Computing & ICT Training in London – Meet Shanice

Computing & ICT Training in London – Meet Shanice

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My name is Shanice, I’m 18 years old and I
do IT and Computing. During my high school one of my favourite subjects was IT. I wasn’t
highly experienced in IT, but I wanted to learn more.
Coming into College has changed the way I act. I’m more mature and it gives me proper
good skills for the long run. There is a robot that we have here, where
we get to code how it can move. Creating code is like a new language, like I prefer the
more creative side of things. In another unit we were taking apart a computer and taking
it all out and then putting it back in, in order to get the computer running.
The staff really do think about the students, like a lot. Getting every single student to
where they need to be.

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