GIANT Backyard BOARD GAME CHALLENGE!! (DIY Homemade Riddle Clues Lead to Pond Monster Escape Room)

GIANT Backyard BOARD GAME CHALLENGE!! (DIY Homemade Riddle Clues Lead to Pond Monster Escape Room)

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– Hey Sharers, where’s goin’ on? Welcome back to my channel, as you guys can see,
the house is absolutely, absolutely destroyed.
(dramatic horns) And the pond monster stuff is going crazy. But we are slowly picking up the stuff and getting our house back together, so shortly, our house will
be no longer destroyed. And the pond monster stuff
is slowly being solved. So, if you guys are up
to date on my videos, I’ve been working super, super hard with the Animal Control people to figure out how to
trap the pond monster. And today, Animal Control people set up a little challenge for me and Stephen, who is behind the camera. – Oh yeah, what is goin’ on, Sharers? – The challenge they set up for us is the giant Board Game Challenge. So, there are nine pieces spread across this whole entire backyard. They can literally be anywhere, I don’t even know where they are. So we have to find all nine pieces. There will be 15 minutes on the clock. Whoever get the most
points wins. (party horn) But there’s a little twist to this game. On the back of the puzzle, when all the puzzle
pieces lay out together, there will be a little riddle. And if you Sharers can comment
down below the right answer, you have a chance to win some some merch, oh yeah, so stay tuned for that when we put all the pieces together. So let’s put 15 minutes
on the clock (ticking) and we have nine giant board game pieces that we have to find. Stephen, let’s split up and
see who wins the challenge. – ‘Kay, 15 minutes starts now, let’s go. I see my first puzzle
piece right here. (chimes) Haha, this is easy. Okay, got my first puzzle piece. Down, I guess that’s part of the clue that you Sharers will have
to put together at the end. – Okay, let’s see, let’s
search high and low and all over, scouring the place. Sharers, if you see them
behind me at any time, please comment down below because let’s win this challenge. I wanna win this challenge. – The first thing is plus four, and I get to take a card
from another player. All right, this is perfect. We got one puzzle piece down, now that that means there’s
eight pieces left to go. Let me look, it could be
anywhere in the backyard. I’m assuming there’s
gonna be one underneath this log pile thing, let’s see. See, comment down below, Sharers, if you see one. I don’t see one.
(sad chimes) – Let’s see, let’s see, let’s see. I don’t know if I see any in the hole. Let’s see, (gasps) wait,
is that one? (alarm) That’s one, look. Right there, bingo.
(warm synth chime) Goin’ down to get that,
oh yeah, we found one. Oh yeah, oh yeah, let’s go get it. – So the first piece
was super easy to find, but the question is, where
will the other pieces be? Will they be down here? No. Hang on, hang tight. Ah, the first one was so easy to find! – Puzzle piece number one! Let’s check it out. Right here, oh yeah, bingo.
(dings) And it’s seven points, that’s awesome. So we collected my first
one, good job, team. Let’s keep on looking. I wonder if there’s more down here ’cause I feel like down here,
we could really hide a lot. Wait, I think that’s
one, I think that’s one. I might’ve just found my second piece. Here, let’s see, let’s get it. Oh yeah, whoo! Let’s see, let’s see, is it? Is it? Wait a second. I don’t know if this is
a puzzle piece or not. What is this? (thunks)
Oh, no, I think that’s just trash
’cause it says, like, a bucket on it.
(sad horn music) False alarm. Darn it! – Okay, I basically went to the
back corner of the backyard, so, there’s not one there. Let me see. Where could another piece be? Lookin’ all around, I don’t– Oh, oh, bingo, bingo, bingo. (alarm) I see one, okay. Whoo! Second piece comin’ right up.
(chimes) Okay, here we go, let’s
see what this one says. This one says– You, okay. So I got a down, you. Probably says like are
you down, or something. Okay, let’s see how
many points do we have, we have– (crunch)
(audience groans) Freeze, freeze for five seconds. That’s not good, ’cause
I see Grace. (dings) And I see another puzzle
piece right up on the ATV. Oh no, she better not get to it before me. All right, here we go. (beeping)
Five, four, three, two, don’t get to it, Grace– One, unfrozen, unfrozen.
(dings) Here we go, gotta get to
that other puzzle piece. Here we go, here we go. (laughing) Oh yeah, here we go. Yes, whoo! Okay, got it.
(dings) Oh no. (sighs)
(cracks) This is not good.
(sad trombone) Another freeze for five seconds. Okay, oh no, and Grace is goin’ in there. There’s where I was gonna go next. – Let’s check in here. Inside the bunker. I feel like there could be one in here. I feel like that would be a good place. Oh wait, there’s one, right up there! Is that one?
(zips) I think I found one! Oh yeah, let’s go get that one. Bingo! I found one, oh yeah, puzzle
piece number two. (dings) – So far, I only have
at total of five points because the other two were freezes. That doesn’t do me any good. It just looks like Grace
has, ooh, Grace has two. That means there’s four
puzzle pieces left. The question is, where
are the puzzle pieces? – Let’s see, let’s check around back. Look how destroyed the house is, it’s absolutely destroyed. But let’s keep searching. Oh my gosh, look! That looks like (boing)
Cooper or baby Otter accidentally stepped in the concrete when it wasn’t fully dried, ooh-ooh. Maybe in this pile, let’s see, anything? Nothing. Let’s see, let’s see. – Could they be buried
underneath this dirt? I have no idea. I don’t know where else,
lemme check that bunker. I know Grace went in
that bunker, came out, she didn’t see anything. But that doesn’t mean her
eyes look as good as mine. Let’s see. Okay, there has gotta be
a puzzle piece in here. – Search, search, search. (gasps) Right there! There it is, there’s one. Three, perfect.
(bell rings) We got three. Oh yeah, let’s keep searching. (alarm) – Bingo, I found one, check this out. Oh yes.
(chimes) (dings) I found one right there. All right, next puzzle piece, let’s see. Three, two, one. Says upside. Upside, that’s adding to the clue. And, come on, don’t be a freeze. Whoa!
(chimes) Plus 10 points! That’s what I’m talking about, I’m now at a total of 15 points. This is perfect. And I have four puzzle pieces left. That means there’s probably
only three puzzle piece left. Sharers, I think I’m winning
so far, I have 15 points! All right, grab these up. – I don’t know. I can’t really go too
far over there anymore ’cause it’s kinda too steep and narrow and there’s a big hole. (gasps) Oh, wait! Ooh yeah!
(bell rings) There it is! Another puzzle piece, bingo! There it is, whoa! Whoa, this one’s so tricky. Whoa, I almost just fell. This one’s super tricky ’cause look, there’s not that much grass left. Oh yeah, there it is. We collected (dings) another puzzle piece! Oh yeah! – Let’s go search the
rest of the backyard. I’m thinkin’ they’re gonna
be over here somewhere. Let’s see. This is definitely the end
of the backyard right here, so there’s not gonna be any this way. So they’re all gonna
be somewhere this way. I’m just checkin’ this
side of the barrier fence. Let’s see, nothin’. I don’t see anything over here. Hmm, maybe I’ll go back the way we came. I have a hunch, I just
wonder if any are down here. I don’t know, Animal
Control is busy workin’, so I don’t really wanna interrupt them. – Okay, Sharers, so I searched that hill, found all the puzzle pieces in there. I searched that hole, didn’t see anything. I searched to the right of the house, I think I have to search to
the left of the house now. So I think he probably evenly spread out all these puzzle pieces, we
did the right, we did the back. Now, let’s search the left. Let’s see. Something white. Let’s see, let’s see, let’s see. I feel like we’re so close to one. It’s kinda like playing
that game, hot and cold. Oh, there’s so much land in this backyard. So many dirt things to hide under. This is crazy. Let’s see, let’s see– Ooh, wait!
(chimes) I just caught that! Sharers, look, I just caught that, it’s right there, it’s right there. I gotta get it, I gotta get it. Wait, Stephen’s coming,
I think he might see it. We gotta hurry, we gotta hurry. Whoo, down the hill. Oowah, okay, there it is,
there it is, there it is. There’s the puzzle piece. We got it.
(dings) (fanfare)
Ooh, looks like I got the last piece! Let’s tally up my points,
see how many I got. And let’s see what the
riddle says on the back. – And Sharers, you already
know that I got 15 points, so the question is, will Grace
have more than 15 points? Or less? I could technically still be the winner even though she has more puzzle pieces. – Well, let’s hit the grass,
let’s lay this all out. And Sharers, remember, if
you can solve the riddle and comment that answer below, you might win something
free from the merch store. Let’s go solve it, come on, Stephen! Let’s go! – That’s right, get ready, once
we put this riddle together, you’re gonna wanna
comment as fast as you can what you think the answer is. And you might just have
a chance at winning something from the swag store! – Oh yeah, free merch! So I have plus four, take
card from another player, so I can swap a card if I want. Plus five, oh yeah. And oh, I got the magical
card, swap any card. Oh yeah, we are crankin’ up the points. And we got plus seven. Oh yeah! And plus five! Whoo! So, right now, I have 21 points before doing any swapping
or exchanging up any cards. – And Sharers, you already know I have– Oh, I have 14 points, not 15. – [Grace] Oh yeah, 10
plus four is 14, Steve. – I have 14, but I can take
a card from another player, so if I’m gonna take
a card, I’m going to– – [Grace] Which one are you going to take? – The seven from Grace.
– ‘Kay. – Oh yeah, so now I have 17 points. – [Grace] Okay, not bad, 17. – Grace, what are you gonna do? – Well, Steve, you bumped
me down from 21 to 18. But I am still in the lead by one point, so I think I’m going to keep
my cards as is. (party horn) But let’s figure out the
riddle that’s on the back. – Okay, so Sharers, I still lost, but I didn’t lose by that much. So yeah, you know what? Let’s put the riddle together. Remember, get ready to comment as soon as you can figure
out what this riddle is. Okay, puzzle piece, begin now. – All righty. Okay, so, we got it solved, look at that! – [Stephen] Okay, what becomes smaller when you turn it upside down? – Smaller when you turn it upside down? The world? I don’t know, that’s kinda hard. – Something that becomes smaller when you turn it upside down, like an hourglass or something? No, that’s the same size.
– Maybe. Or like, water. I don’t know, Sharers. Think, think, think,
help us thinker this out. And if you have any idea, comment down below to enter the giveaway. – Yeah, Sharers, comment down below what you think this riddle solves. We’ll be checkin’ the comments to see if any of you get it right. And we’ll find out in the next level with the correct answers ’cause Animal Control’s gonna come back and tell us when they’re done
setting up that trap today. – Yeah, I’m excited, I
don’t know what it could be. As of right now, I have no answer. – I have no idea. – Well, Sharers, make
sure you’re staying tuned, hitting that subscribe button, and postin’ notifications so
we can figure out the answer. And until then, you know what to do. – [Both] Stay awesome and share the love. Peace, whoo!

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