Dasung Paperlike e ink monitor reading news on Feedly, Facebook, Google+ etc

Dasung Paperlike e ink monitor reading news on Feedly, Facebook, Google+ etc

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Hello everybody I am reviewing an e-ink monitor Paperlike by Dasung What is really cool about it that it works like a real paper. I am duplicating my laptop computer sreen which I am running at 800 x 600 resolution If we look at browser’s settings I have it at 100% text looks sharp, pages look normal and very usable This type of monitor is really good for something like reading news Now I am in my favorite news reader – Feedly I am browsing through the headlines The text is sharp and pleasant for the eyes. So I come across some interesting article that I want to read. Let me expand it. Well I am going to the original site to read it So the site opens I scroll through the text Let me get to another site Now I am browsing New York Times and it looks pretty good As I scroll the page the text stays pretty sharp an readable Let me refresh the screen by pressing C button on the monitor Well I found an article that I would like to read So after I have opened it I am reading it. Well the text looks very readable. I can scroll the page and still clearly see the text. Next, lets take a look whether we could use this monitor for Facebook Ok, so here I am on the main page. You can see main menu on the right Now lets look at the feed itself As I scroll through it I have to refresh it once in a while because images tend to leave some “ghosting” Let’s say I got curious and want to see the comments below the post The comments text looks sharp and easy to read Now lets take a look at Google+ Which has a slightly different layout When I scroll down the news feed I get get an idea whats in the pictures But I would need to refresh more since images tent to leave some “ghosting” Now let’s take a look at Twitter I am in the main feed page Let me refresh the screen and scroll through the feed Well gain, I have no problem seeing whats in the feed But images are leaving some “ghosting” Now lets take a look at three sites which are very visual Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube Pintrest’s feed is full of images Let’s refresh the screen Practically no text, except titles and comments You can clearly see text, but images give you just the general idea of what the image is about It is the same story with Instagram Instagram is all about images To fully enjoy them you a have to see them in color As for the text it is sharp and clear The last webpage that I am going to look at is Youtube Youtube is all about video Here I am looking at the home page And let’s play a video Bad Blood by Taylor Swift Well the video gives you an idea of what its going on in it But you are better off reading the comments instead of watching a video Let’s refresh it So reading news online on Dasung Paperlike works pretty well for things like quickly scrolling through stories, opening links to read more Not so good for images and you will need a color screen to watch videos Thanks for watching.

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