Gateway HD2201 22″ Widescreen LCD Monitor

Gateway HD2201 22″ Widescreen LCD Monitor

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COMPUTER TV Have a lookie here. It’s the Gateway 22″ HD2201. You know, Gateway is one of those manufacturers that has really kind of stepped it up, on the monitor game recently and this is a mighty fine 22″ LCD Monitor. It’s got all of the touch-screen controls that Gateway, Bezel controls rather, that Gateway has kind of made themselves famous for. I’ll show you that in a second. But let me give you the sort of raw details on this first. The native resolution is 1680 x 1050. Runs at a 2000:1 Contrast Ratio. It has DVI and VGA inputs on the back and it has a 5 ms response time. So it’s extremely fast and it’s got a really great screen. It has a glossy finish on it so it’s going to really make those colors really pop, and that glossy finish combined with that really high contrast ratio, is going to make your blacks look super black, and colors are just going to really pop right off the screen with this model. These controls are really cool on the Gateways. They’re actually all touch sets. So you’re not going to find a physical button anywhere on this monitor. Simply tap the button here and you’ll see all of your buttons light up, which makes it very easy to choose sources, on this monitor, very easy to make, all of your color adjustments, very easy to make your picture adjustments, all through these touch-screen capacitive controls right here, on the side of the monitor. On the back, let me show you the ports back here. It might be a little hard to see actually. Can you get up in there, Lance. Can you see, can we see, can we see in there, there we go. There’s your VGA, your DVI and your HDMI inputs on the back right there, as well as an analogue audio output, as well. It’s got all the connectivity you need, so you have your VGA, your DVI and your HDMI, all covered with this monitor. You got a really really nice size at 22″. 1680 x 1050 which is very very close 1080P, so you’re going to be able to watch, all of your full High Def content on this monitor. If it is 1080P you are going to lose a few lines. You might have a little bit of cropping, or you may have a little bit of zooming, but it will be barely noticeable, if noticeable at all. But all in all, it’s a very quality monitor from Gateway, and if you’re in the market for a nice 22 incher, with a nice glossy display, and a nice thin bezel, that’s going to look really really great on a desk, The Gateway 22-inch HD2201. To get more information on this Gateway 22-inch monitor model HD2201, go to any of the retailers you see here and type in G180-2202. FOR COMPUTER TV I’m Bauer. THE BEST IN TECH COMPUTER TV (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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58 thoughts on “Gateway HD2201 22″ Widescreen LCD Monitor

  • Brinin Post author

    rofl..thumbs up for that

  • Simon Langrind Post author


  • Simon Langrind Post author

    2nd comment

  • Brinin Post author


  • Simon Langrind Post author


  • crazybigyo Post author

    good job bauer. DX

  • Samo Zavašnik Post author


  • crocz Post author

    I don't understand why anyone would use VGA with LCD screen.

  • Ankit Patel Post author

    Can't even see the entire Youtube page on my POS 17" monitor. Care to send that my way Bauer?

  • Simon Langrind Post author


  • NikeySunfire Post author

    because they don't have a dvi input on the PC or a cable to plug it? what a dumbass question…

  • crocz Post author

    If you have a video card that has only VGA, it's time to get new video card. Also DVI cables don't cost much.

  • Alex Boss Post author

    yeah 5ms s*cks! it's not that fast, definitely not EXTREMELY fast!

  • Alex Sanchez Post author

    lmao, I was just thinking that to myself right before I watched this video…

  • avocavo Post author

    because there aren't any new gpus.

  • Darien Evans Post author

    2000:1 contrast ratio,that not good at all and 5 ms,could be better.

  • M4rio21 Post author

    I have this monitor, it's really great. it's 5ms default, but you can put it at 4ms for gaming.

  • uberchrist 1896 Post author

    2000:1? That's terrible, Newegg has an Acer 21.5" for under $200 that's 1080p and 20000:1 contrast, I have a feeling this gateway costs more and the specs aren't very good.

  • Juan Carlos Castellanos Post author

    this monitor would look great as a second display to my macbook aluminum

  • NikeySunfire Post author

    i know man but the money sometimes isn't avaliable…

  • illmagnified Post author

    hey m4ario- i have the more expensive version of this LCD which is the HD2200, its $349 as opposed to $319- the only difference is the HD2200 has Component In/Out, Picture in Picture, and Ultra Response which when enabled makes the panel a 4MS panel. Other than that, everything else is identical. The silver stand has a hole in it for wire management as well in the HD2200 version.

  • illmagnified Post author

    hey stanbernadino whats the model number of the Acer that is 1080P which supports the resolution of 1920X1080 and up for $200 bucks, ill buy it right now.

  • uberchrist 1896 Post author

    It's the Acer H213H on Newegg. Beware though, right before I bought it, I found out the contrast they show of 20000:1 is bullshit, it's actually 1000:1. 20000:1 was the DYNAMIC contrast but they don't state that anywhere else in the specs like every other monitor does. I ended up ordering the Acer P223WAd which has a better response time and contrast but isn't 1080p.

  • Darien Evans Post author

    if it is static it's pretty good,but if it's dynamic it sucks for a monitor of that price.

  • illmagnified Post author

    Hey, i looked up that LCD, its nice and it does support 1080P- but i dont know why it posted the dynamic contrast ratio rather than the static. I hate when they do that and the static ratio is no where to be found.

  • uberchrist 1896 Post author

    Yeah I found the static contrast in the reviews. The P223WAd I ordered has a 2500:1 contrast ratio, hopefully that's the static contrast and not more bs. I also found out you can't get full 1080p in a 22" monitor it has to be 21.5 or 24.

  • Hans611 Post author

    i bought the 24, same thing… just bigger and its asame.. buy it!

  • manbearpig91 Post author

    what resolution is the 24 in?

  • Hans611 Post author

    1900×1200… i bought it refurbished, and i am really happy.. i paid 280 vs the regular 500, and only got one dead pixel. THANK YOU WHO EVER RETURNED MY MONITOR FOR ONE DEAD PIXEL AND NOW I SAVED 220 dollars!!!!

  • manbearpig91 Post author

    ok so can you play blu ray movies on each? i mean 1920×1200 is more lines than 1920×1080 unless i messed up something. but what i really ant is a 22 inch b/c my seck is small i dont think there is room for a big screen

  • manbearpig91 Post author

    blu ray really isnt a concern since im probly getting the 22" version. but it maybe woud be nice down the road if i can come up with the money for a blu ray drive.

  • elibeastos Post author

    How the hell is 5 ms "extremely" fast. That's pretty much standard. Also, that resolution is nothing to get excited about. The only thing this monitor has that's interesting is the HDMI port, which I wouldn't use over DVI anyway… For $240, it's a complete rip off IMHO.

  • manbearpig91 Post author

    what then would you recomend for cheap thats 1680 x 1050?

  • elibeastos Post author

    Your level of intelligence is clearly communicated by your lack of knowledge of even the basics of English grammar and spelling. Although I don't want to start an argument with a worthless and uneducated person, I'll simply let you know that HDMI has more limitations than DVI, especially in resolution and PC support. HDMI does have HDCP and audio support, and that is why the industry is pushing for that format. This monitor supports both, so it really doesn't matter.

  • manbearpig91 Post author


  • elibeastos Post author

    Are you fucking retarded? Did you not read any of my previous post? HDMI's ONLY advantages are audio and HDCP support. It has many disadvantages to DVI, especially when it comes to PC support. So why don't you actually learn what you're talking about or at the very least bring up some piece of evidence to support your dumbass stance. You are one sad little pos.

  • Dream Theory Post author

    so it has hdmi so i could plug my 360 into that?

  • tuberoako777 Post author

    yup he didnt know hahaha.. but at least now he does thanks 2 u 😉

  • LacedSniper Post author

    mines better i got gateway 2200 it has hdmi, component , dvi n vga i got a vid check it out great investment it also includes PIP

  • illmagnified Post author

    It doesnt have Component? Mine has Component also as well as the HDMI, DVI,VGA, and audio. PiP as well.

  • tacoshell14 Post author

    @ 1:45 it has the same outputs on my graphics card

  • derpderp Post author

    ya, you need an HDMI cable for your xbox, then connect it to your monitor.

  • Jiffer Post author

    You can use the RBG inputs on it nooobs for any systems out there. Not just HDMI. This is a great monitor i have 3 of them hooked up to my PC MINE ALL HAVE RBG PORTS ON IT THOUGH why does this one not???

  • weddingphotogs Post author

    dont buy gateway unless you are dying of cancer and don't want anything to hand down to your kids. This thing does not have a long life span. I know you want it, but trust me – you really don't. search google for "gateway for gateway monitor complaints

  • Corey Donmyer Post author

    i have this moniter and its so amazing

  • Jerry4050 Post author

    the touch buttons sucks though

  • PrimeraRSTKD Post author

    I have this monitor and its been great to me. Had it for 2 years so far and no problems. Love the picture quality of it.

  • cinder2005 Post author

    it has hdmi for ps3 or xbox

  • dudeyy399 Post author

    I had this thing since 2008 and its sturdy ass hell.accidently dropped my desktop on it while moving and the monitor didn't break; still works perfectly but left a large scratch.

  • Kyle H Post author

    Mine seems to lack HDCP support since I can't play HD DVDs from my Xbox on HDMI/DVI or my PS3 at all with any digital input. Though I have a 2200 as I have a 4ms response time and Component inputs

  • Luke Clemens Post author

    After having about 20 of these at work, I'll NEVER buy a gateway! They're known for using cheap parts that die after a year. Gateway is the bottom of the barrel when it comes to monitors.

  • Karashi krarahi Post author

    Mine is still good for many years. My problem I don't know how to clean it inside is so hard to open it won't budge out.

  • Sergio Post author

    lol im about to put my parents in 2008 from 1998 by buying this for $20

  • olov244 Post author

    the touchscreen buttons are crap, very dumb monitor. a free dell monitor will last longer and work better

  • ZiiTexX Post author


  • Westgamer 125 Post author

    how much herrts are on it

  • 6 MIL Post author

    How do I plug speakers into it

  • gaae2000 Post author

    I still have my Gateway after over 10 years, colors are amazing.

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