• katrinacop

    Great job Lyn. You might think we’re crazy to sit and watch this carpenter at work but it’s really fun to watch. It’s hard to explain but it’s somehow soothing watching these men put your home together. Thanks for sharing!

  • Dan Blackburn

    The finished top of that counter looks higher than the standard 36 inches from finished floor. Maybe not hard to tell.

  • Dee Losinger

    Good morning Lyn☺.. Don't worry that handsome Man of yours will be back by your side in no time 😀God bless you and your family….

  • Filipina Farming in America

    Your house sis is really pretty and looks cozy. Mukhang malapit na sya matapos.

  • Frances Thompson

    Mama is a beautiful goat. She made a cute baby😍I like the lighter woods as well as your window/door framework. It will be a very lovely home once completed. You are a terrific supervisor. Thank you for sharing you property and lives💞🙂Blessed be.

  • George

    House is looking awesome.nice vid.

  • Grandmas Homestead

    Be careful dogs kill baby goats. Mommy is tied up and can't protect it. What is he painting with a 2 inch brush. Slow doesn't describe what he is doing. It hurts me to watch, such beautiful natural material on your property and they are wasting and destroying it. Oh well Anthony will soon be back, they will have very little done when he returns, but the beautiful material will be ruined.

  • Marc Cooper

    Si "PACMAN" nang imong carpentero Lyn? hahahaha

  • joe ro

    they dont have a carpenters glue or NO NAILS?

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