Factory vs Fully Upgraded Bikes – Which are faster? | MXGP 2019 Game

Factory vs Fully Upgraded Bikes – Which are faster? | MXGP 2019 Game

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Welcome back to MXGP 2019. We’re doing a
little bit more bike testing today. We’re gonna compare fully modded bikes versus
of factory bikes. Again no input other than steering and full throttle from
myself. And we’re also gonna compare them to our fastest bikes from the stock bike
tests and our slowest bike the KX 250 F – and see if the fully modded and the
factory bikes – what’s the comparison between them. We’re not gonna do all the
bikes just the top factory teams and also one bike from the lowest tier team
in MXGP and MX2. Alright so let’s get started – as you can see on the board we
are listing the winners from our first stock bike test and also the slowest
bike which was the KX 250 F again. So let’s get started let’s see what this
modified KX 250 F can do. And as far as the modified parts go I
just picked the most expensive part that affected performance for each bike.
I don’t think manufacturer matters they all affect the stats the same way. KX 250 F coming in 7.33 tenths better than the stock bike – with a 0-60 improved man by five tenths amazing. Right now
let’s see what the KTM 250 SX-F can do. It came in just above the KX 250 F. It was
our highest ranked 250 four-stroke bike in the stock test. Almost down into the
11s not bad. Okay let’s see how this Husky’s doing. 11.4 it has matched the
YZ 250 stock bike only though. Now let’s see what our YZ 125 the fastest 125
two-stroke can do. And it actually came in worse than the stock bike I kind of
find that hard to believe. I don’t know. Alright this was our winner
overall fastest stock bike YZ 250 let’s see what it can do fully modded. Coming in faster zero-to-sixty is
actually a little slower but the overall time was faster because it had a higher
top speed. Alright we’re testing out a tier one
team KX 250 F. I think this is the Buds Racing Kawasaki – just to see if it
compares to the factory bikes in any way. Alright it actually came in slower than
our KX 250 fully modded the bike that you can build up yourself – very interesting.
Right now we’re checking out the factory Husqvarna FC 250 of Olson. Top factory bike
for Husky in the 250s – we’ll see how it will do. Right even the factory
Husky came in below our other modded 250 Fs. See what this Honda will do for Team
HRC. The factory Honda coming in below our
tier 1 250 F, below our stock KTM, oh my god it’s pretty slow. Right Jorge Prado
factory KTM 250 F. Coming in still below our modded ones man. Alright let’s see what the Yamaha can do. Coming in right below our Husky.
Right KX 250 F factory. Barely barely any faster than the tier 1
KX 250 F. Right now we’re back onto our 450s.
Yamaha Factory Racing. Still nothing is beating our YZ 250
two-stroke or the FC 450 modded and even our stock bike. Ok, Herlings on the KTM
factory. Alright it finally knocked our FC 450 stock bike down. Tim Gajser, Team HRC CRF 450R. Oh coming in with an 11.383 knocks our stock YZ 250 out of second place. Still not faster than
the YZ 250 modded two-stroke. Factory KX 450 man barely faster a
little bit faster three tenths faster than our 250 KTM modded. Slowsest factory
bike out of the 450s so far. And before we forget we are taking a look at a tier 25
FC 450 team coming in second displacing the Honda still behind the YZ 250
two-stroke fully modded. Alright this is it can be for FC 450 Husky Pauls Jonass
take over the top spot let’s see. And it does it!
Alright now let’s take a look at some of these results. Again the KX 250 F stock
really sucks and modded it increased – I mean amazing what the mods did for it.
Almost makes me think that that stock run was a not very accurate – but I don’t
know. A lot of the factory bikes still not as fast as a modded bike even though
you see that FC 450 at the top of the leaderboards – the stock bike, modded, tier
25, and the factory bike – they are all very fast – fastest in the game if you ask
me on average. So again this test for top speed really isn’t the end-all – I think
you really got to look at the zero to sixty times. That factory FC 450 coming
in with the 0-60 at three point seven eight three seconds.
That’s zero to sixty range is where you gonna be spending most of your time –
you’re never gonna hit 95 miles-per-hour on one of these MX tracks in the game.
0-60 is the meat of where you’re gonna spend your time in the corners – coming
out accelerating from corner to corner. So I would look at those when choosing
your bike. We can see those FC 450s are fast – that Honda and again the YZ 250
two-stroke, they’re your best bet it seems like. Again it’s probably personal
preference though – this is only a straight line test. I’ll leave it up to
you guys to decide what the best bike overall is by doing your own testing on
your time attacks. Testing the handling and your cornering ability etc that’s
just too hard for me to to do in these kind of tests, for the amount of money I
get paid to do this, which is nothing! I hope you enjoyed the video and this will
probably be the last test I do in MXGP 2019. I’ll leave it up to you guys to
carry out some more but this gives us a good baseline to exactly figure out
which bike is the fastest overall. And if you found this video useful please hit
that subscribe button, give me a thumbs up, leave me some comments, let me know
what you think, and I’ll talk to you on the next one.

15 thoughts on “Factory vs Fully Upgraded Bikes – Which are faster? | MXGP 2019 Game

  • Resolute Kraken Post author

    What do you think about the results? Also, for anyone that doesn't understand the types of bikes I'm talking about: Factory = top teams that you can join in career mode or race as the pros such as Herlings in other modes. Tier 1 and Tier 25 = lowest level teams that you can join in MXGP or MX2 classes. Stock bike = bike that you purchase with no upgrades. Upgraded/Modded bike: stock bike with all the upgrades that you can purchase for it.

  • ablaze3717 Post author

    In the beginning of the video but I say upgraded stock. My ktm is killing it🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Taco_ Post author

    Man!!! The Kawi is ugly on here lol. Tf is husky doing up top like that lol

  • Theadore Bundy Post author

    No TM??? :/ lol

  • x3p1c_ GehaktBal Post author

    I dont get it what do you mean sith facteroy

  • x3p1c_ GehaktBal Post author

    Wtf u mean with modded factory stock

  • Tye Williston Post author

    This game is trash

  • pay2021 Post author

    I will post this in my page

  • Agus Junot Triadi Post author

    amazing bike

  • Rossmx Dilks26 Post author

    What about the Ktm 250 2 stroke

  • Sterben Post author

    Did you only do one run per bike if so you prob should have done an avg of 3 or 5 runs per bike to get a more accurate results

  • Wes Rendon Post author

    What’s your take on bike set up? I spend so much time messing with it because I truly feel it makes a substantial difference, the problem is that if I feel off at all I spend most of qualifying chasing another setting when it was probably just fine before. Have you ever considered sharing your settings? I feel like I’m decent at it but the constant chasing makes me wonder how much of it is me and how much of it is just the actual feel of the track and surface and no tune will change that…?

  • Theadore Bundy Post author

    Any one else getting "not enough storage space" when trying to upload custom track on Xbox1 since update??

  • Tyson Tollstrup Post author

    KX250F Stock Worst bike in the game.

  • Coldoh86 Post author

    Steering adjustments would slow u down. Needs to be dead straight no steering or leaning allowed.should be auto too for comparison sake. Not sure if u use manual. But the timing of shifts would change too

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