrases, local jargon, etc.), in a random order:

    * Spanish (Iberian)
    * German (Hoch-/Standarddeutsch and to some extent Lower Saxon) * Catalan (central) * Hebrew * English

    Languages I either currently speak or used to at a decent conversation level, R/W, high degree of understanding (“feeling the language"):

    * Romanian
    * Arabic (Fusha and regional)

    Languages I could speak or understand to a certain degree, whether due to life circumstances (physical residence) or for business purposes:

    * Japanese
    * Tagalog * (Ki)Swahili

    Languages I am currently interested in taking up:


    I am still to learn a language by choice (and I mean really by choice), never seemed to be able to do that, too complicated to fit into my hectic daily schedule. My son is 10 y/o, he speaks 3 languages and I’d rather invest my time in him than in myself.

    And, of course, there are these languages such as Ladino (the Jewish, not the north Italian) which I obviously understand perfectly, being essentially a partially modernised 16th century Spanish with many Hebrew and local influences (although when local means Greek or Berber, then no, but the eastern dialects are quite intuitive). And when reading Portuguese, Italian, Gallego, etc. I can understand a lot, but far from everything, and I can’t figure out much beyond basic sentences when spoken to.

  • Alba G Post author

    I'm 14 and spanish (so Spanish is my first language) I'm fluent in English (I studied in Canada) and learning French

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    I am native Hindi I love your videos and beyond

  • G vH Post author

    German, Dutch, English, Spanish and some Bulgarian and Russian here.

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  • Sfingle Post author

    That royalty free idubbbz music in the outro tho
    Great channel

  • Pandaplutten Post author

    My 1st language is Swedish and I work in Norway. According to a Berlitz-test, my English is on the level of a native. My Cantonese is fluent but lack vocabulary. I speak German fluently but can only hold a light conversation in Spanish! My goal is to learn Arabic, Mandarin and Russian -and then I'll conquer the world!! 😀

  • Lil Trump Post author

    I speak Czech, Slovak, English and Russian and now I'm studying Arabic

  • 僕はユニコーンです。 Post author

    I know a lot of Japanese, but not enough to say I'm fluent. l'm also a beginner in spanish and thats it. ps I'm a unicorn.

  • Agostino Sepe Post author

    Very interesting video, as usual. Here are some not frequently asked questions that I personally deem worth asking:
    1) How many and which languages do you speak fluently?
    2) What is/are the foreign language/s you think you speak best?
    3) You say you can make sense of Spanish and Portuguese basing on your knowledge of other romance languages, that got me thinking, I watched your video about Japan, and if your ability in reading japanese and knoledge of kanji are half as good as your spoken japanese, I believe you should be able to make quite a lot of sense out of written mandarin. What do you think of that?
    Thank you again for your inspiring and enjoyable videos.

  • Agostino Sepe Post author

    Oh, I'm sorry, I realize that I posted the same comment twice, I'm still not too familiar with youtube, channels and stuff. This gives opportunity, anyway, to ask you again for a video on your ways and insights on teaching of english as a foreign language. If you can't get permission to film your class at university, you could ask some non-native speaker friends of yours for help and make a video of a simulated lesson. Or even a theoretical one would be just as awesome.
    Anyway, you're an amazing guy, please keep sharing your knowledge and experience!

  • Palace of Brilliance Post author

    11 languages?!?

  • Kanal Q Post author

    Wait, you live in JAPAN!!??

  • amir sabbaghi Post author

    I speak Persian English and a local language called mazani or mazandarani which is close to persian.

  • Bighomer5 Post author

    "Canadian guy speaks 25 languages!"
    Nice flex 🙂

  • Tianmiao Zhang Post author

    I can speak Chinese (native), English (fluent), Russian (fluent as well), I'm studying Dutch and Italian 🙂

  • Rekha N Kumar Post author

    I can speak 3 languages. English, Tamil, Hindi

  • Lucas Castro Post author

    I can speak
    And Dutch

  • iii faelowo Post author

    not bragging but i know 4 languages
    British American Australia and Canadian lol

  • Nizar Hasanudin Post author

    I speak:

    Bahasa Indonesia
    Bahasa Melayu
    Bahasa Indonesia(Ternate)

  • Pixel Bytes Post author

    I want to learn more languages but im worried that people would assume things about me if they learned that i speak them. If i learned Hebrew or Arabic people would assume im religious and if i learn japanese people would think im a weeaboo. People already think i learn Chinese because of some political reason when i just like the language

  • Eliano Zarate Post author

    what i love about you is that you humble and a nice person and admits what he knows and what he doesnot not like the stupid dutch calling i speak 25 languages and i know this a that then he is teaching french now and he say oui like whhhh which i am as a french italian found it so offensive

  • rop por Post author

    Can you speak Arabic

  • ash thomas Post author

    I was born in Armenia and moved to Australia when i was 10 and i spoke Armenian and Russian fluently already (can also speak basic Turkish and Farsi but not fluent) but when i came to Australia i spoke zero English however it only took me a couple of years to learn

  • Manuel Túñez Post author

    I speak Spanish, English, German and Galician, with mutual intelligibility I understand portuguese easily
    I'm interested in italian

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    Thanks a lot sir. You have helped me a lot and as a result I have also started to be a language enthusiast

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  • HowSci Post author

    Well, Langfocus isn't a very "natural" English speaker. For some reason, his English sounds a bit chopped up.

  • patrick gorski Post author

    you never answered the question HOW MANY?

  • AAAt0M Is Rap Post author


    Almost fluent

    In progress


  • andik ardian Post author

    I speak "SUNDANESE" (West Java and Banten language) as my 1st language.

    "BAHASA INDONESIA" (Indonesian lingua franca) as my 2nd language.

    "JAVANESE" (Central Java, Jogja, and East Java language, its different with Japanese) as my 3rd language.

    "ENGLISH" as my 4th language.

    "BAHASA MELAYU" (Most of Sumatran island native language) as my 5th language.

    "BAHASA NGAPAK" (western Central Java language) as my 6th language).

    "BAHASA OSING" (Eastern East java language/close to Bali) as my 7th language.

    "BETAWINESE" (Jakarta, Tangerang, Depok, Bekasi language) as my 8th language.

    And i will learn Japanese or Korean.

    I can speak 8 languages ​​even though I only live in one country. (each of them is very different).

    For the prespectif:
    English: Me
    Bahasa Indonesia: Aku
    Sundanese: Abdi/kuring/dewek/aing/
    Javanese: Kula/Aku
    Bahasa Melayu: Saya
    Ngapak: Inyong
    Betawinese: Gue/gua
    Bahasa Osing: Isun
    (It's completely different right?)

    I want to learn languages ​​from other countries too.

    *Sory for too long.

  • James Post author

    I speak English & French fluently 😃 I also speak Spanish, German & Russian ( even though I'm black) not many blacks speak Russian!

  • Bilgin Bilgin Post author

    I speak English,Turkish,Russian and Bulgarian

  • Denis Post author

    I speak
    But all of these are very bad xDDDD
    French is still the most difficult for learning, perhaps because it have just crazy rules of reading and speeling 🙁

  • Mehrshad Yaghoubi Post author

    I speak in 7 languages:
    All these are middle eastern languages except English!

  • Bloody hell Post author

    irish(not fluent at all)

  • hellmind Post author

    My native language is Russian, I'm fluent in English and it's my major at university. Besides that, I also study Dutch (pretty fluent) and German (somewhat easy to get a hang of due to the basic understanding of Dutch grammar and lots of similar words available in both languages) as my 2nd and 3rd languages at uni. 🙂

  • Ander Galeatxe Post author

    I can speak 2 languages and to some degree 2 more. Spanish, English, Portuguese, and Italian.

  • Qui Vincet Post author


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    im learning Hebrew

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    My native language is brazilian portuguese. I studied english since school and only just recently (36yo) I began to understand hearing english speakers without subtitles.
    However that ears' open made me very happy.
    It's incredible to hear and understand another language beyond our native.
    I still think in portuguese to build the sentences but I guess it is gradually changing.

  • ibesweetp2 Post author

    I am fluent in English, know enough Swedish to hold a basic conversation, and have just started Nahuatl classes. Really have a heavy interest in Native American languages and would like to pick up at least a few in the next few years.

  • bobby midha Post author

    If only I had 1/2 your brain power.

  • David Adam Post author

    I feel so small and dumb watching your videos. I only speak 3 languages and have just studied 2 of them. Native language: Spanish. Obviously studied this one. Second language: English. I studied it because it's beautiful! The foreign language I haven't studied but I speak fluently: Italian. But you… I am not a language lover anymore.

  • The Tico Polyglot Post author

    Kumusta ka? Is there somebody who speaks or studies Tagalog?

  • Austin Smith Post author

    Very humble of u, im getting there myself – french, Russian at near fluency. Relearning Spanish and Gaeilge, currently learning German, Persian, Turkish, Norwegian, Czech, Polish, modern Greek, Swahili and hope to learn: Icelandic, Armenian, Georgian, Magyar and possibly Finnish. Hopefully ill be a polyglot soon haha

  • cmolodiets Post author

    language nerd!

  • cmolodiets Post author

    Why is it that GU is not pronounced the same in language and in guard?

  • 99 bb Post author

    I speak Manglish (Malaysian broken English) :))

  • Kadir Playz Post author

    I speak German (because i live in switzerland,so i can also speak swiss german)
    I also speak turkish(because my father was born in turkey and my mothers parents were born in turkey but they came to switzerland)
    I can speak english(wich i learned in school)
    And at the moment im learning french(i know the basics like"Bonjour,ça va?,Comment tu t'appelles?)
    And later in high school i will study latin

  • Yahya Abdallah Post author

    I speak German, Dutch, English, Arabic, Turkish 40-50%, Kurdish 30-40%,and I can read and understand the Scandinavian languages, I can understand slowly spoken Hebrew,and also Persian a little bit of the vocabulary.

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    My personal three main languages are Italian, Hungarian, English and Venetian. I have a good level of Latin and I am in the process of learning Croatian and Romanian. I also understand other Romance languages quite well.

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  • missy mason Post author

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