Does RAM speed REALLY matter?

Does RAM speed REALLY matter?

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RAM, whether you bat for the red team or the blue team, you need it. But there are so many options, from 2133 to 4266 Megahertz. But could it possibly be worth emptying your wallet for the fastest memory on the market? Let’s find out! We’re opening up a new merch store. You can check out some of our new gear today at the link in the video description first, a primer on RAM DDR4 is the latest version of the form of DRAM that our computers almost universally use programs get loaded into it from our SSDS and Hard Drives because it’s Blazing fast performance is needed to feed our CPUs data to munch on [and] turn in those ones and zeros in two games Boring Powerpoint presentations, or this video that you’re watching right now Cool, so the faster the RAM, the better the performance, right? Not quite there comes a point where even if you could Force-feed your CPU more data. It couldn’t possibly chew through it fast enough to make a difference so the sweet spot as always probably lies somewhere in the middle. We just need to find it Let’s Establish a baseline here the Joint Electron Device Engineering Council or JEDEC for short specifies 2133 Megahertz for DDR4, while on both Intel’s Z270 and x99 platforms, running anything over DDR4 24 Hundred Megahertz, is outside the official spec. AMD for their part has specified a range of speeds with the most frequently used configuration also sitting at. 2,400 Megahertz. But wait a minute, what? Well, why the heck are companies like G.SKILL? Advertising speeds that are up to almost double that Well the answer is sanctioned overclocking. Intel’s extreme memory profile or XMP for short has become something of an industry standard for running high-end memory to its rated spec on supported motherboards Every RAM module, even the highest end XMP ones, then have the JEDEC standard speeds baked in then along with that a Faster XMP profile that stored on a chip that identifies each Individual module in a standard that’s called serial presence detect or SPD. For compatibility reasons JEDEC comes first and it’s only when you specifically enable XMP in your computer’s BIOS that it will run at those speeds. Or at least in theory it will We’ve had tons of issues over the years, most recently during the Ryzen 7 launch where we couldn’t get past 2666 Megahertz no matter what ASUS, AMD or G.SKILL said. Our board with our memory has since been fixed which is great. With a firmware update. But, sanctioned overclocking is still overclocking and it can cause these kinds of issues from chip to chip or board to board or RAM stick to RAM stick depending on your luck. It can also cause less severe, but equally annoying issues to crop up at random at some point in the future But whatever Linus, enough of this warning label crap. I’m prepared to spend a weekend bashing my head against the wall troubleshooting my new gaming rig! So tell me what do I stand to gain— for my pain? Great question, we tested a variety of configurations. On AMD, the maximum we could achieve was DDR4 3,200, and on Intel, we hit 3600 hundred Megahertz before we just stopped turning the dial, because spoiler alert— Well, no, wait actually, well no you’ll see. Using 2133 Megahertz as a Baseline, we ran Deus Ex Mankind Divided and Rise of the Tomb Raider in both DirectX 11, and DirectX 12 modes. Some games, clearly won’t care much about RAM speeds. But others, can end up being more memory sensitive than we’d initially expected. In For Honor, average frame rates looked to be within margin of error regardless of RAM speed, but looking closely-er, the 97th percentile minimum frame rate Does seem to have been affected. As far as synthetics go we tested 7-Zip, the ram hungry Y-Cruncher, Cinebench R15 and ASUS Real Bench, where we had much more consistent results. If by consistent we mean eerily similar across the board. Which leads us then into the price and performance summary, in almost every case, the largest improvement in Performance over 2133 is achieved by 2666 Megahertz, then there’s another modest improvement when you jump to 3200, and from there, marketing and purely synthetic benchmarks aside, things go downhill pretty quickly on both Intel, and AMD, leading us to conclude that there’s no point going higher, even if you could. So then, buy Thirty two hundred Megahertz RAM, since that’s the sweet spot, right? Well… Sure, but it actually depends too, what kind of a budget you’re working with for your system If you’ve already got the best of everything, then sure, yeah. You might want to go higher on your RAM, to eke out that slim improvement? But if you’re on any kind of fixed budget, well, for sixty four bucks the difference between 2133 and 3600 RAM. You could go from a core i5 7500 to a 7600K, netting you higher CPU clock speeds, and overclocking support, or from Ryzen 5 1500x to a 1600x, giving you two whole additional processing cores, AND that only accounts for the financial investment. What we haven’t even talked about is the time that this can end up consuming. And going back again to look at the total possible improvement from a bare-bones JEDEC 2133 kit to the fastest we tested, the full conclusion becomes crystal clear. 4.7% for $64 more, without any guarantee that it’ll actually work. Means that we wouldn’t recommend it, unless you’re out of stuff to spend money on that will give you more meaningful performance or usability improvements. And you have not only the time and know how to tinker with it. But also the patience to drop everything and deal with it when something isn’t working. And this is especially true if you’re using the latest and greatest platform with that fastest and shiniest RAM. Tunnel Bear is the simple VPN app that makes it easy to browse the internet more privately and securely You just turn it on—it’s like really really easy. You press like one button, and boom, your connection gets encrypted with aes 256-bit encryption, and you appear to the services and websites that you use as though you are coming from a completely different country which in many cases allows you to use services that would otherwise be geo-blocked. Another cool thing is that your ISP can’t track exactly what it is that you’re doing online. Tunnel Bear has a top-rated privacy policy, and, you can try it for free with 500 megabytes and no credit card required, [and] you can get ten percent off by going to /LTT So thanks for watching guys, if this video sucked, you know what to do! But if it was awesome, get subscribed, hit that like button or check out the link to where to buy the stuff we featured in the video description. Also down there is our merch store which ow [now], oh that hurt. Which has cool shirts like this one and our community forum, which you should totally join.

100 thoughts on “Does RAM speed REALLY matter?

  • Mobliz Post author

    I've been using the same 4x8gb (32gb) of ddr3 1600mhz ram inside my last couple builds since I bought it in 2012 for $99. Good value!

  • PensivePanda Post author

    Seems most people didn't realise that "closelier" is a South Park reference.

  • johnnyx767 Post author

    He says i9 start at 10 cores. But the i9 9900k has 8 cores, 16 threads. And is priced at 480$ not the 1000$ minimum he says for i9… interesting. Funny how prices changed -50% difference for cpu’s in 2 years.

  • tinee Pro Post author

    you really sound like the riddler. 🙂

  • Keegan Collins Post author

    I need help understanding how the ram different (hardware internally). It's driving my crazy not being able to research this. There's nothing I can find to help me understand. For example: gskills 3200 cl14 vs. 3600 cl16…are they the same damn thing on the inside??? I hate as a consumer only being given the specs of speeds from the manufactures of ram. Is it a marketing gimmick? Is the lack of info on purpose so they can just charge more for the same thing? This stuff really keeps me up at night!

  • Lucien Bramard Post author

    Why are you talking like that its fcking boring

  • Coda Post author

    Who needs performance when you got RGB

  • Cb1Active Post author

    Thanks again man I knew it was marketing💩 anyway from I saw 4000mhz I was like wtf

  • HsRsn Post author

    this video need to update for new games in 2019

  • Khristian4444StudioEntertainment Post author

    I not looking for RAM speed. I checking if Higher Capitally Ram is better then higher GHZ CPU MEN!

  • Xtreme Performance Post author

    What happens once we hit 8 or 10ghz core clocks…

  • Genji Mccorkle Post author

    Still buying x2 8gb 4000 mhz Corsair Dominators because I can.

  • Gene FG Post author

    Hey! Does this still hold up on 2019? Technology and updates happen too fast nowadays. WE DEMAND TO KNOW THE ACTUAL TRUTH!

  • Z kai Post author

    Ended up Trident Z RGB Royal 16GB(8*2) in 3600mhz (CL18)
    because the 3200mhz was being hogged by
    private sellers at much higher price.

  • Hudson Klever Post author

    Sooo… my ddr4 2400mhz can deal with everything, right? Dont know what conclusion to extract from the video 😓

  • S Steel Post author

    4:56 "looking closlier"…"closelyer"? "closelier"? o.O

  • AvfulThings Post author

    can i use ddr3 1600mhz with ddr3 1866mhz

  • zit0x 0.o Post author

    You talked about frequency but what about the latency? That is as important when buying ram :S

  • Fernie Post author

    im more confused

  • owo Post author

    it should be mentioned that this video is 100% outdated. RAM is way more important now than it was 2 years ago. High RAM speeds matter now.

  • Rommie Samboski Post author

    Linus = Master race cheekbones

  • Diebels Alt Post author

    So upgrading my SOdimm ddr3 (1333Mhz) to SOdimm (1866 Mhz) is a waste of money?

  • Juppie902 Post author

    2004 linus is very violent. Good to see you got well, found a job, started eating

  • Death Sandwich Post author

    What games will ddr4 2133 8gb on a R5 2600X not run at stable 60fps???

    That's pretty much all I care about.
    ddr4 2133 8gb vs 4133
    is it worth the $100 price difference?
    My guess is hell no

    Game list:
    Civ 5
    AoE: Planetfall
    Doom Eternal
    Monster Hunter World

    If 2133 + r5 2600x can run MHW at 60+fps smoothly I'm good.
    40-60fps, ok.
    30fps, I upgrade.

  • Rock&Roll Post author

    Yes more ram does make open world game run more smooth and boost your fps. 10-15 is alot consider overclock only give u a few more fps.

  • Damir Sadikovic Post author

    Bought some Kingston HyperX Predator 3333Mhz CL16 Ram and didn't look back… £30-40 cheaper than 3200Mhz CL16 RAM with RGB bit 1333Mhz faster, it was a no brainer and the XMP profile loaded it on a 8700K with ease.

    Also CL14 3200 RAM is DOUBLE THE PRICE!… Nah thanks, keep those 3-6FPS you get over 3333Mhz CL16.

  • Oishiq Quabili Post author

    Damn, Linus with the Burberry 🤑🤑

  • Ihh! Bugou Post author

    I think Linus needs to retest this because AMD did some major improvements in memory support in Ryzen 2 and Intel is supporting faster speeds too in 8th and 9th gen. I don't know if JEDEC changed anything but looks like those foks with AMD Ryzen APU benefits from faster RAM. Its worth the test.

  • adrianTNT Post author

    Anyone knows if a ramdisk will perform faster with 4266 Mhz ram instead of 2400 Mhz ram ?

  • Mehmet Emir Çelik Post author

    2400 vs 3000 in b360

  • Paschidoesit Post author

    Copped today 4x8gb venegance pro 3200mhz is there a way to overclock Safe ?!

  • TerribleHamster Post author

    That poor keyboard never hurt anybody : (

  • DUCK4TWENTY ONER Post author

    @7:44 just peel it off already.

  • TeeThePenguin! Post author

    When you find RAM that is RGB and it's the same price.

  • kutojika pachuau Post author

    5.4 dislikes ppl are geniousess????

  • James Copeland Post author

    I've always wanted to see a latency vs mhz comparison. In the end,high performance RAM is little more than increased ability to handle data throughput with greater efficiency and lower temps. What happens when you keep 4k ram at 2666, and start dropping latency clocks? After all, if you want a TRUE speed boost, latency is where it's at, not sheer throughput.

  • KatyCat Post author

    It's clear that human eyes can only see 2666MHz

  • Alex Albert Post author

    Thanks for the info, even it's been an old video, it was helpful info!!!

  • xCandy Gamerx Post author

    4:54 CLOSLIER

  • Joe Micka Post author

    I got the trident z at 3200. Don’t frickin care. UNICORN BARF 4 life

  • ARYA Stark Post author

    Hi! Can anyone please help me, what is 3200 CPU score is? And sample Laptop or Desktop that has that kind of CPU score??? Just needed it for the work requirement. Thank you and Godbless.

  • Chen Chen Post author

    Basically : get better pc and the get better ram

  • Pink_Shnotz Post author

    4:56 Closly-er?

  • Борислав Иванов Post author

    I don't know how they tested it, but i got 13.4% improvement in 3d mark CPU score and 15% in AC odyssey with OC my 1666 to 2133 mhz on my 8 year old 3570k at 4.2ghz. Also AMD Ryzen CPU benefit much more from ram speed, they said it themselves, sweet spot for ryzen 3000 – 3733 mhz

  • Hard Fight Post author

    3000 mhz ram work in 2666 mhz motherboard ?

  • Dub Tactician TV Post author

    Hey Brother. Love the channel. I have a problem… I built a pc I have a b250m-d3sh gigabyte board. And a pentium 4560 processor. All 7th gen. I ordered another stick of 8 gb ballistix ram. All low end like the stuff you are used to working with. Anyways every time i try to install the second stick in the dual channel spot it send the pc into a rebooting loop… i then placed the new stick into the first slot and it runs fine. So it’s not the new stick of ram…. please help. I’d love to get the dual channel speed. I took it into microcenter and they said replace the motherboard and processor… I don’t think it’s that. It’s gotta be something else right? Have you seen this before? You are the PC guru. Please help. Thanks bud I really would love your input.

  • Gareth Post author

    Of course it matters. The higher the speed, the slower the timings, but the cooling is much better as the quality of silicon improves. People who think that 3200Mhz RAM is still good, are stuck in the past. 3600Mhz and above are so much better for PC's nowadays.

  • Don Jonson Post author

    RAM speed is not about FPS. At higher RAM speed, game runs more smoother. Personal feelings.

  • Derek Post author

    Is this still relevant in 2019?
    Not the info, the benchmarks

  • Omari Mckenzie Post author

    In short yes

  • TTT TylerTechTutorials Post author

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  • Bạc Liêu Quê tôi Post author

    I just joined youtube, I need every supporter from Vietnam😍😍😍😍

  • Zenata Post author

    4:43 That's still like 12-20 FPS 8/9% difference going from 2133 to 3200. Pretty big, assuming you can snag faster ram on the cheap.

  • Elgan Bruner Post author

    3:53 …. So fucking accurate xD

  • Ben Macvean Post author

    I don’t know what any of this means 😭

  • Boys_vt Post author

    I cant slow all time in HP 19.5" All-in-One Desktop PC C416A

  • Boys_vt Post author

    I working not :C

  • Ya Yeet Post author

    Im running 16BG DDR4 CL16 1,35v 3200MHz

  • If you like my comment, HIT SUBSCRIBE Post author

    I can only imagine what the neighbors were thinking when you were destroying the keyboard lmao

  • spaceflipflops Post author


  • Feng Vang Post author

    Came here because ATM 32GB (2x16GB) 3200 mhz RAM sticks go for around $150 now. TY LTT and RIP Tunnel Bear. You would'vve been good right now with #NetNeutrality.

  • Altair Post author

    well i saw the difference between 1200mhz and 2200mhz, then yes it matters,
    maybe not a lot but still.

  • sd d Post author

    Don't only test single channel~ I think 2666 dual better then 3200 single

  • MLSCrow Post author

    RAM speed didn't used to matter all that much, up until Ryzen was released. Unlike Intel, where RAM speed makes only as much as a few percentage points of a difference in performance, Ryzen performance is solely reliant on RAM speed. The faster the RAM on a Ryzen the faster your performance will be, up to 20% or so.

  • Aaron R Post author

    thank u linus

  • CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation Post author

    I don’t see any spoilers all I see is a whole lot of money paid for speed I’ll never get

  • S0mal1_lAviAstA Post author

    cpu: how good your game will perfomance
    gpu: how good your image look like
    ram:how smooth your game will run,higher mhz make it run smooth.when you use like me 1333Mhz ram games lag in fast action games.2133Mhz would make big diffence. Im sure my screen tearing is becouse slow ram speed and 60 fps monitor. yes im sherclock.

  • Def1an7 Post author

    Update for Ryzen 3 and Coffee/Ice Lake?

  • Tidder T Post author

    why we havent use DDR5 yet?

  • John Lupo Post author

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  • sorenhb127 Post author

    Okay fuck this video really. This guy is just trying to sound smart… FFS not overyone is a expert… Say it how it should be said… Let me explain… "16GB RAM =this, and 32GB RAM = this" i didn't understand shit you said because you didn't say it how it is said when you look at specs on a pc. If you want everyone to know what you're saying, you have to make sure to say it in a way over can understand…

  • RadoMiami2600 Post author

    Ryzen 3000: Linus is wrong

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  • Mexio Norsk Gaming Post author

    i got an deal on a 3200 16gb ram kit for under the price of the other ones. I just got to buy it!
    They also got RGB inside them!

  • Gabriel Dayrit Post author

    Is it safe to bottleneck a 3200mhz DDR4 RAM with an i5-7400 which supports only up to 2400mhz?

  • T3Kgamer Post author

    My RAM is OC'd to 2400 anything lower makes games feel a tiny bit more laggy

  • vasily202 Post author

    Regardless of what is being shown, what the topic is and what tests are being run, we always get one constant: AMD is really not up to par with Intel or nVidia.

  • CustomizeEverything Post author


    CAS 202846272725373379191837474

  • Ed5557 Post author

    Unless you're a buying Ryzen 3000 series CPU then it does matter

  • Simeon Mladenov Post author

    damn DDR2 is still expensive as hell!

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  • Sorry I'm Late Post author

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  • Shabuti R18 Post author

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  • adam ford Post author

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  • Jonathan Caballes Post author

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  • JJ Post author

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  • Poe Wittz Post author

    I was going to buy a 3000mhz ddr4 ram unfortunately, they were sold out. So I ended up settling with 2666mhz speed from Crucial instead.

  • Dr. Gonzo Post author


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