Game of Zones – S3:E3 ‘The Warrior and the Reaper’

Game of Zones – S3:E3 ‘The Warrior and the Reaper’

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Warriors? Cavs. Cavs have tarantulas fighting for them. I don’t fight for the Cavs. I’m Kevin of Durant. Small forward to the Oklahoma citadel well, okay. Technically. I’m a free agent But I’m gonna re-sign for one more year because the gold cap goes up and I can get more money. It doesn’t matter That’s not why I’m here You could come fight for us Excuse me. I was there when Steven Adams was flagrantly fouled by a shadow with your face You kicked him in the bollocks! I did. In the name of House Thunder champions of the Northwest division, Rightful Kings of the Western Conference; former Sonics of Seattle and the first men I, Kevin of Durant, Former MVP, Sentence you to justice. Do you have any last words? You’re a doodie What’d you call me? I said do your duty Ow.

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