Hammerhead Karoo GPS Bike Computer Detailed & Demoed

Hammerhead Karoo GPS Bike Computer Detailed & Demoed

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(whoosh) – This is the Hammerhead Karoo. If you’re after a bike computer
for navigation and routing, routing in you’re American, then this unit aims to be
the best tool for the job. There’s a lot of tech and hardware crammed into this Android-based computer though, meaning it has the
potential to offer far more than just navigation. In this video, we’re going
to take a detailed look at all the feature and
exactly the things it can do. Now, if you like our content, and would like to support the channel, then please click subscribe down below and also the bell icon so
that you get notifications. Right, let’s have a look. (energetic music) – Firstly, I’m going to show you the unit and focus mainly on the hardware. And, then I’m going to
talk about the software, so the mapping, the routing, and the real time data side of things. Now, out of the box, the
first thing that you notice is that massive screen. And, also the unit feels
pretty weighty and substantial in your hand, and that’s because it’s just so much tech crammed inside it. And, it also has a really
robust construction. So, inside here is a
titanium alloy skeleton to make it really strong, and
also a Gorilla Glass screen, which is either made by or from gorillas. (energetic music) I can’t remember, but either
way, it’s really tough stuff. While on the subject of the screen, this is no ordinary bike computer screen. The Karoo is more like a
smartphone in this regard. The screen is said to be
the highest definition and most responsive on the
market for bike computers. And, it’s 480 by 640 with 229 pixels per inch. The responsiveness is really impressive, and you can multitouch
and pinch zoom in or out on the maps and stuff. It’s like a smartphone screen. As well as the high resolution screen, there’s also anti-glare built in, a feature you will never
ever ever need in the UK. But, you will in other places. There’s also false touch
detection on the screen as well, which is designed to
help stop rain droplets from interfering with the touch screen, something that you will
definitely need in the UK. Although to be fair, it’s quite sunny. It’s weird, global warming. (energetic music) There’s also the option
to lock the touch screen by pressing these two buttons here, and the buttons on the side have some really ergonomic, cool features. So, the functions of
those buttons double up with the main functions of the screen, meaning you don’t have to use the screen if you don’t want to. This is useful if you’re,
say, wearing gloves, where a touch screen can
be a bit difficult to use. Also, the buttons are offset,
which is a clever idea because it means when you pinch the unit to press the buttons on one side, you don’t accidentally press the buttons on the other side as well. There’s wi-fi, ANT+, and
Bluetooth connectivity built in to the unit, and the claimed
battery life is 15 hours. But, there is a handily
placed USB port here that’s useful for charging it on the fly if you want to with an
external battery pack. Something that we
increasingly see people do when they’re bikepacking or
doing extreme endurance events. Something else that’s different from many other bike computers, and again perhaps more
similar to smartphones, is that the Karoo is built
on an Android platform. And, Hammerhead tells us that
there’s loads of hardware built into the device that
it’s yet to take advantage of. Meaning that what this unit
offers is likely to evolve over time in a way that we’ve never seen with a bike computer before. Now, an example of this is a SIM card slot built into the device down here. Now, you don’t need to use
a SIM card to make it work, and this feature can remain dormant. But, down the line Hammerhead reckons that it can add a whole host
of exciting functionality, such as live tracking
and things like that. And, also, the open source
nature of Android means that you can actually design
and build your own apps and put things on the device. Now, apparently some people
in the Hammerhead community have done just that. Right, let’s talk about
routing and navigation. The Karoo is aiming to vastly improve its navigation experience,
and there are a number of routing options. But, firstly, it’s important to point out that maps are included with the device. They’re not all stored
on the device though. They’re stored up in the cloud. I can’t actually see the cloud today. So, it’s a good job that I
downloaded the UK maps earlier, when I could see the cloud. You download the maps for the region that you’re going to be
riding in and delete them and reupload the as appropriate
whenever you need them. And, it’s a similar
system to what Wahoo does. It’s important to point out
because, some other brands they charge extra for the
maps on top of the price of the unit and this could
be quite significant. You can create routes on
the fly on the device, and you can actually edit the
routes on the device as well, so powerful is the processor
and the screen combined. So, if you want to go via a
particular waypoint or road, you can do. Now for example, I’m currently
in the middle of nowhere. And now if I put in home
and ask it to take me there, it calculates a route that’s
pretty sensible actually. That is the roads that I
would take having knowledge of the area myself, so yeah pretty cool. (energetic music) You can also put routes on the device using Hammerhead’s own dashboard. It’s really easy, right. So, you can just take a link
from your chosen mapping site, whether that’s Kamoot, Strava,
or Google Maps or others, and you copy and paste it into this bar. And, then it will appear on the device. So easy! There’s also the option to create routes within Hammerhead’s own dashboard, too. You just go into the route builder, and then you go create new
route, and away you go. I’ve just created one to Cheddar Gorge. Nice. Customizing your data screens can be done on the device, too. It’s really easy, and a
neat feature allows you to prioritize certain sensors over others. So, for example, if you had a speed sensor and you wanted to make sure
your speed reading was coming from the speed sensor and not from GPS which is less accurate, you can do. Or, for example, if you had
more than one power meter and you want to make sure that it was preferentially
reading one and not the other, again you can do. All of your settings and
customs screens and sensors and preferences, they’re
stored up in the cloud. Which means that if you
were to lose your unit, or if it were to get broken
or stolen or whatever then if you get a replacement unit, you can instantly put all of
your settings onto that unit. It also means if you were
to ever borrow a unit, you can put the settings
on there instantly as well. Or you could share a
unit with multiple people and you can all have your
own individual profiles. (energetic music) And when you’ve finished your
ride, when you go to upload it to your chosen third-party
site, whether that’s Strava, Kamoot, or whatever then
you actually get the option to name the ride and
set the privacy settings on the device before it
just automatically uploads. I like that, and it’s not a
feature that I’ve encountered on any other bike computer before. Nice. Now, I hope you’ve found
this video informative, and I hope you can see that it’s a really interesting device. And if you have them,
please give it a thumbs up, share it with your friends,
and let us know what you think about the Karoo in the
comments section down below.

100 thoughts on “Hammerhead Karoo GPS Bike Computer Detailed & Demoed

  • Oliver Higbee Post author

    Finally a decent bike computer!

  • Javier Vazquez Post author

    Not sure if that you mentioned the price. What does it cost?

  • Phil Lentz Post author

    Android ~~~~ failure

  • David W Post author

    Is there a free Karoo contest web link ?

  • Paul Jakma Post author

    "unique in that it uses android" – this simply is not true, the Wahoo ELEMNT computers are Android under the skin, and you can even run the APK for the Wahoo bike computer interface on your Android smartphone.

  • Vee_DT Post author

    I own one of these, I use it on a daily basis, and I love mine. Personally speaking, I think Karoo is better suited to riding than my Android phone for three main reasons:

    1. the screen-on time is realistically around 11 hrs; no phones can have the screen on for that long, esp. with navigation on as well.
    2. in a crash, the phone will likely get shot out of the handlebar mount; I'm not confident at all that it'll survive the crash. Karoo, OTOH, is much sturdier and will likely survive. This is repeatedly reported by several users in the community.
    3. the best part is that Karoo resists water droplets really well; the touchscreen will continue to work despite getting droplets all over it (not 100% of the time, but 97%+ I'd say). And everyone knows how a smartphone screen behaves even with wet fingers, let alone wet screen with raindrops on it.

    Disclaimer: I paid for my unit and I'm not affiliated with Hammerhead.

  • MR. QUE Post author

    The more you have to do fiddling around with your devices , stopping to pinch a screen or setup routes ect…takes away from actually riding ..for me in my opinion. However having said that this unit looks interesting. 😊

  • Scott G Post author

    There's much more than could have been included in this demo.

    Battery life should be stated as depending on many variables such as screen brightness, how long you have the screen on, if you leave certain functions on like wifi, and how many sensors it's pulling data for.

    Metrics – it does all the standard metrics. HRM, Cadence, Speed, Power. Power has built in manual calibration in the sensor setting.

    You can also pick up the Karoo for a 45 day free trial. Don't like it, they take it back.

    And for anyone that thinks touchscreen is a waste, when was the last time you wished you could zoom in or zoom out on a map while using a map?

    The community has also started side loading other apps on the device which is a fairly recent software update.

  • J D Post author

    Future proof? In 70 years of computers, never has one been future proof.

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    Wow what a great piece of kit Ollie but how much.

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    Wahoo Elemnt bike computers are built on android as well.

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    Like first iPhone presentation …
    Reinventing the bike computer… it will NOT be “evolutive”, it will be like for the smartphones: 2years. My old analog bike computer is still fresh after 15years !
    Why just not put a smartphone on the bike with an Ant+ to Bluetooth converter?

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    Looks an awsome bit of kit

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    Hammerhead need to show people their roadmap. It used to be online but has since been removed. Unless they can show clear deliverables then will be sticking with Wahoo. I have the £ ready but not willing to shell out as so much is lacking in the software and all they say is it will be coming 🤪

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    strava vs garmin i am thinking to sell my garmin and use plenty my phone with strava.
    the funny way to use strava with segment and compete with others riders is great. also it is annoying to use garmin and want to change your route the bip of the garmin to get you back to good road is an headhake

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    It looks like first bike GPS that makes sense, finally. I will wait for e-ink and bigger screen though. Oh, btw. you can write software for closed source platform, but of course open source one is a big plus.

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    Had mine from the very first batch and it only got better with time and new releases. Would be doubtful about leaving home for a ride without it nowadays…

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  • David Mulligan Post author

    It is hard to find information about using the Karoo for training. Does it have all of the fields we need like power, tss, if, np, power balance etc? Also does it allow us to record in 1 second intervals or better? How about training intervals?

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    Not sure what all the beef is with Garmin. You don't buy a 5-series Garmin for its maps (some people are making the comparison in the comments) and I don't think you need a high resolution screen to see simple numbers. I don't see what this has that another head unit doesn't have? I'm all android and I'll stick to my Garmin. Just my opinion. Not beef. Nice to have another company in the market. More options push other companies to improve 👍

  • Mark Arehart Post author

    Hey GCN Tech, I've got an audio tech question for you. Hope this applies. I'm a radio journalist and I'm doing a story on e-bikes in the U.S. I'm wondering what your mic set up is for your presenters and guests? I'd love to replicate the sound quality and not get all the wind noise when I'm riding around. Cheers! Mark from Ohio. (PS I've got a "Screw Riding Upgrades, Buy Upgrades" submission currently in build in my dingy basement workshop.)

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    Looks like a chunky version of the Xplova X5 (android, Sim slot, multitouch screen…) with the camera missing.

  • Rod Diaz Post author

    I've owned mine for a couple of years after my Garmin kept freezing and losing about a ride every couple of weeks (1 in 10 or so). So far I'm pretty happy with mine

    Good things:

    Very nice screen.
    Good battery life (had a 9 hour ride recently, 15% left) – this is after several updates to firmware
    Excellent road/trail data: mine includes very recent and unavailable-in-Garmin trails in my local MTB park. That was very superior to my previous computer.
    Very cold resistant – used it for 4 hour rides in below-freezing conditions.

    Bad things:

    Growing pains. Depending on the firmware update some things have gone wacky such as battery life (less than 4 hours at one point!). The current wackiness is that the interval segment on the unit does not match the recorded interval that's recorded on memory; seems offset by 10 seconds or so (I was doing 1 min efforts yesterday, the power in the intervals didn't match the Trainingpeak's report). Should be easily fixed but this didn't happen in previous updates.

    No sound – doesn't beep or give any signal to notify you. Not an issue for me, but a lot of people like the beeping for navigation
    Size – if big heavy computers bother you stay clear. This is hard to mount neatly on the aerobars of my TT bike.

    No trainer control / training software integration: my Wahoo computer can control a smart trainer and can download a training session from Trainingpeaks stating duration of intervals, intensity in W, etc. The Hammerhead unit doesn't.

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    I love my Karoo. Bought during preproduction because planned obsolescence isn't built into the computer. Haven't looked anywhere else for a computer and don't plan to. Simply the best on the market and will be for a long time coming.
    They have just added an additional backshell that is awesome. Keep it going Hammerhead!

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    I have used Garmin motorcycle sat navs and can’t fault them, so I am leaning towards Garmin over Wahoo at the min.

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    GCN in pretty much every video: this is lighter, so therefore it's better.
    GCN in a paid ad: the unit feels pretty weighty and substantial in your hand, and that's because there's just so much tech crammed inside it, and it also has a really robust construction.

    According to Karoo's website, its 168 g, $400, and uses Android 6. It lacks modern features such as Bluetooth 5, USB-C, Galileo, Dual frequency GNSS, 5 GHz WiFi, Android 10. It's unclear if the screen is on all the time, or if you need to wake in, neither this demo nor their website mentions it. Is it readable in sunlight? 8.5 GB usable storage can get tight if you install other map apps.

    Overall it looks like an interesting device that I would consider if I was buying a bike computer now, but there's room for improvements if they release a newer version.

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    I've had mine for over a year now and LOVE it! You didn't really show the data screens in the video, but the display is much bigger than competitive devices and has high DPI as well. It's bright, displays all the metrics I need (even upcoming elevation) and the routing is just AMAZING. I've never used maps and routing as much as I have this past year and the Karoo has been flawless. They're constantly releasing upgrades and it's improving all the time. One thing…the battery life is around 10-11 hours, not the stated 15…I don't think anyone in the community has ever realized 15 hours of battery life under normal use.

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    I, too, own a Karoo. I had read a bunch of negative reviews that were from the first year it was out and had some growing pains. So, hearing you could try it for 45 days, and having just had a mediocre experience with the Garmin Edge 530, I thought it couldn't hurt to give it a whirl. After a week of riding with it, I knew I would not be returning it. The size was strange at first, but I soon forgot about it and just enjoy the incredible performance, screen clarity and simplicity. Can't imagine going back to a low resolution screen like a Garmin or Wahoo.

  • SeaJayB Post author

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