100 thoughts on “GoPro: Introducing Quik™ | Desktop

  • Zloe Aloe Post author

    gopro quik постоянно просит логин, крутое приложение! зачем платить за такой сервис?

  • Marek Pohanka Post author

    only win 10 support.
    Lazy devs expecting me to upgrade for their software that is actually worse than was before….

  • Shawn Pooley Post author

    50 second mark, bottom left corner there is the music option and the timing option. I see that on all the tutorials. For some reason, my Go Pro Quick doesn't have that. It's just blank down in that corner. Any suggestions?

  • Gonmoreno Post author

    Cannot uninstall that piece of crap program. Says that i need to reboot the system, and after many reboots still cannot remove the aplication.

  • Ne Ta Post author

    Fuck off Gopro.Where is the GoPro Studio?
    Вы че блядь над своими пользователями издеваетесь?Где на хер НоПро Студио вашу мать?Пидорасты американские.Думаете все как срубить с людей бабла да?Пидорасты блядь

  • Magelan M Post author

    Thank you very much for putting the links in the description… Dah );

  • Esteban S Post author

    Ya no está Gopro studio ???

  • David Brooke Post author

    Seems to be a worthless program you cant use. Blue dots? How is this used? WTF good is it?

  • Matthew Terry Post author

    Complete junk. Doesn't work. Crashes. Only makes short videos. No ability to edit yourself. Literally nothing good to say about this app. Studio was fantastic. Quik took the place of a great video editing tool and I have no idea why? Does GoPro not get that people want to actually see all the video they took and have control over the editing process? One thing is a guarantee, this video was not edited using any of GoPro's software or apps.

  • Jacqueline Van Bierk Post author

    Not working. Mac doesn't see it, super frustrating

  • amer wael Post author

    i have it on my macbook pro 2016 and its not working and it freeze my macbook

  • Jony Gigena Post author

    solo está disponible para windows 10?

  • Jiří Lesňák Post author

    Please make a portable version of this insane app.

  • Texas Tramper Post author

    Is there any way to make the video longer than 60 seconds???

  • Loca Media Post author

    Quik doesn't t even work on my brand-new MacBook Pro because it's running on an i5 but it requires i7 apparently? That is completely unacceptable!!

  • Terry Naylor Post author

    No GoPro Studio anymore?!??

  • Matthew Rivere Post author

    Plz added a version of Splice and Quik for windows it would be helpful

  • 王濟揚 Post author

    It's a shame that GoPro closed GoPro Studio and only released this garbage for lazy people.

  • Oliver Pressello Post author

    they should do a step by step for editing

  • David Tinson Post author

    what a load of crap, I want to trim my video to a short segment of a minute or so, how do you do it?????????? I don't want to look at a advert video

  • Mrjk111 Post author

    I shot a video and it went into the recent folder and not the media folder. So I don't know if that will be deleted when I make the next Mp4 drop. How do I get it into Media?

  • NANOOK Post author

    This is not even working on windows 8 ! its just bullshit

  • Kiki Gak2 Post author

    Quik Desktop App an EASIEST way where you CANNOT choose your own music. HAHAHA!

  • oscar rivera Post author

    gopro quick sucks !

  • Ngozi Awazie Post author

    can you burn the videos into a cd or dvd with this app

  • Kristopher Croom Post author

    Sooo…it's good if I want to make something like a TV commercial but if I want to do an episodic YouTube video of 45-60 minutes (like for my hiking) then I have to have something else? I don't know about everyone else but iMovie has been working pretty decently for me.

  • taylor baughman Post author

    Are they for real? Is this really the best you could do gopro? Just downloaded Quik for desktop and now i realize why it gets so much hate. Biggest waist of space on my computer lmao

  • Pascal Post author

    doesnt work on windows 7😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Bob Wilcox Post author

    Why can’t I use it with win 7 or 8? 😳

  • DARKSIDE 13 Post author

    Quick is an absolute piece of shit. Studio had some flaws but it was a lot better then this shit.

  • Poly Bun Post author

    I hope whoever thought this was a good idea dies of cancer.

  • Igor Goroshko Post author

    Desktop version is a piece of sh*t!!! I couldn't do anything, it always hangs! How can you even release such buggy and slow software? You should fire whole development team.

  • Jbearvlogz Post author

    Thanks a lot😊

  • joss67uk Post author

    Unfortunately I had to install GoPro Quik a few days ago when my laptop crashed after using the decent GoPro editor for years, Quik is ok if you film something and want to turn it into a selfie clip !!! I had 10 minutes of footage, now I have 2 clips and cant see how to join them, and its so vague, no timeline scale so you just drag a slider along the video, come on GoPro you can do better than this!!! its being deleted….

  • joaopnz Post author

    I can't from the life of me get this thing to download my movies from a gopro session. I have updated, I have log in. I have connected my camera but I cant see shit!

  • Mark Wu Post author


  • I am Egg Post author

    Can I use this instead of the quickstories mobile app? (My phone can't download quickstories but I have it on my laptop)
    . Do I even need this if I use a different editing software?

  • kevin winklaar Post author

    still looking for GoPro Studio tho

  • Motoryzen Post author

    This software is bullshit. I'm simply trying to connect the first 11:49 recording ( part 1 of my ride to work) to the 2nd clip of the recording ( part 2 of my ride to work that is 11:50) to make ONE simple video clip of about 23.whatever minutes. #@$%k this I'm going back to Lightworks. At least with THAT software, I was able to google " how to merge video clips in Lightworks" and ACTUALLy find help fast on youtube. Nice fail Gopro on " fixing something THAT WASN'T broken. . gopro studio..that is BEFORE your stupid updates a while back that now cause it to crash like a liver poisoning drunk." -_-

  • Colin Walker Post author

    Iam pretty ready for selling this camera every time I go out on the bike it records two videos and dumps the rest , but if it is quick that is the weak link I will persivere

  • orlando macin Post author

    DAMN GOPRO, You really dropped the ball didn't you. This is a terrible video, and your application is… wow no words.

  • Adeel Anjum Post author

    SO this is the reason GoPro went broke and now the company is being sold. What a sad story. A great camera building company tries "wanna be" a software comany and throws down the drain 10 years of hard work.

  • Patrick Guerrisi Post author

    Is the application with the cloud storage free? I think it should if your spending $500+ on their camera

  • roman rance Post author

    come on we need it for win 7 too please!

  • THE SURFER Post author

    so bad

  • HyperAnimations Post author

    The editing is crap, but if I press delete all will that delete everything from my sd card???

  • LongIslandP8ntball Post author

    Quik suxs. Please bring back gopro studio

  • Ariska Monalisa Post author

    how to download the quik application for pc window 7 ?


  • Elaine Cundiff Post author

    I see that I am not the only one who is having trouble with Quick. I strongly dislike the MUSIC and want to get rid of entirely but cant seem to find out how to do that. Does anyone know?

  • Sperraii Post author

    rip gopro studio

  • Mister Cuțu Post author

    how do i change my language on gopro Quik bc it s on german i i dont know sh!t

  • Povilas K Post author

    what a pyz of Es 8 ai tea

  • Luke Hammer Post author

    This app sucks!

  • Marcos Kulenkampff Post author

    How to do make slow movies in Quik desktop?

  • Evan Diaz Post author

    fucking imovie does a better job then this shit

  • Mullet Post author

    In my eyes this software is absolutely useless. i can create clips, ok. in this clips i can set highlights, but can i fix all clips together? i don´t need highlights. i just wanna put things together. the option with 15, 30 and 60 seconds are annoying. my clips are shorter or longer than this ammount of time. it is really frustrating to work with this app.

  • Fast Move Post author

    what if i want to download my file i cant beleive i have to loook left and right for this information it should be so accesible

  • juan carlos fernandez Post author

    Wtf quick do not work in my pc 🤔

  • TROY GIBSON Post author

    What a disaster…..!
    Have now downloaded this Quik on my laptop and every time I go to create it freezes my laptop. GoPro….WHAT ARE YOU DOING?
    Like so many others I will be offloading all my GoPro equipment and going elsewhere very soon. Come on GoPro how about picking your game up.

  • Hello Myfriend Post author

    Quik crashes all the time… cant even turn in awesome videos…

  • Faça você a sua vida Post author

    Please bring back the #goprostudio !!!!!!

  • Brandon McLean Post author

    Easy? None of my 4k video will upload to Quik or any other application. What is the issue here guys!!

  • Brylees Adventures Post author


  • Thomas Welford Post author

    Crashes all the time saying it cannot find music file…

  • Haroldo Souza Post author

    Aplicativo para desktop ficou muito ruim. sem a menor possibilidade de editar. Decepcionado com a Go Pro. Go pro Studio era muito melhor

  • Nick Barber Post author

    Can you use this to edit IPhone footage

  • Alexandre Dal Pizzol Post author

    I actually tried to use quik. Really. But it doesn't make any sense. I like the idea of highlighting sections of the video for then editing but the app can't handle your choices and makes a mess. You can't actually select the sections you want to use. GoProStudio was much better and already simple enough. Now back to Premiere after spending a whole evening trying to make quik work. Bad move GoPro

  • Mike Kirby Post author

    Quik is possibly the worst software I've ever tried to use. Totally unintuitive and unable to achieve even the most basic of results. Neither the mobile nor pc version is of any use to me. Makes me wonder if it's been designed to be useless!!

  • Mojo Post author

    quik is fucked—you cant edit anything you cant change color tones etc—its a 100% uninstall—you buy a over priced gopro and then they dont even supply propper software like they used to with studio—GOPRO IS DOOMED—my next camera will not be a gopro

  • Hugo Barrón Post author


  • Harry Post author

    Use DaVinci Resolve, so much better

  • Nordan16 Post author

    worst video editing software ever

  • Mi Amour Post author

    It's crap for desktop and Android (yet)

  • Thomas Kaatz Post author

    Funktioniert nicht der Schrott

  • 642 Version purpose Post author


  • deathwishdave Post author

    I'm a boy, can I use GoPro too?

  • RichMantaray Post author

    Utter bag of shit, wouldn't waste your time installing it on a PC

  • Ayym Wam Post author

    GoPro quick is garbage. Bring back GoPro studio app!!

  • Tomas Legat Post author

    quik desktop is piece of crap. making it very inconvenient and limiting any options

  • Ajmal V A Post author

    Why does quik gets stuck in edit mode

  • nipun gautam Post author

    Worst editing app- it is so slow that I felt like throwing my GoPro against the wall- dont waste your time on this horrible app

  • Kemal Hasan Post author

    Literal garbage. When you choose media and open them in create mode it says:
    Please select some media and try again.

  • SAN SUNG Post author


  • fdggfgdfgd Post author


  • Running Rabbit Post author

    Gopro quik windows desktop app is just garbage.. It's 2019 & still they haven't improve it. It's really frustrating man. It can't add another sound to your clip than default even though many free tracks are available in list, it can't move adjustment sliders, you can't trim video.. It sucks.. I don't know, who dumb ass developed such crap software.. I'm uninstalling. Don't want such bullshit on my pc. Even windows movie maker work better than this app.

  • Pilli 10 Post author

    Does tgis work with a chromebook??

  • heman grayskull Post author

    Basically go pro quick made all old go pros impossible to use;My go pro 4 session that i loved cant be used anymore as it is not supported by this bullshit software.Fuck you go pro i will neve3r by one of youre products again!

  • Fliplike G Post author

    i agree marcom

  • Jan van Bunningen Post author

    I'ts almost 2020 now and the desktop app is still shi*t!!! How is this possible?? Come on gopro!
    On my macbook pro the app wont work and only show a black screen on all videos. On another laptop with i7 processor it works, however i have videos longer than 60 seconds.. I don't understand how this mess is possible..

  • Gene and Donna Watkins Post author

    This is a useless video. How about some real help? This app is WAY too complicated and not at all intuitive. Makes me want to abandon the GoPro and go back to the Sea Life camera for diving videos. Shame on GoPro.

  • QUICK-STAR Post author

    Somebody said this program/software was created by a Soccer Mom. LOL I hope not! And there are many complaints about it with many saying it sucks. I think I'll pass and move along……

  • mp_Lian Post author

    hä bei mir geht das nicht

  • johnsmith Post author

    Please, PLEASE, bring back GoPro studio so it's not crashing every few minutes and delete this useless editor, at least for pc! Quik is the worse "video editor" I have ever tried! Completely useless and not so easy to use.

  • huyền nguyễn Post author

    I cannot add in my gopro file when I choose ADD MEDIA. pls help me

  • Louis Joannes Post author

    in one word: GARBAGE software !!

  • Jirka Šťastný Post author

    what about the studio software for GoPro Max on PC?.. something like software for go pro Fusion??? Its useless with android phones 🙁

  • Polski Piesełeczek Post author

    Hahahaha… First make gopro doesnt fucking freeze

  • Max Zimmermann Post author

    Garbage programm, you don`t like to fix things or? My 7 Black never gets regonised by your app, just trash!

  • Just Walking, No Talking Post author

    It's Quikly crashing, all the time. Money wasted.

  • prtalbot Post author

    I am absolutely astonished at how crap this Quik app is. I have spent 2 hours ass-ing around with it and it is still just a blank white screen. And yes, that includes executing all of your archived help-blogs. What apiece of $…!

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