Could the Galaxy Note 10 Replace Your Computer?

Could the Galaxy Note 10 Replace Your Computer?

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could you use the Galaxy Note 10 to replace your computer hey there friends on YouTube my name is Jason sometimes notice the JTL this is painfully honest Tech and you know but it's Tech so honest it hurts but today I'm kind of chill I'm kind of just hanging out here at the computer I'm talking about things that I'm you're just thinking about I'm just thinking about him and so Samsung released the second teaser for the Galaxy Note 10 yesterday as they get ready for the August 7th unveiling of the note 10 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn New York home of the New York Mets and maybe a hockey team and stuff like that it wasn't built when I lived there they were just starting to build it anyway anyway they put out this teaser so basically let's let's walk through what happens here you've got a smartphone where people are giving you feedback about the presentation that you're trying to put together and you're working on it on your laptop and then once you get finished you send it over to a USB thumb drive and then from the thumb drive you put it on whatever it is that you're presenting from and then you present and then you get feedback again on your laptop see yeah so this is a basically they're trying to appeal to the the on-the-go business person the power user that needs to have you know some kind of some kind of something or other that anyway the power user that you know has to use multiple devices in order to get their job done and they are trying to plant in our brains that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and the S 10 and all those other ones as well that have Dex functionality could very well replace all those other things and you could just use this smartphone and go from work to go from feedback to work to data to presentation and be done and get feedback again so we've been talking about this for a long time obviously most the time it's sort of like well can the iPad replace your laptop the answer is generally yes but it's not the same as your laptop in any way shape or form you have to do things differently on an iPad would on a laptop and I guess that's okay I mean some people like to do those kinds of things and some people do really cool things but I don't know that the business side of it has ever been really focused on is in the same way that Samsung is maybe trying to focus on it now if I'm wrong let me know down in the comments but I don't remember seeing this kind of focus in the past so Samsung is basically saying that because of the decks functionality that the note 10 will offer you can get yourself a keyboard like this one this is a Logitech keyboard I forget what the model number is but I'll put it in the description down below in case you wanted to check out one for yourself you know so you've got a touchpad you've got a d-pad here you've got all your keys that you want right here you've got some multimedia keys up at the top so that's very cool it's it's a very nice keyboard solid the good thing about it is the good thing the one of the good things I would say is that it has multiple one two three it has multiple connections that it can make so you can connect to three different devices with this bad boy so one of those devices could be your Galaxy Note 1002 if you do that then you'll have a keyboard that you can type on but what do you do about a screen so the Dex feature is going to in the Galaxy Note 10 as the rumors have foretold the Dex feature is going to be Wireless now I can understand you know you got a wireless keyboard you got a wireless mouse etc etc I don't quite understand how you get a wireless monitor if other people out there know what how that's possible let me know because my brain is just not just not thinking of how because not too many monitors have some sort of wireless connection anyway anyway so but this is what they're talking about and if you wanted to be mobile you can even get yourself something like this this is the VIN puck split monitor it's a USB and a micro HDMI capable screen that has comes with its own case it's magnetic it goes on like that and then you can just plug something into it here and you're ready to go it is definitely doable to have something like this to have a small keyboard like this and use your smartphone as the hub of all of this to get your work done it particularly when you're when you're working with something like Samsung's decks but my question is like do we want that is that desirable Samsung has made this point that with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 cut out a lot of different devices a lot of different steps and just have the one thing going all the way through the process of creating a presentation and delivering that presentation but do we want that are we ready for that is it really feasible for that to happen I I'm on the fence I'm on the fence I could see how the future is that but is the future now I'm not entirely sure when the note 10 comes out and I get my hands on one I am going to do something I'm gonna try for a week to do my work on the note 10 using the decks feature and maybe this portable rig that I've got here maybe maybe something else and see if I can do what it is that I need to do what with just the smartphone that's gonna be the future you if you look at laptops there you know that the iPads getting closer to being sort of like a MacBook gonna solve the GPU problems there's a there's an uncanny valley in there where computers are definitely better at doing some things and then mobile devices could be better at doing others but the uncanny valley of just how do you how do those two things meet in the middle is what I'm really interested in is there a place where that's gonna happen is it gonna happen soon is Samsung just sort of being a little bit hyperbolic by showing this this graphic that we just looked at or is this really the future what do you think let me know down in the comments below and let's have a boisterous discussion about it because I love the idea of a smartphone replacing it Lee your laptop computer or your tablet I think that's pretty feasible I don't know about a desktop just yet but I like that idea however are we close to that I'm not sure I mean I guess the Samsungs had this dex feature I have not used it very much but people have commented on my videos telling me how awesome it is etc etc I imagine you can use the Google suite of apps to do your productivity work and that would be pretty cool and you can also play games if that's something that you're into so yeah let me know down in the comments what do you think can the Galaxy Note 10 or is that time way too far off in the future to be really feasible or even even just like plausible to discuss at this moment I want to know anyway thanks so much for being here I really do appreciate it if this was your first time here and you want to come back and hear more stuff about technology and the future and the present and the all that stuff then you can hit the like and subscribe and bail notify your self dinga dinga dinga bail if you've been here before thank you ever so much for coming back again I really do appreciate it I'm very excited for the Galaxy Note 10 to recap my name is Jason sometimes known as the JDL this is painfully honest tag tech so honest it hurts until the next time I'm out

44 thoughts on “Could the Galaxy Note 10 Replace Your Computer?

  • Jon Warren

    I am ready for this feature, can't wait

  • Poncho758

    Dude your clueless

  • Witcherworks

    HP did this with their windows phone

  • Bloodling

    Depends but would like a 7' display. lol

  • metachronicler

    They need to make a dock with a laptop form factor for this to really take off for people other than those of us who watch vids like this, or people who have displays at consistent locations.

  • Paul Munro

    My Note 9 pretty much has (DeX, 4k display, external keyboard and mouse and Office 365). Sometimes it's tough — there are some things that just don't yet work as they do on a Windows-based laptop for example. But it does work well when it does work.

  • Massive Action

    Lmbo his shirt blended with the chair so well it looks like his head was floating

  • Xamanek Lopez

    Honestly, do you not know the Huawei Mate 20 pro exists? Since the Mate 10, it already does that.

  • Christopher Sullivan

    I think so, but I feel that companies like Apple don’t take full advantage of the capabilities in their devices that they charge those astronomical prices for. I feel the note is more of a business professional device. I guess we will see on August 7th

  • Peterc Adams

    Most of our tvs have bluetooth so id guess you would just bluetooth dex to the tv ?

  • Zane Miracle

    I think the smartphone isn't supposed to replace anything. It's supposed to be a technological conduit. In the same way an iPhone doesn't replace your mac but it's able to sync so perfectly with it.

    I see the note 10 as a harmonizer for business, other professions. And hobbies

  • Carlos Avalos Casachagua

    Maybe is the same that some wireless mouse have, where you use that thing that has to be connect to the USB port. In this case, it will be that thing connected to the HDMI port

  • Cory Beck

    Will we be able to play Google Stadia on the Note 10?

  • Miriam Gonczarska

    Software is still not there. For example Microsoft Office Mobile is very limited on mobile devices. Of course it is possible from hardware perspective, but mobile devices do not have soft support. Apps are available, but most of them aren't built to work with the tools other than touch, even the S pen has it's limitations…

  • Alex Snitzer

    "If a headline is in the form of a question, the answer is generally no."

  • Shawn Williams

    Uh, no, not even close. Samsung is trying to paint the use of Dex on their phones in the same light Apple is painting their iPads as a computer replacement. The iPad is on the right path, Dex has a very long way to go. That’s not to say the computing power isn’t there but it’s missing way too much to have the conversation at this point.

  • Oguz Aranay

    Wireless DeX! May be through casting? As of replacing the PC, I guess no. For me, not all what I need can be handled by DeX like coding with Python.

  • Abdiel Ayala

    I've been using Google Office suite in my Note 8 for years WITHOUT DeX just plugging a mouse into the provided USB adapter and a Bluetooth Keyboard casting to my TV. It felt weird at first, but then I got used to it and feels very natural. I hope it gets better with the Note 10

  • Steve Paul

    Samsung smart view will allow you to cast your screen directly to a Samsung TV or Samsung monitor. Like Google Chrome Cast. I've tried using Dex with my note 9 and it works, but it feels very clunky. I think we are still a years away from this being viable in a real world environment.

  • Тимур Гальчук

    I have SGN9 and I thouht DEX will replace my old PC, but then I realise that I can`t open two Exele documents at once and copy something from another Word document for exsample.. what "WORK station" we`re talking about? (or am I wrong and you can open multiple office documents?). And I can`t play my favorite old games=( So I`ll wait…maybe some day…

  • Bad Luca

    The Note 10 will go down in history as the most complete and technological advanced phone the world has ever seen. This phone will not only replace our computers….it will change our lives, it will change the future.

  • HarryMonmouth

    It can replace a lot of people's computers I should think, but they will be disadvantaged by an inability to make use of pc software. Wouldn't do for a lot of gamers, for obvious reasons. Also, pretty useless for the growing community of retro enthusiasts. A group who could really make do with such a powerful form of pocket computer would be people who do a lot of their work away from civilisation, but they'd need something more rugged. For those who write a lot, it would depend upon whether you can get decent bluetooth keyboards, so that is still open for me. Not much use for people like my wife who will always just sit on arm chair, scrolling on a five inch screen. I guess it'll probably do ok, but it is not going to be the next big thing.

  • Rafael Empreendedor

    Keyboard model please!

  • Audy Bryan

    The only thing missing is to improve the GPU to tun games at 4k 2k level

  • Audy Bryan

    People are doing that now

  • Lorenzo Washington

    Of course not

  • Siddhartth

    Short Answer – Samsung is being hyperbolic here.

    If Note 9 + Dex couldn't replace your computer, then obviously Note10 + Dex can't either. Unless Note 10 is going to have an 8cx inside, i don't see any history being made here by Samsung.

    I also notice that you are disproportionately but predictably super excited in anticipation of the New Note. I expect your this emotional state to last till you have one in your hand. Just don't go crazy in the meantime. I wish i shared your enthusiasm.

    Only three things that can make me that excited for a Samsung Note product is –
    1) Samsung coming out with it's own OS, and an Appstore with a full suite of Microsoft, Adobe and facebook apps.
    2) A Mid range Note 10e or Note 10 Neo, which is not the same thing as – a premium note 10 and a super premium Note 10 plus/pro.
    3) A bezel free 8" 4:3 tablet with 6GB ram and the latest Exynos.

  • Amr Nabeel

    Call me old school but I still like the full blown GPU and the 32" monitor with a cpu that cares not about saving power and running out of juice!
    Playing games is on a different levels when your GPU has more RAM and processing power than 10 mobile phones combined add to this my gaming chair which cannot and will not be"that" portable 😊
    If it's a quick presentation or maybe business emails then I think it is acceptable; worth mentioning some excel sheets and analysis will be out of the Note10 processing power so that's that for the on-the-go office applications.
    I have a smarttv at home that can actually connect wirelessly to my device via router but haven't seen this functionality on pc monitors yet, I think it's inevitable like the wireless mouse, keyboard, Bluetooth and wifi though.


  • CrackerCheng Vang

    there are CPU sticks now. i think they can do the same into the phone

  • nathan jamal

    Hi .even the mate 10 pro has wireless projection with a p c like mode back 2 years ago nothing new really

  • Michael Langa

    Samsung phones connect to Samsung TV's wireless…..

  • Moomin74

    Perhaps a more interesting discussion would be, can android or iOS replace Windows or Mac OS?

  • Moomin74

    I can do about 90% of the daily things I need on a smartphone and it doesn't have to be a flagship either. I use a rugged smartphone with a 9000mah battery, so there is no worry about having to charge it. I still prefer using a laptop for creative work, and a ThinkPad at that because their keyboards are sublime.

  • Mohamed Fouda

    With samsung you get a mixed experience between android and samsung interface.
    iOS however offers a more clean, optimised interface and that's why I believe that ipad is superior to everything including DeX
    My phone is note 8 btw so clearly I'm not an apple sheep or whatever

  • Terry Situ

    Just use a phone + a laptop. If you use iPhone and MacBook, you can even use auto-join hotspot for internet access in this fall. The only problem with current laptops is the cost of accessing to internet is too high or the process is too cumbersome.

  • englishjames007 englishjames007

    Interesting points. I think you're right, lots of people would like a one-size-fits-all solution for their computing needs. However, I don't think the Note 10 or anything else in the near future is the answer yet.

  • Blue Titan

    How will carry a keyboard when they can carry a small laptop? Also i dont think it will do heavy work like laptop or pc.

  • adam

    You just have to stick a usb in in the monitor which can receive data

  • RC Hammer

    I currently use Dex on my S10 now for work presentations. I don't do any graphics work or produce any market analysis report, but for emails, crm use, navigation, hooking up to a TV in a conference room for presentations, phone, texting…it's a great utilitarian device. People whose lives are glued to instagram can use the One Plus, since it has such smooth scrolling.

  • malik bilawal

    I think its nothing more than a gimmick to convince people to spend another $1200 on a Phone.

  • Jim Brimble


  • Muyiwa Adebiyi

    Next 3 years methinks.

  • md tubeaccount

    Are you on drugs??? Or just really clickbait title… Not even in 10 years would this phone replace a pc

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